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June 25, 2007


tongue in cheek

Blogging balance is tough, but I'd rather be sitting here than to be one of those girls in the image!
Doesn' the one in thefar left corner look like she is doing a nose dive,

Julie Size

Your blog is OUTSTANDING! I want to hurry and write this so I can go back and discover more! I am a beginner and WOW - what an inspiration yours is!!!



oh you darling girl- have a nice time.love jo.


ahh, how amazing, I was going to use this exact poster in my blog this week! For the same reason.:)

I agree with Lauren, you need to take a juggling break once in a while. Hope you are....sitting on the side of the tent, drinking something cool, and happy you are in the circs with wonderful, creative friends!

lauren Mumford

Welcome to the world of blogging balance...!
It tends to throw everything else off track. You'll get it down--just take a break such as this once in awhile, to catch up, to get organized, to just...
Enjoy your time off best you can, and try to stay off the high wire!


I am so happy to have found your blog! I stumbled across your website a few years ago, then lost you but always remembered your magical work. Do you still have a website?



Can I be one of the high flyin' girls too? I want to wear blue tights, but unfortunately I look more like the gal holding on by her mouth in pink tights! Beautiful circus image!

P.s. Will you sign me up for juggling if you reconsider taking the course?
Hope you get it all done!

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