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October 28, 2007


A Novelist

Happy Halloween! :)


Sweet friend, I ache for you... Come walk on the moonbeams with me tonight - all pain flies away... Be not afraid, your smile is forever true... I will see you on the other side of Luna's dear globe!

A Fanciful Twist

Oh no!!!!! You poooor darling!! That is the pits. I know, as I live with a back-thrower-outter. Not painless fun at all!!!! Hugs from afar!!!! I am sure you will have many lovelies to share this weekend!!!!xxoxo


How's it goin' today?
Thinking of you and wondering if you can teach me how to levitate! Such a talent you are!
Back to the Land of Dolls, or is that the Valley of the Dolls.



Oh you poor thing!! Hurt your back again before it was totally better? That sounds like something I would do- oh wait, it IS something I have done!LOL! It's awful- so sorry!! Hope you mend again (fully) very soon! I always love to see the fun vintage art pictures on your blog and the photos of your lovely artwork peices!! Yummy! Love all those glittery crowns and stars! I wish I could go to the American Harvest Christmas Open House! So many gorgeous holiday goodies!! Eye candy galore!


Take care of yourself. All those unfinished crowns look wonderful already!


Take care of yourself. All those unfinished crowns look wonderful already!


I love all your little crowns in a row...are'nt they cute! Get that back better, it's the busiest time of the year.


Donna, Donna, I am sooooo sorry!! I know how very frustrating that is, a hundred things to do, and a painful back. ACK!

Sending "healing" prayers your way.
Wish I could be at the open house. drats, are Sharon and Rodger thinking of a southern cal. division??
xo and hugs, girl...Lidy

The Decorated House

Hi Donna! I'm so sorry to hear about your back. But you learned more about how to use your camera, and actually read the book! Wow!!! :)

Your pic of all your stars getting ready for the holidays looks like my little painting area. I think we can all add some sparkle to Christmas soon to be here.

Hope you are feeling better each day. Take care of yourself!
Donna, The Decorated House


Sorry to laugh at your misfortune - but the pic of the fellow levitating the woman and your description just slayed me! Would that getting over a bad back was that easy. Have you every tried acupuncture? I had a "knuckle-walking" experience myself while visiting in Canada and tried it - it worked!

Flea Market Queen

I wish I lived near you so I could help you! Or try to help...
Your crowns & glittery goods are always fantabulous!
Take gentle car...


I loved the levitating picture - how funny! And the crowns are gorgeous!! I hope your back is better really soon. A sore back is certainly NOT funny, so of course I would never suggest perhaps a Quasimoto costume for the Halloween Blog Party ... no, that just wouldn't be right :-)
Take care!!!

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Ha Ha HAAAHAhhhaaa !!!! I'm sorry ,I don't mean to laugh about your poor back,but your 'splainin' is very funny!


Dear donna,
I'm a freind of Constance's and she just introduced me to your blog. I look forward to coming back.


Your abundance of glittery crowns and stars is enough to get you up and going, but by all means be careful on the assembly line. I agree you need a tall, dark handsome masseuse; and a bowl full of chocolates to help mend that back!

Christine LeFever

It is hard to believe that such a lovely young woman as you, Donna, has a back that falls prey to injury. Do heal up fast and pamper yourself as a reminder to slow down. Have you gotten your nails done since I saw you in September? Perhaps that alone will inspire you; I had mine done so I could be as lovely as you! They are so pretty and do remind me to walk and not run.


Awww man. And you didn't fall off of that tightrope so I thought you'd be okay. Is there plenty of chocolate in the house?

Miss Maddie's

I think it's time you called in a private masseuse.One about 6'2, dark hair, brown eyes and oh yes large strong hands.I bet that got you up pretty fast!I think he could get that back feelin' better(and what ever else is out of wack).
The gathering of crowns are just gorgeous even in their naked state.They sparkle just so in the light.You truly are the Queen of Crowns!! XO Susan

tongue in cheek

Hey baby doll I hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe you need to just eat more chocolate and wear your crown around town. You are the Queen you know!
I love that I love Lucy image, that shwo was one of my favorites.
Thinking of you Donna!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

At least, making crown isn't as fattening as Lucy and Ethel's chocolate fiasco. good luck with the back!

Sandra Evertson

Oh, Donna
That picture of all the crowns is Gorgeous!
I Love seeing them all lined up in rows like little soldiers!
Hope you are feeling better soon!
Sandra Evertson

vintage flair

OOHHHHH AHHHHH.....those crowns are to fablous. Were can I buy one? You also make initial crowns right? Where can I get one of those too? I am starting to do some Xmas shopping. I adore your style and I am amazed at what you create.

Oh...Please take care of yourself!


I mean:
HOW DO YOU EXPECT US to have FUN without you?????


Okay Queen of the Crowns!
Listen to your husband and get with that Levitatin' program and quick!! The glue is drying and the glitter needs you!!!

We ALL need you to feel All Betta!
We're trying, but do you expect us to have fun without you?????


Oh Donna, take good care of that back....you have to have it for awhile now don't you? Women can't stand to rest on their laurels though, it's just not natural! Thinking of you and wishing I would be at that open house this weekend at American Harvest!! xxoo, Dawn


your assembly line of glittery goodness looks truly magical...just please be careful and don't fall over the conveyor belt...jeez...take better care of that back!!!

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