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A Pageantry of Artists!


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September 26, 2007


karla nathan

You need to run out and find some glue!! that is sooooo pretty, you need to save it just as it is!


...thanks for the dance...blessings, rebecca


Love the dress. And the crown.


Yup, Time to go to Gillian's!


Your gown is beautiful, as are you.

ps. get a few glue guns...I have atleast 5 or so lying around somewhere...ofcourse I don't really KNOW where.

Sweet Remembrance

You are the grandest of them all!

Pinkie Denise

Please come back and will dance some
more under that gorgeous moon. I finally finished my gown. You can peak. Pinkie


Please permit the twins Scoundrel & Rogue to escort you to the livery and make sure you arrive safely at home!!! You know Josie will be thrilled so she can tell the exact specifications of the crown she desires : )
What a fun day & night for us all!!!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Well I say, D, you will look so amazing at the ball!
Lovely job, and don't worry about the dress coming off, so much champagne is flowing at this event, I predict shoes, dresses, slips and pantyhose will hit the dirt by midnight!!!

Art Tea Life

The Sign of A True Artist !

Look at Your Gown and it is DIVINE !!!!

Your post is great and shows so much creativity

Even without your usual magic wand (glue gun)

This was a wonderful dance here !

And you made me laugh about The Horse !

Cheers and Happy Autumn !


I say put some glue on this baby and call it a masterpiece! I love it in all it's glitter and rhinestone loveliness. You are such an inspiration!


naughty friends, swearing, nudity...hmmmmf i'm SHOCKED!!! well, not really...LOVE your gown...it is most divine!!!


oh sweet 1- remember to put clean under things on , just in case your dress comes apart- where the right color lip stick and remember what happens at mid night, run along and have a wonderful time- keep a little look out for our johnny, as he loves to go to dressup balls and do see , what colors the fairy cakes are, la. la.la love jo...


Oooooh! Amazing, delightful, delicious!
Dance the night away, Ginger!


Hi Donna:
Although we have not met formally, I am an admirer of yours for a long time!!! I asked you a question once and you took time to answer me. Thank you again. When you have a moment please come see my blog...I think your friend Murphy saw his way to me as I do not have a dress : ( Had I known he was going to get your glue gun I would have sent you one of extra 4!!! I am trying to see what I can do about making my dress/gown before the midnight hour!!! I have a Kewpie doll (Josie) who thinks she is a Josephine Baker look alike and I made her my version of a crown out of antique beads & copper wire and she laughed at me and said "Who do you think you are? Donna O'Brien." Well, I snapped her photo for the Ball.
Yep, your slip is showing : )

carol m

Simply stunning!! I can tell that you will dance the night away.

Carol M


What a wonderful dress to wear to the grand ball. And, a wonderful crown indeed.


ohhh everything looks ever so grand - gorgeous images!!
i love your dress...tres chic!!!
so fun to meet you - love your artwork!!

A Fanciful Twist

Youa re so risque my darling.... xoxoxoxo All I want to do is play, and my real job has trapped me all day.... xoxoxoox

Miss Maddie's

I see silver! Oodles of it on that luscious gown.And the crown, well just the icing on the cake.Will Johnny be escorting you in his tux with tails?Just remember you must leave by the stroke of midnight or else.You will be standing there in your lucky Beatles shirt and Johnny will turn into that Murphy character. Susan

Ursula Shaw

Beautiful gown. The crown is a great touch!


I never went to a ball, virtual of real, but this was a great way to meet special ladies like you!

Sandra Evertson

Donna, you know that the Loveliest of things are also the most fleeting!
Sandra Evertson

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh, that was you with the slip slipping down?! Despite the lack of glue, you are a belle at the ball. Tis wonderful to meet you today!


ha!! Love it...all of it!!

thanks so for the dance!


Didn't you know this? That when you make a Bloglandia Ball gown, and especially when you take a picture of it? Poof. It's as good as set in stone, well not stone, but better than hot glue!!! So no worries about bits and pieces flying away!!! Let's dance and enjoy the night away!!!!


Wonderful idea , a blogandia ball!!!your dress is very pretty! mmmm..this ball will soon inspire me a post , after I have finished my halloween pieces

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

Oh I just knew you'd be wearing a magnificent crown...and your beautiful dress, tie a ribbon around your waist and wear it anyway(just wear a lovely slip underneath just in case, one with lace) then if it should fall a bit it will appear you did it on purpose. You are gorgeous dahling!

Leslie M

It's so nice to meet you here at the ball, Princess Donna! I have a handful of safety pins just for you, so pin that dress together and twirl! Love your crown!

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Beee-uuu-tiful! ...and funny,the best of combos!


Who needs glue guns when you can catch spiders in the garden??? Tell Murphy to watch out for Johnny! Both look handsome in hats! Your dress is divine and your crown oh so queenly - babe of the stars!


Lovely! What a fun day we all are having!


As I heal I sit back and watch the ribbons and lace and all that glitters fill the air with giggles and chatter and enjoy your fun!

The Fairy Godmother

Oh my goodness, modesty prevails...


Your gown is divine! And I was LOL at your image of Lady Godiva and the horse!

Pinkie Denise

So glad you weren't stopped from coming. I love your dress my favorite color. But the best is that
sweet little crown. No ball would be
complete with out a Queen.


donna...i will be extra calm when we dance...no tossing you in the air this time...your gown is beautiful...very chic...save a dance for me...i'll help you pick up any pieces afterward...blessings, rebecca


you look fabulous--love the headwear



You have the best crown in town!


Dress or no dress, looks like ol' Murphy couldn't stop the Queen of Crowns from taking off in her carrige and heading off into the land of Enchantment and Fun!
So glad you made it!
Oh yes! let's dance!! Let's do the twist and the funky chicken and whirl and twirl till dawn!


Wonderful ephemeral dress . I will watch out that your dress is not going to fall apart .
Don't dance too much ...kidding . Let be wild


Your gown looks divine on you:) So happy to meet you at this dance. What fun we will have.


Donna - thank you so much for visiting my blog and for you wonderful comments!! Isn't this blogland just great - I am constantly amazed by the people I meet and the tales they have to tell!! Thank you again


what a delicate dress you're wearing. it's so lovely to meet you here, hope to see you again soon.


lovely! But you can't go to a ball and not swirl and twirl - especially with dangling ribbons and a gorgeous skirt like that. I've always got a roll of trusty double sided tape on hand, so that should keep you together for a while. =)

tongue in cheek

Oh baby baby you got me all green! You know I love your crowns! Pretty, I knew it would be pretty! You clever girl you!
Lady Madonna beauty at your feet!

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