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September 08, 2007


Queen of Tarte

Oh...I love your website and Johnny Depp makes my heart pound!!!


Yep. Definitely reconsider the Johnny Depp thing. That man is way too handsome.
I love your garden and can very much relate to how hard it is to embrace pruning. I love moss too. It's nature's velvet. Moss doesn't exist in my neck of the woods. It's way too hot and dry.

Sylvia Anderson

I LOVE your gardens....and who doesn't LOVE Johnny Depp!!! Boy...what a segway....love how you think girl! ;)


Your garden is gorgeous Donna! I understand your problem because it is mine too! The ivy is everywhere in my garden and I like it. The only thing that I regularly cut is the boxwood and I could really need Edward over here to cut it! Love that movie! The spiral er is it boxwood?, beside your entrance looks fab! Carol xox

A Fanciful Twist

OH MY GOODNESSSSS! Yes, I am squealing... And, I have to eek out a harsh reality.... I know Johnny Depp is a hottie beyond words... But, well, is it wrong that I would rather have the ground cover, the twisted lushness, the loveliness of your garden and your front entrance, over a man? I know, he is rich, he is is handsome, he is Edward Scissorhands for goodnes sake... But, he is still a man. And men are annoying. And stinky. And, I'll take the plants.. Got a cot for me or what??? heeee heeee, xoxo I am packing now... ;)


heeeheee..I agree with you about lush foliage AND Johnny Depp.


Your garden is heaven! I too am mad for moss and ivy. I'm glad you bag was a tiny one.

Be back later this week.


Interesting...Mr. Depp seems to have "struck a chord" as it were! Well...why not? My personal favorite was his character in "Chocolat".


I understand...
Really I do....
I have issues with trimming...

And yes, Johnny, yes!
Come to my garden!!!!


So lush and scraggly.
Wild yet tamed.
Sweet and spicy.
Good and bad.
Groomed yet unkempt.

All at the same delicious time.

Oh, and the garden is lovely too! :)


Wonderful garden !! You are also the queen of the garden !!

tongue in cheek

I dream of having my garden overgrown as yours!!

Johnny depp that is another dream. I'd invite him in for tea or whatever ;)


It's the Scottish thing, all that green!!

Not only is Johnny nice to look at, I've heard he is a very nice family kinda guy!:)


Oh... what a gardener he would make... especially in the lovely, wild greenness of your acres...


I'll happily trim your garden if Johnny is by my side! Oh Donna, that Scottish blood is boiling girl! I have to say, I love the bushy aspect of your greens!!!


Oh my, he is divine!

We had the same stamped concrete at our old house. I love all of your lovely moss and plantings - they really give "age" to a new garden. Lovely!

nita  from red tin heart

I love your garden! I have wisteria that climbs over a fence in the side yard. I love all things climbing. I would love to have my front porch covered in climbing Hydrangea. Thanks for visiting my site. I'll be sure to come back to visit yours. xo nita


Wow! Your garden is beautiful! Even without Eddie :)


Yum. To the picture of Johnny. And wow, amazing yard shots.


hello dear 1- if you dont want -johny depp in your garden - send him to me-i will only look at him - after all i have my mr australia- singing and putting my lipstick on- listening to doris day-

Flea Market Queen

Donna...take it! It is a sweet photo isn't it.

Sweet Remembrance

Love your gardens just the way they are...Love Johnny Depp too!


LOL! I think you'd better throw a garden party if Johnny is your gardner.

I love your gardens Donna ~ I wouldn't trim them either.

Sharon at American Harvest

Beautiful gardens as always...good ol' Johnny steals the show though...he's a real peacock!


Oh Lordy...Johnny can just come and sit in my garden any ole' time! hahahahahahha

I love your garden..Don't do a thing! Christy


Beautiful gardens and wonderful ground cover and vines. I love the over-growth too....but that look on his face....xxoo, Dawn


Let's just say Johnny reads your blog...:) and he says he'll be there...you know to work on your yard...Will you invite meeee?


This made me LOL! We used to have a gardener that I referred to as Attila the Gardener...he used the weed wacker on the baby's tears - it drove me to distraction! I used to leave him notes on the baby's tears asking him not to trim them. We no longer have Attila...

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

I'm sorry, were you saying something?...gardening I think...ivy or moss or something like that? I completely lost track after that last photo. It looked beautiful from what I recall,lol!

Miss Maddie's

I love that overgrown, secret garden look! And what better place to entertain that last gentleman.You could shut the wooden gate, throw away the key and disappear for ever!!!Sooner or later though you'd be discovered. Snap out of it girl.

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