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August 05, 2007



Oh Donna I hope he's not going to eat your flowers! But I love bunnies too! Especially at Easter and your Easter crafts are so pretty! Last week I've got a sheet of the golden Dresden bunnies from victorianscrapworks.com and now I'm looking forward to next Easter!


I love the bunny stuff! As you can tell by my blog name an my e-mail! I love The bunny sceptor! I love everything you create!


Leapin' lapins! Perhaps a carrot cake might be in order? Probably not, he would invite his buddies.


i cannot possibly compete with you or the cleverness of the ladies above, so i will just say: i loved this post!!!


All of you crack me up!!! As Elmer Fudd would say (Miss Maddie) "vairwee funny"!!


I totally agree with Constance, your yard is just too beautiful, the lapins can't help but want to live there. And those flowers...? they are just so darn yummy.

sigh, they are sweet , but a pest at the same time. Talk sternly.


I think a chat with Monsieur Lapin is in order... invite him for tea and just explain the ground rules... and... I wonder if he'd be up for a chapter or two of Beatrix Potter... I'm sure he'll understand. Rabbit medicine invites us to remember the magic and not to be afraid when our dreams come true!


YES! I totally agree, with a garden like yours, a bunny or two is 'charming' ... right? I figured you just let them run around to add to the 'fairy-tale' atmosphere! Perhaps if you planted glitter and crowns he/she wouldn't be so tempted... I too love you in 'ruffs'!!!


What sweet vintage bunnies!


Ah! He is getting retribution for all the indignities you have heaped upon his fellow kind. "Clown hats and crepe paper flowers...humph! INDEED!"



That's a cute picture of you in the ruff!


Mr. Lapin? Eating YOUR little flowers. Doesn't he realize you like working with Bunny Statuary?

Here is the problem as I see it. You happen to have the nicest back yard in the WORLD, and Mr. Lapin can't resist frolicking and "grazing". Then on top of everything else, it appears you grow the most delicious flower tops in town.

Now, at times like these I think there is only one solution. You must secure the consultation of Miss Alice. Yes, Go ask Alice!

Miss Maddie's

Dear Donna, As long as he doesn't have a picture of you in an Elmer Fudd hat carrying a shotgun I think he'll be safe.Now you have an excuse to buy more plants. He is cute though!

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