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August 21, 2007



Holy cow, you create fantastic things!!

Jennifer Paganelli

I love all your stuff ! Thanks for sharing the incredible magic...love it all..Jennifer


That is so close to my name I'm going to take it personally...hehehe. Love it, yes the colors are great.

Love what you say in your intro on the sidebar. I feel much the same way.


Donna, Just beautiful creations! I saw a few of them at Am Harvest Friday night. Hope to see you there some day.


Okay...I'm sure of it now. I'm in love with you! You are inspiring me so much. I need to quit dinking around and go the extra mile. This stuff is gorgeous! You really make me want to be better. Thank you!!

Linda Harre

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What can I say????? The detail is unbelievable:D

Linda Harre

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What can I say????? The detail is unbelievable:D

carole holt

First i would like to say that your creations are very lovely. this look intrigues me. i know that this type of look is very popular in blogland. i am interested in knowing how you fit this look into the decorating of your home. is there a name for this sort of thing? It's all new to me.


hello sweet 1- wow wow - i love your framed halloween night queens, there fantastic- we dont really have holloween here in australia- but i think looking at what you are making - i might just have to do a dressup holloween night. singing and skiping love jo anderson.


gorgeous...everything is a piece of glittery, sparkling perfection!!!


Oh Donna! I can't wait to see these in person Friday pm!!! Will you be there so sprinkle star-dust on our heads??? You work magic dear girl - pure MAGIC!!!

Sylvia Anderson

Fabulous work Donna!!! I'm sure they will be a huge hit at American Harvest!!! Thank you for sharing all of your hard work with us....you have a group of gnomes living in your closet that help you make all of these treasures right? ;)


I love all these pieces!great work!


Donna.. these are beautiful!!! Black and white are so near and dear to my heart. Wonderful work!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Donna, Whoa! That is some divine collection of Hallowe'en treats! Now I feel in the mood for Hallowe'en!!! You are an incredibly gifted artisan woman!

Miss Maddie's

Now that you've cast your magic spell upon us we shall have to visit Sharon to partake of the goodies.I just love your creations.Maybe I'll get the Hoover out to make it to the fete.(I've got a long way to fly!)


Beautiful! It's nice to see such sparkly colors of silver and gold along with the usual orange and black colors of Halloween. Nice color combining :)


Stunning Autumn Collection Donna!
Pierrette deserves to take a very LARGE ENCORE bow over your beautiful array of sparkeling crowns and wonderment! She is so pretty! I bet Sharon is Thrilled!
Questions: Are those little treasure boxes? And can you make more than one of the Pierrette Holloween Night Queens?

sandra evertson

Gorgeous, Simply Gorgeous!
Sandra Evertson

jessi nagy

wow!!!! gorgeous!!!!
i just keep going back and looking at them over and over.
to die for.
jessi nagy


Unbelievably amazing...but then everything you do is...


These are magnificent... I love that first crown, with the witch's arms crossed... oh... I love them all and so wish I could be there to see them in person!!! May you have many little unseen hands to help you clean up the wonderful chaos that created such brilliance!!! XO


Clapping my hands in Halloween glee!


I can't wait to see them in person! They are wonderful; as usual! You have been missed! xox N

Edgar and Edgar

Now I see why you never call or write anymore! LOL
Your Hallowe'en Creations are beautiful.


Lisa Oceandreamer S.

Fabulous as always. I am right here in the Bay Area and can you believe it...I've never been to American Harvest? that will change!
The black and white collection is a fave!


Donna, these are all SO amazing! I'm with Teresa - I'm drooling all over my screeen. Wonderful work!


So gorgeous!! Great job. I am now sitting with my nose pushed up to the computer screen...soaking it all in. :)


I love black and white and this collection is terrific . I wish I could be here this week end to s ee the Halloween's american Harvest

Donna O.

Lidy- maybe we can carpool-HA!!


sigh...I need a broom to fly over and see all these fabulous collections!!! Gorgeous work, Donna!


I can't wait to see it!


My word, Donna - you are a prolific creature, aren't you? I am in awe. I have a show coming up myself and somehow have not been able to motivate myself. I guess the fact that it was 100+ degrees here today might have something to do with it! All of your Halloween "collections" are just wonderful! I wish I could make the fete at American Harvest this weekend - but we have a prior commitment! Bon chance on your display!

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