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September 03, 2007



Awww, this brings back happy memories. LOL, in college my roommate and I would listen to recordings to see who was the sexier Arthur...Richard Harris or Richard Burton. We decided "by far and away" that Richard Harrris' breathy delivery was much sexier!



o donna...how have i missed you...so many of my friends have been here...i will return often...blessings, rebecca

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Hey sweets'
Can you believe the Shmoo has never EVER seen this film?
I think I will rent it now. My video store has everything. I will. I'll let you know if I liked it or not. I am sure I will love it if it is good enough pour vous!


Camelot....("humming") I so agree, what a fabulous movie it was, and still is!
I mostly loved the hairstyles and crowns...


Yes!!! If ever I would leave you... it wouldn't be in summer... knowing you in summer... how could I go????


all right all right...you have convinced me. I have to go rent the movie. I feel like I am really missing out here. It sounds like a good one to watch on a rainy day when you just don't want to leave the house. Hhhhmmmm....how long till we have one of those??

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

oh and I was 13 when it was released - thinking now I know I've seen it way more than 12 times! heehee

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

This is truly an all time favorite movie of mine...I have seen this movie over 12 times. Back in the early 70's I went to see it with paper and pencil...in the darkened theater I sketched her May Day dress...and made one using a pattern I doctored. I also for years wore 2 rings the way she wore her wedding rings. As a teen my parents took us to Disneyland- being a teen (my cousin came too) I was in that bored stage. BUT we drove by I think it was Warner Brothers studios and what could you see from the outside...the Camelot castle. I nearly lost my mind with excitement(it was the highlight of that trip for me). Franco Nero still looks fabulous today, those blue eyes! I could go on and on about this film....I too know every line and every song. Oh and for a high school winter dance I made a gold velveteen Guinevere dress (it was about 1970-71). How fun to find someone else who loves it as much as I do!

nita  from red tin heart

What a wonderful site you have. I am enchanted by it. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my site. love nita


Came back to look again!

Miss Maddie's

The movie was our version of a fairy tale.She had such talent and it has lasted over time.Vanessa even passed it on in her genes. Her daughter played opposite Mel Gibson in The Patriot!Both the movies make me swoon. Thanks for the memories. Susan


I think THIS WAS the begining of your crown fascination !!!

Donna O.

I know, Constance!!! I was trying to find some stills when the song, "If ever I would leave you" was playing, showing her in costumes reflecting all the seasons but no luck. She was scary beautiful.


Dear Donna,
Recently I re-watched Camelot. That first seen with Vanessa R. in that fur hat and cape is over the top beautiful!

Have a great day in your own Camelot.

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