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October 03, 2007


Donna O.


tongue in cheek

Juggling. I am terrible at it. When you have it mastered can you come and juggl my stuff too. I'll watch and clap !
Happy juggling and when everything is really really high in the air take time to have a nap in the autumn sun.

Flea Market Queen

I'm in...
I want to juggle umbrellas!


no no no... Donna - that's Jann Tiersen - as in Amelie - the soundtrack to the life at BE DREAM PLAY...

sure looks like a juggling act tho

xox - eb.


Oh, yes we have so been there,Denise and I we did shows for years,thank God we can work well under pressure, I'm sure you could write a book on all the stories you have, but it's worth it all when you see the appreciation in the eyes of the person that your treasure has a new home.


i like the umbrella guy.
wonder if he has bad luck
opening those things inside...


i am always spinning plates
around here
but when the days get shorter
i notice it more.

thank gawd
i have never been bored!
~*no time*~

how about you?
you making tons of holiday crowns?
i need a new one...

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Darling! I just wrote about the impending Luge collision into the holidays at my own place today!Wind up that Hurdy-Gurdy!


Ditto here. Plates at home, plates at work...bound to be a little droppage somewhere...but gotta admit, I love it.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

That describes my life perfectly right now. A merry-go-round that never stops. Yikes!


oh donna...say it ain't so...circus music on every blog...i am juggling 27 plates in the air at the moment...and i thought i was covering so well...blessings, rebecca

cathy nash

That's my life to a T! I enjoy your blog~Cathy


Oh, what a person will go through to get a glass of wine!

pss like your circus boys. So talented. Do they live in your studio?


Looks like a three ring circus to me!! Think I'll just make my self at home and jump right in.

Hummm...Let me get the hula hoops going while I and twirl my parasols!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Your the queen of the big top baby!
Where the hell are the Scottish room photos? A girl clicks on a button, she expects photos. That's it, I'm taking my ball home. (Thumbs nose!)
I'm back. I missed you. Mwah!
And your sisters and you, such gorgeous peas in a high stylin pod or what. You guys put the grrr in girls. Yeah baby!


"...and I'll sit with Lori, and cheer you all on...oh how fun, when and where???...I will be there!!"


Sandra Evertson

The show looked like fun, and my, oh my, what a bevy of Beauties you girls are!
Naked man, huh?!
JuuGGGgggLLLiiiNNNggg, yeah, yeah,*&%$#@*&!! Opps!
Sandra Evertson


Oh yes, the juggling begins! I'm gearing up myself!


you guys all juggle, i'll sit with miss maddie's and watch...

A Fanciful Twist

Too-doo-doodi-doodooo-doo-doo-too,too, da ta, da ta...
Yep.. Blairing out of my ears... hee hee.. xoxo

Miss Maddie's

I've never been much good at juggling, but I sure can procrastinate! Does that count? Susan


I'm always juggling! There are just too many fun things to do in a day!


Sooooooo, if I did teach Juggling, would you be my 'teacher's pet'??? Ohhhhh, this sounds like fun, crowns, glitter, and stars twirlling around our heads -- Gotta go practice how to stand on my hands now! Should we wear 'Marie Antioinette' shoes? la de da de da ta da la loo loo................!


Busted! Too many ideas...too little time! That calliope is playing full time.


Not just artists, this is the busiest time of year, what fun!

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