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September 27, 2007



Hi Donna!
I love this post because I also don't care for that phrase, however, I must agree....I heart fall!

Bristol @ Cottage by the River

You are hillarious. I just started blogging and came across yours, I love your banner



Sorry to get all mushy but...I heart you ,Donna! =) (especially your smart-a**edness!)


I love Fall...I love reading your blog...I love your art....I love your friendship.:)

The Decorated House

My, what a lovely tree you have!

Your ball gown was so beautiful. I totally missed the event until it was over, but I've enjoyed seeing the pictures so far. Yours was gorgerous!

Nicol Sayre

I heart-ed seeing you!! xoxo N

tongue in cheek

You "art" a heart.
Clever you!

Connie Govea Stuart

that was sweet!(but not cute!)

my little birdy gifted me with a heart-shaped feather...green in color,but with a grey colored

i think it's no accident you found it in your garden, you show it love, and it was giving back!!


well eye guess

eye got

the <3 gene

I say eye <3 this,

eye <3 that...

way more than

is dezeyerable...

but can eye just say


eye <3 this new trick

and eye <3 U no hoo hoo

4 sharing so much <3...

xox - eb.

A Fanciful Twist

Not only do I heart fall over the moon and back, I heart you & your wise-guyness!!! xxo

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

SEE, even more reason to HEART you...I don't use that term either.
OOPS WAIT, I just did...let me back up....TRAEH. There, now I feel better! You crack me up.....all the more reason to Hea-- you...oops I almost did it again! :)


I definitely heart zombies...and fall to of course ;)

Sweet Remembrance

I "heart" your blog!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh, I'm going out to check my trees for hearts right now. I <3 this post too.


Oh gee, if we can't use hearts then I guess we'll have to use 'cross and bones'...! You are a RIOT! And I Cross and Bone you!!!

The Fairy Godmother

Oh yes we all love fall!
The Fairy Violette was enchanted to meet you at the Bloglandia Ball and would like to give you some flowers and an invite.


Oh Dear!!! YOU <3 Fall????
I'm ordering a BIG tee shirt for you RIGHT Away! Beatle shirt better move over, Ms. Donna's got a new love in her life.

Okay I <3 Fall too! Tis my fav by far!


my lips are sealed
i heart your sense of fun and humor :)

Miss Maddie's

Talk about wearing your HEART on your sleeve, this is a side of you that you think we've never seen.In the last little while you have revealed; you HEART your home (Victoria's obviously thought so) you HEART your family and friends, you HEART the Beatles and who can forget you HEART Johnny, but most of all you HEART life and for that I can see that your heart is full of HEART. Susan


OMG...I heart how that leaf just stands out in a crowd...kinda like you kiddo...

Pinkie Denise

Fall is my most favorite season. I love the beautiful leaves turning.
I've alway wanted to go to the east coast to see the turning of the trees. I have heard it so beautiful.
It pretty awesome here too. P.S. I won't tell.... Pinkie


A heart-y here, here! I agree, fall is the most splendid time of all. Even if there is something a bit sad about it - leaves falling, flowers losing their blush; etc. etc. It is also this grand and glorious last hurrah before the gray of winter - all of those manic colors - what a treat!

Christine LeFever

I heart you, Donna! You are a tripper.



Whether you heart it or you love it, I agree that fall is the absolute best! That crisp cool air, the smell in the air of people burning wood in their fireplaces. Wearing JEANS instead of capris which only show my ugly white legs! Yeah,it's the best! HEY!!! I heart it too!!


I heart it! I heart it! I heart it! Ooops I mean see it, I mean LOVE it, that golden heart leaf, just for you!!! Speaking of seeing... I think I might get to see you Saturday!!! And, yes... you can borrow the shoes!!! Anytime! XO

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