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June 10, 2007


Donna O'Brien -The Ribboned Crown

Got it!!

Jane Davey

Hi Donna,

I sent an email yesterday in response to yours - did you receive. I am trying to organise something special to be made by you for Elizabeth. If you did not receive my email could you please email me with a contact number.
Many,many thanks.


I like your blog! Ulla sent me. Also your fish tank is Treasure Tank.


Wow!! Beautiful!! Maybe you could have put the fish in there and had them wearing crowns...the best of both worlds!! hee hee

Donna O'Brien

Thanks Ulla!!! I was thinking I should send him a photo, too.I wish John had a website- his work is SO incredible- let's get on him about that!!! Donna


Oh Donna! I love your version so much better! Now I am feeling like I should take Johns class too! You should send him a photo of your version - I think he will really appreciate it!!!!


FANTASTIC!!!!!LOVED everything..........good to hear from you.

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