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September 13, 2007


Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

I happen to think he has a certain charm about him. He may not look like the other Zebras entirely BUT he is so secure in himself he doesn't care. In fact that's what makes him beautiful.

A Fanciful Twist

I thought he was adorable.. he looks like an ex boyfriend of mine. Proportianally speaking.. HAhahahahahahahaaaa. But your Zebra is wayyy cuter. He is a doll (I meant that as he is cute, but yes, he is a doll too haa)! xxxooo


Aww, I lurve the Zebra-on-crack!! He reminds me of me with one too many Long Island Ice Teas, heh heh!

nita  from red tin heart

I love Zebras. Thanks for your kind comment. xo nita


Give him a break! He's having a hard enough time trying to decide if he is black with white stripes or white with black stripes!


oh darn...dumb bell...bar bell...barbell...what do you call/spell those things????


my tiger lost his dumbell...hhhmmm...I will have to track him down and post him...they were quite a pair!!


i like him! he's very whimsical! how does cotton batting work exactly? i am very intrigued!!!

Jennifer Paganelli

kindred spirits of the Zebra sort!! all my best, Jennifer


You are just a laugh a minute! I think he's adorable! and a collar may just land him a visit to the queen!!

Flea Market Queen

Too funny...but I love him!
He' quite the "guy"!

Donna O.

Colleen- do a post with your tiger- he's even funnier!!


OMG...what a fun day we had. Remember all the white paint? Ok...but in your defense...you didn't pick the zebra...that's what you got.

I'll bet my tiger could eat your zebra!!

Edgar and Edgar

You are too funny......You know a crepe paper collar will help anyone look good..LOL
I like him...but you know how I feel about odd things.



Don't know why but I just left a comment but it didn't go through, so please forgive me if it does and you have to read this two times. Your Zebra is a festive boy and I happen to like his little spirit very much.
Miss Maddie has a point. Perhaps he may look nice in a little ball gown. I'll never tell he's a cross-dresser.


He's a cute little party animal! I really like him and hope he doesn't read this post. Miss Maddie has an interesting idea. Maybe you can dress him in a ball gown. I'd never tell he's a cross-dresser. ;-)


He's brilliant in nhis own way!

Miss Maddie's

How about a gender change.If you make it into a girl zebra you could cover those little legs with a billowing skirt.Just a thought.
It does show how much all these trial and errors have advanced your technique to the remarkable level that it is at today!
There is something very circus like about him though. Susan


I love this zebra . it makes me laugh. I've been to casttle in the air's site : wonderful.
I can not imagine it took you 3 hours to make this litlle funny zebra but it looks gorgeous

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