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August 26, 2007



I just recently found this blog, I'm so glad I did, I ♥ all the photo's of your beautiful home!
Truly inspiring, and breathtaking.

The Decorated Houset

It looks like the new people at Victoria are smart cookies! I'm sure your home will be a huge hit with the readers. I'm so looking forward to seeing more pictures of your amazing home, and I hope gardens, too!
Congrats Donna!
from Donna


Donna... this is such good news!!! And so exciting to see your beautiful home in such a beloved return of Victoria Magazine!!! Congratulations O' Queen of all things Beautiful and Glittery!!!

Now that the cat is out of the bag... will he/she cahse those bunnies in the garden???? XO :-)


Congratulation Donna! I can't wait to see the issue, and I'm so glad Victoria is back! I'm sure your home is a reflection of the lovely people you and your husband are. And your crowns are so beautiful! What a great package for a magazine feature. So glad you let the cat out of the bag and let us in on the big news.

tongue in cheek

Wonderful news!! Your crowns are beautiful and Victoria is very smart to feature you, your home and artwork. Bravo! I cannot wait to "see" you!
They certainly pick the best!! I am happy for you!! Yahoo!

Nancy Maxwell James

Congrats to you! beautiful piece! I also love the highland fling! :)

vintage flair

Congratulations.....I am very excited to see the issue when it comes out. You deserve everything becuase your work it truely amazing!
Take care, Lori

sandra evertson

It will be a beautiful issue,especially since they have included your Fabulous Artwork! They know a Good thing when they see it!
Sandra Evertson


What can I say? I've always been proud of my sisters (all 3!!) and now you will be in one of our favorite magazines...it just doesn't get any bettah!! So happy for you...and Kristine...quite the feather in your tams!!
Love you tons!

Sylvia Anderson

Congrat's Donna!!!! That is fantastic, and I will be sure to pick up that issue, so please keep us posted on when it will be available!! I've heard your house and all it's treasures are just fabulous, and now the whole world will get the pleasure of seeing it too! :)

Flea Market Queen

You deserve it...
Can't wait to see the new Victoria magazine.

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Donna,
Congratulations on the upcoming issues of Victoria! Now the whole world will get the chance to see your incredible work and attention to detail. Well deserved. Also, your home and gardens are so beautiful and different from the average cookie cutter homes that most magazines showcase. Congratulations to your sisters too. You are certainly an "E Ticket" artist and the ride is just beginning!!!!!


Wow, wow...I was just going thru my beloved old Victoria's last night to look for decorating ideas. We are moving and need decorating inspiriation. How super fun that they came to you. I cannot wait till the new Victoria comes out. It will be great to see your home in it. So excited for you.


oh dear 1-you must of had tingles going up you back-how much fun- do tell- you did wear your best lipstick- im so happy for you, singing and skiping love jo anderson..


How very exciting!!! I will sooo look forward to that issue!!! Congratulations Donna!!!

Lisa Oceandreamer S

I stop by with a fair amount of regularity to see your beautiful art....AND I must admit I've looked at the photos of your home and garden, they blew me away. I loved Victoria and was sad when it discontinued and elated when I learned it was returning. What a fabulous honor for you to be among the pages, I can't wait to see the issue in the future. Congratulations !!


Wow, big congratulations. What an honor to be in their new magazine. I can't wait until I receive my issue and will be looking forward to seeing you in the magazine!!!


Congrats, Donna! When I saw the photos of your home...they had "magazine spread" written all over them. What lovely, comfortable spaces.

Donna O.

Now it's back to real life! "Back to school" shopping with my daughter today!! Thank you all SO much for your excitment!!Donna


well, that's NO surprise! Your home is so gorgeous...seriously, perfect for Victoria!

Congratulations, I can't wait to see you in the "press" !!!
xo Lidy


YAY for Donna!!! I cannot wait to see the magazine! Congrats to you my dear!
PS...LOVE the Halloween goods for AH!!! WOWIE!


Congratulations Donna! I can't wait to see the issue. I can't wait to see ALL the issues of Victoria.


Congratulations Donna! I can't wait to see the issue. I can't wait to see ALL the issues of Victoria.


Hurray!!!! I cannot think of anyone better suited to a spread in Victoria! I am so happy and excited for you and now I am holding my breath until the mag actually arrives! Congratulations! xoxo N


OH that is so neat. I can't wait to see. I love plaid things :)
You just reminded me a neighbor gave me old Victoria's this a.m....I left them in the car!




This is fabulous Donna! I can't wait to see your home, and hopefully more of your garden shots. I'll bet Kristen is very excited too!
I have saved many of the back copies of Victoria, because it is such a great magazine. It's nice to know will be available again. Do you know when the magazine will come out? Hope all is well!


p.s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little theatre I got at American Harvest...now I REALLY can't wait for Halloween!!


Woooo hoooo!! So excited and happy for you. Your house is beyond beautiful and your artwork...well...no words for that. I'm so glad I can talk about it now that the cat is out of the bag!! Congratulations!!


OMGoodness, girl!!! How amazing!! I'm so very happy for you and so excited! You know what this means, right?? I'm loving the direction they're going in already!!! Congratulations Donna, I can't think of a more deserving feature for their comeback than you...xxoo, Dawn

Miss Maddie's

Oh Donna, to be featured in such an gorgeous magazine is nothing short of FANTASTIC! You are most deserving. I have kept every issue ever published and the photography in them is divine.I look forward to it once again. Pop by for a visit I've missed your witty coments. Susan


Hurray for you! I can't wait to see it - I'm already a subscriber. Now, go relax a bit already. =)


Congratulations...that is wonderful news...and what a wonderful feature your home and garden will be.
My Mother loves Victoria magazine and is very happy that they are coming back.


Lucky indeed! Wow oh wow, now I know the magazine will be super - since you'll be in it!!!

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