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A Pageantry of Artists!


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September 06, 2007


Sylvia Anderson

What a gifted artist she is...I have admired her work for several years, and it is no surprise to me that she has achieved such success with these new OZ pieces!! I am sure they will be a HUGE hit for the Holiday season!!


Oh these are wonderful!!! I look forward to visiting Christy!


You are so kind my friend. If only you can see me blush through the cable lines.

Thank you for the kudos! It means a lot to me. Love, Christy


Christy Meyers art is happy and fun. She must be an imaginative woman!! Have you ever met her?

A Fanciful Twist

Let me at em' let me at em'.. I am hearing all your words in the cowardly lion's voice now.. hahahaaha! Oh swoon, her work is marvelous!! xxo


Yes, those are amazing, all her work is sweet, yet not too sweet. Those faces! Pure creative genius!


The little ghostie with the word "boo" painted in its mouth is pretty doggone charming - also, Cowardly Lion - beautifully done and I loved your quotes, Donna, from the Wizard of Oz!


what a talented and wonderful artist she is...i love the lion from Oz too, very sweet...and her work for halloween is just spectacular!


I love her painting saying HOPE !!
She's a talented artist and artisan


Colleen and Sandy are right...Christy is such a lovely person and so darn talented too! She has the warmest hugs. I love her Oz characters and the lion is just too cute! It was so generous of you to showcase her work on your blog. Christy was right to nominate you for the "Nice Matters" award - you deserve it!

Flea Maqrket Queen

Goodness...her work is beautiful! I will pay her a visit for sure...


awww..she will just blush when she see's this!! hehehe
she is the sweetest person i know.. she's got a heart as big as the whole outdoors and always there for a hug and a smile :)
i wuvz her..she's an incredible artist and person :)


Well you know how I feel about the girl...not only is her work INCREDIBLE...she is also the nicest person you will ever meet. Always bright and cheery, always positive...just an absolute sweetie pie. Thanks for recognizing such an amazing artist Donna.

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