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August 03, 2007



Those pumpkin dolls are amazing.


What an amazing doll!!! So very magazine worthy, too ~ she's such a talented artist...I love her blog and it's so sweet of you to toot a horn for her! xoxo, Dawn


Collen's Pumpkin is the most Stunning Cover Girl!! So svelte, while having all the curves in just the right places! Her pumpkin's face is so expressive, and her ensemble so elegant. Three Cheers for Colleen, and thank you Donna for featuring your friend. Your white maiden is very beautiful too.

Happy weekend!


How wonderful! That cover makes me even more anxious for Fall & Halloween, my favorite time of year. I would love to see one of Colleen's dolls in person. I adore your white Pumpkinhead...so sweet!

Sharon at American Harvest

Colleen and her mom were in the shop the other day and she told me about the cover of the magazine. Congratulations to Colleen....you are right she is a sweet person... and what a good friend to many, including Iva and her family.

Miss Maddie's

Dear Donna, How silly of me to call her a snowlady. The heat here is getting to me! I meant to say pumpkin lady. Here we call the white ones ghost pumpkins.Either way she is divine!


i agree, i just love Colleen's dolls and i am so happy to see her sweet Halloween Hannah on this cover...the white pumpkin doll she made for you is very sweet!!!


i am so happy for your friend- what fun and to be on the front cover- go girl....

Miss Maddie's

Your delectable snowlady is most endearing and you are very lucky to have her come live with you. I bought the mag yesterday and the article and pics for Colleen's dolls are just wonderful.It makes me think of Fall and in this 90+ heat I can use all the help I can get.Now off with you to collect more honey!!


Colleen's pumpkin dolls are beautiful! Thanks for telling us about the magazine Donna. Now I'll go visit Colleen's blog and congratulate her!



Congratulations to your friend! The pumpkin doll is lovely.

Michelle Sylvia

Donna what a wonderful friend you are to post this for a freind!

I am soooo very excited for Colleen! Very well deserved! Her dollies are yummy!!!
I am jealous of that white pumpkin beauty!!! She is stunning! I want one! :0)



YEAH!!! Love the cover, and your white pumpkin is dreamy!!!

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