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July 10, 2007



That is an amazing set of pictures! I too think that is good medicine in your yard! To be touched by a bit of wild in this day and age is a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us!


Yikes! that's kind of scary, Donna. Great photos, though. We don't have the big cats, but we do have coyotes who roam our streets at night. I can't help but feel sorry for them, we have built all over their homelands.

lauren mumford

Donna, when I saw the first photo, I thought it was a tiger and I thought that it was in the coolest looking zoo that I had ever seen! Wow! Very cool. I know we get them around here, but yikes, special and... kinda scary. What a privilege!


well, i had a bear that had traveled from pennsylvania eating out of my deer feeder one day...i would much rather see a bobcat, he is beautiful...


I think you get good luck for having a Bobcat stop by for a nap in your backyard.
Once my brother saw a Mountain Lion in the Bay Area, but not me. It's really touching to see this beautiful creature. I'm going to get my mom to come look later on. I like the long fluffy fur on it's face. So nice. Thanks for sharing. I met Sharon!! She's nice. Can't wait for my C ✵:-) !!!


What a gorgeous cat Donna! My Mom used to see one in her backyard once in a while but she never managed to get a photo though she tried.


Sharon at American Harvest

How exciting! Brave sort of girl aren't you? Great photos. Obviously the bobcat had impecable taste to select your garden.


Oh my goodness! We get cats in our area sometimes too, although they dont seem to make it quite as far as our house though... Lucky you that you were able to sneak a photo... but do be careful - they can be mean when startled, and are dangerous no matter there size...

carole holt

WOW! Amazing photos! I am wondering where you live. I'll seach on your blog to see if you mention that. I am wondering if this is very common where you live. If I see a fox on my property, I am all excited, but this is amazing to me. I have to say, he sure did look comfortable and I like his choice of places to take a nap.


oh my- your photos just through me- wow- hay we have kangaroo's in our front yard..la.la.laa love jo

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