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September 20, 2007



holy cow!!!!!!!!!

just what I've been THINKING...

and there it is - PROOF...

xox - eb.


Why, she's the spittin' image of Audrey! Both are beauties!


Dearest Donna, how wonderful!!! Constance is truly an Audrey, inside and out... she has grace, beauty and a smile that will get her anything! But you my dear, have playfullness at your fingertips, whimsy behind your smile and an infectios delightful joy about all you do!!! Hugs!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Wow, Donna, you super sleuth you!
Amazing work uncovering the truth about Constance Hepburn, the lost sister!
Blue, Shmoo!


You've done it... blown Constance's cover... we all knew it was true... but you spelled it out in black and white... and color too. Did that just rhyme???? XO

jessi nagy

wow! i agree! she's beautiful!!!!
i love Audrey.
jessi nagy


Holey Moley! Well, Constance is beautiful inside and out, as was Ms. Hepburn.

A Fanciful Twist

OH YES!!! Youa re sooo right on!!! My darling Miss C is quite the stunner, ain't she??? striking beauty abounds...

Sandra Evertson

Donna, You crack me up! I never know what I'm going to run in to when I click over! I love that you are so Eclectic!
Sandra Evertson

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

You are spot on here. Look at that lovely, lovely face all aglow and full of beauty. Audrey is lovely of course too! :)


Hi there! I'm here for the first time after reading your comment over at Corey's, about the beautiful french glassware. You said that YOUR glass is nearly full every day and I LOVED that sentiment. And as I scroll through your posts, I see that it's true..you find humor and fun where you look AND you're a pirate, m'lady! Ahhh, Captain Jack. Yes, I saw he had slipped a photo into your earlier post ...watch out for him...wonderfully wicked he is! Hide the rum? LOL
Have a delightful day.


she has such a gorgeous smile and kind eyes...hope to meet her some day!!

tongue in cheek

lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! Constance your secret is uncovered by Donna! What a scream! Fantastically fun loving you!

Donna O.

Constance, I keep hearing "Moon River" everytime you leave a comment. Whats' up with that??
: )


It must all be all in the "Do", Don't you think? but only her hairdresser knows for sure?!!

Now, if you will kindly send Super Man by, maybe he'd can take me to Breakfast at Tiffany's!!

You're too much fun!! Thanks for being you!


Yay!! Okay now do me!!!
Oh yeah you don't know what I look like...hehe...


'tho made in jest, you managed to guess...an element i used not listed...how'd ya do that...no it was NOT colonel mustard :)...he had a prior engagement...

Miss Maddie's

It's true! Now if you made her a little tiara for that beehive hairdo there would be no doubt.
We have two stars mingling about with us.Dear Constance and your gardener(aka poolboy) Johnny. Susan


Good grief there is a resemblance




i think you might be on to something here...

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