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August 07, 2007



Oh, don't take off the mask! I love Halloween, too. Wonderful wonderful wonderful time.


Good morning Donna! Please visit my blog to see what you have been awarded...

I am looking forward to seeing your newest creations ~ Halloween is such a fun time isn't it?



First visit here....wanted to check out by fellow bathing beauty...

wonderful! I will be back!


First visit here....wanted to check out by fellow bathing beauty...

wonderful! I will be back!

Flea Market Queen

I so miss American Harvest! I lived in Pleasanton for a couple of years and I absolutely loved it there! American Harvest was my weekly fix...loved all the wnderful creations! I have to go soon...


Oh, if i could dress up and wear masks everyday all day i would! I love Halloween too, and I love your blog! Can't wait to see your new creations!

Christine LeFever

I will be in Pleasanton on September 20th and will head straight to American Harvest in hopes of getting even one little beauty of yours, dear Donna! Meanwhile, the mask becomes you elegantly, but do remove it for the sake of clarity.



Oh no you may not take the mask off! I know it is part of the magic as I imagine you flittering about with your wand waving and bells tinkling as you cast your glittery spells for a bewitching Halloween! xoxo N

Sharon at American Harvest

Holy Halloween Batman...take the mask off and get to work! Halloween is coming soon to AH. Keep that glitter flying!


can't wait to see your halloween goodies, i am sure they will be spectacular...


Hi Michelle!Yes, it would be fun to rendevous!!

Mosaic Queen

Hello Miss Donna O.!
Thank you for paying me a visit!
I've breezed through your blog a couple of times and I must say that you've taken my breath away more than once!
I hope to someday soon, make a visit to American Harvest and see all the star dust and glitter in real life!


OH I LOVE IT! I am so excited to see your Halloween creations! And YES, I will see you at the AH Fall Open House! YIPPEE!!!! A MERRY HALLOWS EVE....


Great fun to be had here! I'm sitting down and I'm not going to move until I see orange and black! Or a spider crawls up...


Haven't visited for a while sistah...It's always a "mini-vacation" into fairyland when I am here...magical as always.


Donna I look forward to seeing what you are working on...I am sure it is magical.


Don't wear this mask ... I like it but you will not abble to work as much as you want with it ..
I can't wait until Halloween.


oh darling - this looks like so much fun- leave the mask on it divine-hay i just love your things-its so sad that halloweens not that big here in australia- if you dressup- well i will 2..


...but you look so good in it!

Now get to work!


I love that scent in the air in about mid-September - kind of a change in the temperature/dried leaves smell. It always makes me think "Halloween is on it's way!" It really is my favorite holiday. I am sure what ever you create will be delightful and I can't wait to see the results.


Can't wait to see!! I just love your work so much Donna!! A scepter!!? Hmmmm. Do I see a scepter in my future? You bet!!


can't wait to see what you create!


Oooo...and I can wear those little silver boots I decorated!Ha!
: )

Miss Maddie's

If you get tired of creating and need a little break you'll be already dressed to go looking for Zorro!! You can be his swashbuckleret. Adiós senorita


The mask is a must!!! Almost a rhyme there... Halloween is the best, and you and your glittering imagination will just set mood oh so well!!!


Can't wait to see the fruits of your labors!

A Fanciful Twist

Oh, no! You must keep the mask on. Last night, I announced to my anti-holiday Mr. Lovee that, Halloween was beginning early this year.. That, I love it soo much, that I didn't want to wait until my annual Halloween "witches" party... I wanted to decorate now. I just love it. I can't even tell you... I dream of Halloween..... It is the best!!! ps: you won't believe this.. But, I love the non-color approach myself... What happens though, is that I have no enough button.. So, I add just a tinge of color, and then the color explodes and I go Bananas....Anyhow, enough babbling by me, but, I just love it here. I could stay all day if you didn't kick me out.. ;)

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