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September 19, 2007


A Fanciful Twist

OH MY GOODNESSSSSS!!!! That garden of yours is just what fills my hearts desires. I am moving in, Tell Basilio build me a tree house!
My cousins uncles name is Basilio, which means basil in english. Is this possible??? That your gardener could be named Basilio? Oh, and my office hired a girl and her name is Basilia. Crazy right??? Now, I need my own Basilio.... xxxooo


Beautiful garden...your Basil is looking very green.
It is such fun when a person's name matches their profession...we had a Veternarian whose name was Dr. Bassett. Ok!!!mabe it was not so much fun when Dr. Slaughter was my Doctor... ;>


That pirate wouldn't happen to be a Cpt Jack Sparrow now would it? Or maybe the wonderfully romantic hero of Daphne Du Mauriers Frenchmans Creek?

Flea Market Queen

Basil...like the name! He does a wonderful job...your yard is fabulous!


oh good morning my dear 1-one day id love to sit with you in your garden and eat lilac fairy cakes and sip champagne- we could play dressups- now please let johny out of your garden shed we want a turn- my rose's need a trim..la.la .la


Oh your garden is sooo beautiful. I can just imagine myself there on a beautiful day with a big glass of iced tea while some good looking pirate rubs my feet and feeds me chocolate covered strawberries! Hey, I can dream can't I? Denise


Eye Matie,
Pirate day indeed. Ya don arve ta ave a oliday ta speck like a Pirate! Off ta look at me treasure chest!


You are soooo funny!!!

Looking at these pictures feels as if I could just step into them and find myself not in California, but in a Scotland of eternal green...

Pinkie Denise

Your yard is gorgeous! I wished mine looked so good.


Basil is HOT!!! Oh to look out my window and stare at him everyday :0

Miss Maddie's

What ever his name is he sure is fantastic! Look at how lush everything is.
Johnny was promoted to pool boy and now you and he are lazing about in the cabana looking out on the beautiful gardens!! Double wink.


Wonderful picture. i love the bench

Sharon at American Harvest

A gardener who comes once a week cannot possibly keep your yard looking this beautiful. I agree with Lidy, Mr. Scissorhands (aka Johnny) surely is hiding behind one of those bushes!


oh my gosh, who cares what kind of gardener he is if he can keep your gardens looking like that!

(I know you'd prefer Edward Scissorhands!):)

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pretty pictures!

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pretty pictures!

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