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September 17, 2007



LOL! take a peek at what I have to tempt Johnny to my house!!!


and what a winner!


You know that commercial...the one that keeps saying "apply directly to the forehead...apply directly to the forhead"? Haagen Dazs needs one that says, "apply directly to the hips...apply directly to the hips"! ...and I bloody well took it to heart!


Oh I am so with you on that one.
They have a limited edition Bailey's flavour. I devoured one the other day.
By myself.
Oink! Who cares. Like Christina Aguilera says, "I am beautiful, in every single way!!!"
I don't let ice cream bring me down.


Ohahhhhaaaa!!! Yay for ice cream. Glad you got to take time away from responsibilities (dang thats a long word). Did the house fall apart did anybody die?

Flea Market Queen

Who can resist ice cream & an awards show? The ice cream is the best part...

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

I am an avid awards show viewer, usually watching the preshow, and the pre-pre show. I love seeing who wears what and so on, BUT...last night, for me anyway, was a disaster. From the preshow I watched to the horrible hosting by Ryan Seacrest, to that annoying theater in the round. It was all just boring and I swear people were squirming in their seats. For the first time, I think ever, I turned it off before it was over.
BUT on Oscar night, that's a whole other story. For years I've threatened to have a red carpet out front, search lights and my speech ready. No phone is answered....snacks are consumed....I am ready for my close up. (Uh I mean THEIR closeup)


Sound delish. Think I'll join you.

A Fanciful Twist

Hahahaha.... Well, Let's just have ice-cream again today.... K?


So what's the difference between Jogging and Running? Well, not like its going to make a diff to me! Sounds like it was a tasty evening!


Yum....I'll bet it was good!!

Miss Maddie's

Just start the day with a Slimfast. At least you made an effort! Susan

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