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July 28, 2007



I'm a ribbon kinda gal, too. And what an interesting photograph you have here...is she wearing a CORSET?!


hello darling girl- i did have a little- long - look at the 2 beautiful girls site's- mmm - divine...


yeah, you can pretend to not like the glitz, glitter and foof, but who are you (and the rest of us?) kidding?

I love the simplicity of the clean look, but all the fluff is in our blood, we can't help it girl!


Oh Donna, you look Divine in this outfit! I love the ribbons and trims... And what you did to your hair! Oh my... Do tell darling, who is your stylist?

Sharon and Rodger at American Harvest

So you think that the State bird of CA should be the peacock? You must be thinking peacock, because of the beautiful feathers all fluffed out when HE wants to mate!!! The female cannot help but be attracted to this handsome fellow, hahaha. I'm signing this blog.....secure in my manhood, Rodger.
P.S. Sharon is not too happy with my comment, so ladies who read this, please don't hold my comment against her!

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