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Captivating the Court Now......

A Pageantry of Artists!


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July 30, 2007


vintage flair

What an inspiring bunch of women. I would of loved to of been a fly buzzing around.


Dear Donna, It looks like you girls had the MOST fun!! Such an amazing group of women too. Thanks so much for posting the photos for us! I love, love your blog and your work ~ such talent you have...xxoo, Dawn

A Fanciful Twist

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! What a group!!! I can't stand it! How Fab!!! Your blog is more beautiful than words!!! xoxox


OOPS! Correction: Next time I want to come TOO....(blame it on the bad fish aftermath...)Bad Fifi


Oh! How I wish I had been there!Next time I want to come to! Looks too beautiful to miss.


Hi Donna. I was just looking at your photos the other day at the big party & was wishing I was a fly on the wall. What a sparkly, fun filled day with amazingly talented people. Then... I directed my friend Pamkittymorning to look at the pictures and lo & behold she runs into you at the book store & meets you the very next day. Small world. Love your blog & your work : )


What a fabulous day for you all! So much talent in one little garden! Bet the fairies and garden gnomes were jealous! Love those striped tights and crowns...and I so wish I could have been there, too!

PS - thanks for visiting my blog today. Yes, Ulla is pretty amazing, isn't she?

Flea Market Queen

Wonderful Wonderland Wonders...
Wonderfully wonderful!


Awe I admit I'm jealous, but so happy for all of you lovely bloggers, artists and friends who gathered in Wonderland! I want Lauren's boots, she looks so cute! The girls are beautiful and I love your sparkly crowns!
Carol x

Miss Maddie's

It's so wonderful to see you girls having such a great time! I bet between the giggles and the laughter those creative minds of yours were in overdrive. Can't wait to see your next adventure.


1 day i hope to meet some of you girls- i was so sad- i live to far a way- australias a long way to come for afternoon tea???


thank you for your comment ! I discover your blog, and I see Alice on it, who sent me a comment too, what a pleasure to see that all these blogs create frendship... excuse-me for my english ...


A WONDERful hostess, indeed !!!
A wonderful party !!!

PS - when looking at those black boots... they remind me of... a young lass having fun in Paris... named Augusta... - Ask Corey !!!

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Donna,
Chauffeur...artist...friend, you are all three to me! Thanks for sharing the day. Wonderland was was really fun, wasn't it?


That looks like so much fun. And speaking of fun, really a treat meeting you this evening at Borders! Happy Magazine reading! (p.s. the photos are darling!)


I am so glad that you all got to meet up, spend the day together and most of all, have F*U*N!!


OH girlies...looks like you had a wonderfully magical day in Wonderland...


Looks like that was an unforgettable time!! Darling spirit filled outfits.

Michelle Sylvia

Wow! A dream land! You all look FAB! So glad that you had a great time!


Edgar and Edgar

Looks like fun was had by all!!!!



uhuh...yep... You. Me. Yep... wink wink.




Love the three photos in your Pageantry Dept. Just Fabulous!


What fun to see pictures of all of you celebrating in Wonderland together. You are a pretty Queen of Crowns!


well,another wonderful post about the magical trip to wonderland!!! thanks for sharing your pics of this very special day!!! everyone looks just spectacular in their crowns!!!


Dear Donna
You are as magical as your crowns and I was so happy to spend the day with you!! You are so delightful and I am glad we discovered we can say Whatever we want around each other! (@#%^&*!!!!) You are a dear..it was wonderful!! xoxo N


I love the black and white and i love this shoes picture .
I'm glad you had fun . I look forward seeing Corey , she will tell me evything about this special moment


What a wonderful and magical time you all had.
I love the crowns, they are very becoming.
How lucky you all are to have been able to get together in such lovely surroundings.


Donna! Truly lovely post, perfect Introduction!!! And thanks for the 'little girl' photos - so sweet! I am so glad you came and graced us with your 'Queenly Air'! I adore my 'mini crown' and still can't get over how you managed to personalize all of them so quickly - truly you must live in 'Fairy-Land'!!! Looking forward to our next royal encounter!!! Hugs and Kisses!!!!


Oh my! All those wonderful ladies in one place? I'd say you all had a wonderful time!


tongue in cheek

Wasn't it the best! I am glad to have met you and look forward to seeing you again. The crowns you create are made for angels, they are very beautiful. Wasn't it an unforgettable day?

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