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September 30, 2007



He was nek-kid??? That's how we southern girls say it. What a sight that must have been. I love you girls who share your precious mothers with me. It's like they all carry a little piece of my mother had she lived to her 70s or 80s. I think it's the love surrounding mothers and daughters. It's universal. It's wonderful to see you women enjoying & sharing your beautiful mothers. Thank you!

tongue in cheek

Just tell me did you kiss them?


You girls are all so beautiful!!! What a fun thing to do and better even to do it together. I can't believe you saw a naked man in the street!!! Eagle-eye momma...xxoo, Dawn


What a special day for all of you...
loved the Jersey Boys - saw it here
this past weekend in NYC,,,


looks like fun - and thanks for sharing it...

but where's the pic of the man with the headdress?

xox - eb.

Flea Market Queen

What a wonderful way to spend time with your sisters & mom!
You look fabulous...


how much fun was that...great to get together as adults with mom...now where is that naked man picture???...love the ourse...blessings, rebecca


What a fun time on the town, and with such special girls!!! Your mom has a good eye, and beautiful daughters as well, I bet she is a lot of fun!!! Love that handbag!!!


What a great night out. Everyone looks so happy!! Your momma is a cutie patootie...her looks match her personality.


Hooray for mom! In San Francisco you you are destined to see just about anything : )


Hooray for mom! In San Francisco you you are destined to see just about anything : )


well, i am sure what you failed to mention is this: how you whipped out your tinsel lasso, captured the nakie guy, covered him with strategically placed bits of dresden, tossed him into your bag by the fabulous jersey girl...and after the show...took him home and planted him in your garden next to dear Johnny...errrr, well...maybe not...was he worthy? you didn't say...
you mom is TOTALLY adorable!!!


Sweet Donna,
Sound like you had a spectacular time..wish i was there!! Will have to check it out in Nov. Take my mom, and whoever...we love musicals too!

Yes, my dear you are very lovely, beautiful, gorgeous...you truly are!! And what a very attractive family you have there!!

Big Hugs,

A Fanciful Twist

Gorgeous is not even a good enough word to describe you.

Hmmmm. How about HOTTIEEEE!

Your sisters are adorable and your MOM!!! What a cutie. A naked man in a headress??? Oollalalalla! hee heee... xxo

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

Doooonnnnna, Donna Baby....
Dooooonnnaa, Donna Baby....
can you come out tonight?

Ooh, oo-oo-oo-ooh (Ooh-oo-ooh)
Ahh, ah-ah-ah-ahh (Rag doll, ooh)

Bi-ig girls don't cry-yi-yi - they don't cry!

Dang, I can't do the high part anymore!lol!
You all look gorgeous(or should I say "yous dolls" look gorgeous? - ha!) and how fun to go to da thea-da together! Your Mom is so cute, what a good eye!!(so where's that pictcha?)heehee

Sharon at American Harvest

I want to know where the photo of the naked guy is. Maybe next time you should let your mom be in charge of the camera! Glad you had a fun afternoon with the girls.


How wonderful - you had a magical night with your sisters and mom! You all look gorgeous and so happy. I had a great time with my sisters last weekend too. There's something about time spent with our sisters :-)


fabulous as always. and love the Constance original....it's just the perfect!

Pinkie Denise

It is so great to spend time with sisters and family. I am glad you had such a good time. When I am with my mom and sister the greatest things happen, such special memories
we share. You guys sure look like you are enjoying yourselves, naked man and all.........................
Pinkie Denise


You guys are darling!

Karen Cole

So are you originally a "joisey girl"? I'm new to these parts...through the ever lovely Ms. Rochambeau.

I saw it in NYC. Loved it!!! Was your Franky Valli played be Jared Spector? He and my daughter went to high school together. He also performed at the Emmys.

Love your blog, Donna!

Jungle Dream Pagoda

How fabulous!!! You look beautiful! I actually sang "1963" (Oh what a night)in a fund raiser for a theater last year.The gimmick to the fund raiser is the girls sing boy songs and vicey versy! I've not yet seen it,and would love to,my hubs is planning on seeing it in NYC next week.


Too funny that your Mom spotted Mr.Naked Headdress Man first! She is beautiful....you all look great and look so happy to be together!
Glad you all enjoyed the show.
And what about the Queen of Crowns sporting that Gray Opera Bag! Makes me happy!


You're "Just Too Good to be True"!

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