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June 22, 2007


Pamela Overmier

Wow!!! I have my tiny collection of childrens scottish clothing tucked away in boxes. The most amazing thing I have is an outfit with original patent leather shoes, expertly made, with the most amazing hand made silve buckles..........I covet a sporan, but the child size ones to so high!

Donna O'Brien -The Ribboned Crown

Thank you Ulla!! Coming from YOU, that means a lot.I learned SO much in your class. I tried to create my own interpretation. Success, I think!!


What an amazing outfit, but truly your theatre is the star! WONDERFUL!!!



What a pretty banner and title you have for your blog.


Thank you for coming by my blog, I see I see we have mutual friends. Hi Lauren, Hi Constance, Hi Ulla!
Hi everyone!
I am so glad to meet you Donna!


wow- sweet friend- i just love what you made...love jo.

lauren Mumford

Well looking at the photos of your GORGEOUS home I can see why you just had to have the child's outfit! It's just PERFECT in there isn't it?

So pretty, everything--including your theatre under glass.


oh, Donna~ what an absolute treasure your friend unearthed for you! Even in Scotland I didn't see anything near as gorgeous (or complete) in any of the antiques shops as your Scottish Ensemble, only in the museum at Edingburgh Castle!

Your home is so stunning, absolutely breathtaking....
wishing you a lovely weekend,

Donna O'Brien -The Ribboned Crown

Sharon - Consider yourself invited!! I feel an antique dress form coming your way!!

Sharon at American Harvest

Donna, your regal rooms are enchanting! Next time, I want to be included in a shoppping day with you. The Scottish child's outfit is a fabulous treasure.


Dear Donna,
Your Fairy Queen of Scot's is certainly Queen among the Heather, and truly beautiful! The Scottish boys jacket is a treasure and looks looks perfect in your beautiful room! I
When you got married did you wear a long kilt?

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