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August 19, 2007



This, I'm here to tell you is true...It's been 2 weeks now for me and I am a pumpkin now. I hope I don't scare the kiddies.
What a sweet blog you have.
I must go and look some more.

Debra Schoch

oh! such a honor to be in Victoria and from the looks of your home and work you definately deserved it!! i signed up in the spring for Victoria's comeback!! hooray! and yes iam a pumpkin head!


Hello sweet Donna, I would love to submit your name and blog as an artistic person to be featured in the new publication of Victoria magazine! I feel very led to represent artists that have a definite vintage feel and of course you do!! Can I use your photos and creations to submit to Victoria when I visit them next month?? xxoo, Dawn


funny you are also working on halloween pieces evenb if we are still in august but unlike you I try to work on other pieces at the same time


i'm wondering if your original crown fits on your newly "pumpkinned" {is that a word?} head or did you have to fashion a new one...can't wait to see your halloween finery!!!

Flea Market Queen

All work & no play...hmm!
Can't wait to see your fruits of labor!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

YOur blog is Gorgeous! YOu are on my list of must visit's now!!! Oh and Hallowe'en is just around the corner. I think I'll start getting ready!
Blue (shmoo!)


Oh my goodness, turn into a pumpkin head now that really is a fate worse than death. He he!


You would be the cutest pumpkin head I could ever imagine... as long as you've got a crown, you would in fact be the belle of the ball! Don't worry, after midnight you will return to your normal self, and it doesn't have to be Midnight October 31st!


Dear Donna,
Exciting Proclaimation!!!
Congrat's on finishing your Fall Line of "Sparkle" and in record time at that! Waiting with anticipation to see your Autumn Magic!!!

Hope all is well.



okay, so what does it mean when you're NOT working on Halloweenish things, but things still rattle around in your head???yikes.

Can't wait to see what fabulous, amazing and wonderful things you have created, oh Queen of Crowns!


It's worth being a Pumpkin Head to get to spend a lot of time making Halloweenish stuff! I love the decor of Halloween so much that I need to spend a week or even a month in Pumpkinhead Land! Lovely blog! xo natalea


I hope you are almost done so we will see you pretty soon . can't wait for your next post.

A Fanciful Twist

Pumpkin head! Hurray. But yes, the seeds might drive me batty. Umm, I love Halloween. I can not wait. This is just too wonderful!!! xoxox


Wonderful blog! Always enjoy visiting.

Work, work, work must definitely be your middle name. It's amazing how quickly fall and Halloween will be here. But I have to admit, it's such a fun holiday :)

Miss Maddie's

Don't worry when the Witching Hour arrives your head will return to normal!But the little smirk will remain,that way everyone will wonder what your thinking behind the grin.


Well you'll be the darlingest pumpkin head around!

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