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September 23, 2007


Joe pairie's and the pairie wall flowers

This evening I came to google and typed "I am a huge Beatles fan." Hence my arrival to this site. Why would I be looking for Beatles fans?
If you will send me your mailing address via eMail, you will find out why! I guarantee you will not regret
it. It will remind you of the 1967 song "Christmas Time Is Here Again"

Jo Ann

I was at the same concert in DC. I remember "Circle" but don't really remember the Beatles because I was in SHOCK!!! I couldn't believe I was actually seeing/hearing them in person. I do remember being disappointed because we could not hear them at all because of all the screaming. After being at that concert I can understand why they stopped touring.

Joy Logan

OK so my son is named PAUL...my cousin all the way in S.C. and I sent off months in advance for tickets to the stadium in D.C. to see the first American tour. OH YEAH YEAH YEAH we saw them but could hardly hear them! The opening group was the "Circle"singing "Red Rubber Ball" then they flew in the Beatles by helicopter, it was deafening! Do I wish we saved our tickets?


I can't say I'm a Beatles fan, however, Lennon died a month or so before I was born and my parents were set on naming me Beth John Lennon. Thankfully, my sweet grandmother saved me and told them if they did such a thing it would break her heart and she would never forgive them. Thanks grandmom :)


I love you, Paul but not in a stalker way - lol.


The Beatles were the background music for all of us baby boomers. When "Sargeant Pepper" was released, it made a sparse little apartment in the Haight quite a warm and jolly place. I was enamoured of John, "the thinking Beatle"!

and...Donna "Queen of Quips" - the only thing I could envision w/the olive mummies are rather ghastly little creatures - but hey, they might do for


The first time I saw the Beatles...
the Phi Tau House at Miami U. on Ed Sullivan. We couldn't believe it. They were so different than anyone who had preceded them. They became part of the background of life. Fun to think back on.

Pinkie Denise

Oh, love the Beatles too, who doesn't? While I was blogging last night my sixteen year old daughter Savannah, Vanna we call her was listening to them and Strawberry Fields Forever was playing. So I just had to leave you a comment.They touched us all. Great Post I really enjoyed it.

Pinkie Denise

Oh, love the Beatles too, who doesn't? While I was blogging last night my sixteen year old daughter Savannah, Vanna we call her was listening to them and Strawberry Fields Forever was playing. So I just had to leave you a comment.They touched us all. Great Post I really enjoyed it.


What a fun post!

Dorky Donna.... hmmmm... doesn't sound so bad, lol!

A Fanciful Twist

Well well well. What do we have here? I am afraid that if one day you don't wear your beatles sweatshirt to walk, that a gremlin will come out of the woods and get you??

As for the Beatles. We all know my Mr. Lovee is an older man. And, a musician (amongst other things). So, he tells grand stories of the Beatles. And then sitting in "his" chair, he nods his head, like talking to himself on another plane, and says "yes, they changed society forever, music would never be the same." And he says it in a good nostalgic way... xxo


sigh...one of the highlights of my life was being driven to Los Angeles to buy the WHITE album. The thrill of actually having it...oh my. I still have all of the albums, ofcourse. No one band ever was as magical as these four.

I have only slightly forgiven my Mother for not allowing me to go to the last Beatles concert ever here in the states (too young! uggh!) only slightly.


My brother had a band in the sixties (in the basement) when I was just a wee lass upstairs in bed...I went to sleep rockin' out to Hey Jude!


I love you, 'cause you tell me things I want to know.
And it's true that it really only goes to show,
That I know,
That I, I, I, I should never, never, never be blue...

Girl, you are some kind of bopper! I totally grove with you! Nothing like a good Beatles song to bring us back to the flower-girls we really are!!!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

I'd like to be
Under the sea
In an Octopus' garden
In the shade.

That was my fave for ages!

tongue in cheek

Yeay yeah yeah
Go Beatle chick!

Flea Market Queen

I LOVE the Beatles...
I have so many memories as a kid of my mom playing their albums and me,my sisters and mom singing & dancing around the house.
Love them...

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

Beatles, yea yea yea!!! Always and forever a huge Beatles fan. When I got married our first dance was to "In My Life". Paul, oh yes Paul, who didn't want to marry Paul? Or at least be his muse! Is this a radio station or an internet radio station, please do tell?
We will definitely need 8 days a week to fit Paul AND Johnny in,ha!


Oh, just a little bit of trivia here...did you know that Paul and Linda owned a huge ranch home here in Tucson? Yes, and my mom worked for the real estate attorney that Paul used here...mom talked to Linda several times! There was always such excitement around the office when they came into town. He liked to have a black Porche rented. Paul sitings were quite common, but no one knew exactly where the ranch was. Linda was born and raised here and, sadly, passed away here, too. Love the Beatles...I sang "When I'm 64" wayyyy back when I took a singing class. We're proud to be BeatleManiacs!!


I came across your blog via Sandra Evertson's blog. I always LOVE reading about another Beatles fan. And I believe... ahem... the "PC" term is "Beatlemaniac." ;-) Great post! But, I could talk Beatles all day long!


p.s. - Last November I flew all the way to New York from Texas to meet Paul and slept on the street in Times Square! "Stalker" indeed.

Sandra Evertson

You were right! I do Love this post!
John has always been my favorite, but really who can pick?!
Sandra Evertson


Yup, I'm a certified Beatles lover too. I will check out your radio show next Sunday. What station? Now here's the predicament: I'm in love with Paul too. Do you think we can share?
Beatles music is one of the soundtracks that play in the back round of my life.

Miss Maddie's

My favourite was George, quiet, sweet and shy.I was deeply saddened when he passed away after his long fight with throat cancer.
They say only the good die young.That was certainly true for John and George.There will never be a band like them again and their impact on society will last forever.Their songs will sing on in our hearts 'till eternity!
Love,Love,Love... Love is all you need... Susan (I'll be humming this all day now)

Sharon at American Harvest

Donna, Donna, Donna...
Of course you're NOT a stalker, just a crazed fan. Rodger and I are also huge Beatles fans, our sons are too. Let me just say unequivocally, there has never been nor will there ever be a band as great as the Beatles, not in talent, not in charisma. Rodger's first album he ever owned was "Meet the Beatles". The first gift he ever gave me was "The White Album". Someone asked me "What is your favorite Beatle song?" How could I ever pick just one song? Although, "I Will" seems to be a family favorite and I hear that it is your favorite song.

By the way, in your last picture of the screaming girls...you can't see me as I had just fainted!

Strawberry Fields Forever,

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