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A Pageantry of Artists!


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September 16, 2007



I wish I could watch them with the web from my Ivory tower !,even if I probably don't know most of "the charaters" !!!
it's good sometimes to be superficial ;), and if it's only 4 times a year , you are forgiven!


LOL! I am right there with ya, honey! Pre-show is THE best!


I like seeing who is botoxed up the wazoo, who isn't eating Haagen Dazs like me, who wears the wrong colour gown. Ya baby!
(Good thing I am not on there!)


Sorry I missed! I really like looking at the fashions. Did you like?


I love those shows too. I watched last night on and off. I loved the white dress from the girl from Grey's Catherine/Katherine H something.


Damn Donna, What will Johnny say???


Good lord...I completely forgot! Where is my brain? Well, I had better get busy with dinner (homemade pesto) - but I do have a pint of Haagen Dazs Pistachio...hmmm!

Donna O.

My mistake - the pre-show starts at 4:00, not 3:00. That gives me an hour to run to the 31 Flavors!

Miss Maddie's

Dear D, You're just watching because you heard Johnny was one of the presenters!
If it gets boring though you can always pop The Legend of Sleepy Hollow into the DVD player.It will put you in the Halloween mood and perhaps inspire something for those great graphics you bought.And you know who is in the starring role.
Enjoy your ice cream. Susan


WHAT??? No Survivor or bachelor reruns tonight??? I'M SHOCKED (snicker) Ok...so you are letting us in on all your secrets...
you cuss
you like trashy t.v.
You like ice cream? I expect you will be dipping cheez-its and wheat thins in that ice cream. I surely know you won't dip anything green or healthy ;0)
Enjoy your show...will Britney be there? I will be watching -more- soccer!!


It's 2:45, where do you think I'm going??? to my TV!!! hehehehe XO

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