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October 05, 2007


Miss Maddie's

Thinking of you!


Brilliant all those hunky 30's guys with crazy coloured hats.

The Fairy Godmother

I've always loved that 1932 photograph, you can get it as an absolutely huge print which I'm sure would look wonderful in a coffee bar or somesuch place, have to say you've had a lot of fun with it.


Can i just say; "I love you...or most defineitly your sense of humor...it puts a smile on my face to hear your humor. "When your a mother of three very young children, well you get uptight and somtimes stressed...ahhhh you wipe it all away, when i come here!!"

"I hope, i can make you smile too!!"

Hope you have "steel" of a good time..LOL!!


Pinkie Denise

Well, Donna I am going to miss you
but a woman has to do what she has to do. You put on the cute little hat, or should a say crown and do your magic. I read your comment about my crown frame amazing! Do you
know the history about them?
Pinkie Denise

Flea Market Queen

Loving the hats on the workers!
My dad & hubby are contractors too, so I know about the hard hats!


Oh darn! Well, I can relate with the 9-5 grind. But just think of how cool your office there will look! There will be crowns everywhere :-) Don't stay away too long - I will miss you!!


OH my gosh hold on to something you crazy girl. I'm going to drag a trampoline from Ky. in case you fall!


Stopping by to say hi. Thinking of you and D!


Hey sistah...Haven't visited your blog for a spell (in keeping with the Halloweenesque feel) and you just crack me up!! Such a clever young thing~loved it all as usual. However,in the future, please check with me before posting pictures of my husband. (Whadya mean "who"?? Johnny of course...geesh!!)
love you

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Oh,wah,and I just found you! Oh,well as I have said I am a sporadic blogger too! Funny how life does that,I hope all goes well!


i'll miss you *sniffle*...you really ARE good at juggling!


Your wonderful wit will be sorely missed! All of us know what it is to juggle - do what you have to do - we will be out here in Bloglandia, saving a place for you!

A Fanciful Twist

Oh Funny!!!! Tongue in cheek is sooo funny!

And you, why, you mean you have to really work to be able to take a limo to the thee-tah??? Oh Phoeey... Okay well, if you have to, I guess..... xoxooxox


We have always wanted to join a party sitting on a metal beam suspended high in the sky wearing brightly colored crepe paper hats- we are so there!
Came to you through French Garden House (btw-we offered to share white chocolate with you as well!) Hope you still get to make your witty posts and comments amongst your busy schedule! We hate to come in at the tail end and miss it all!
Wonderful post- but we are now fighting over who get to wear which pompom hat!
kari & kijsa

Sandra Evertson

Say it isn't so!
But if it is get back as fast as you can!
You're the Best at Comic relief, as well as SO many other things!
Sandra Evertson


Don't be gone too long ~ I always enjoy your posts!


I'll be thinking of you, miss Donna! I know that if anyone can juggle the circus that is life, it's YOU!

(see, you can even make those tough guys wear pink and frufru hats:) )

hugs to you in this busy time,


donna o...i was a project manager for a long time...i was way good at it...glad i don't do that any more...good luck...have fun building...blessings, rebecca


I don't think you will be gone long...once a woman is on the job, it get's done.


What is it about men in crepe paper hats? My heart beats wildly! oh, perhaps its the height... We all know who wears the crown on this scaffolding! Come back soon!!!


Whip em into shape girl! Come back asap.


We will wait for you DOnna , but please , s'il vous plait come back very soon ...

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

So you're having to go from crowns to crown molding? From blue skies to blue prints? From heads to headers? From joy to joists? From glitter to gutters? From sun beams to support beams? From glue gun to nail gun? From the Beatles to battles? From Johnny to johns? From witches to wrenches? ......shall I continue? (I'm on a roll - I'm a wise guy too :))
I hope things get sorted soon...it won't be the same without you.


WOW! You sure are looking a bit....masculine....in that pic!
Get to work and get 'em all straightened out so you can return soon! We always love your posts so much!

Sharon at American Harvest

Real job? Are you crazy? This is the REAL JOB! By the way, what are those two guys doing at the end, just to your right (left for us looking at the picture)?


Dear Friend,
Guess what? You even happen to look good in a fuchsia hard hat with a black pom-pom, but we all know that your a sparkling Crown suits you the best!!!
You add so much FUN to Bloglandia!! We will be waiting upon your doorsteps in are party hard hats until you return!

Miss Maddie's

We're the first to realize that sometimes the real world has to be dealt with.I will miss your witty comments as they bring laughter after a day in the trenches(I mean this estate I'm doing).
I know that you are just telling us this as you escape with Johnny on some tryst to an exotic island in the Pacific!Have fun and don't forget the sunscreen. xo Susan

tongue in cheek

wise guy and a brilliant one at that!
Hope you get everything in order.

I know you are busy and I know you would never forget me at Christmas... but you will need to send my gift early to avoid the rush. My birthday is after Christmas and Valentines is after that. If it will help you save time you can send all three gifts at once.


well - say what? - what fun here...

now don't worry Donna
its ok to have a day job
that works...
and that is a good thing...

xox -eb.

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