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October 21, 2007


Miss Maddie's

Knock knock,
Who's there?
Donna who?
Donna ya wanna come out and play?
Hope you're feeling much better.


Sweet Donna,
"how are you these days??" Come check out my first sewing project i made..hope you like it!!"
Have a lovely weekend!


Hope it goes better now! Always a pleasure to read you ;),was the manual of your camera interesting?;)here usually all the manuals (of camera or anything else) are almost impossible to understand as translated several times from the original language and finally to french, but it can be very funny to read even if not very useful..
I'm sure you won't be late for your christmas work!not more than I'm,even later wandering in all my blog friends instead of working ...Ah la la,writing this, I start to feel guilty I must go back to my work

I love your pain killer bottle !


Wait, wait, uh~oh....... did you drink all of that painkiller elixir stuff by accident?
Where are you. Best guess scenario~ you dreaming of playing piccolos with John or Johnny D.

If you have time will you watch this:
It will make you feel better, and not even gain a lb. ;-)


Hi Ansel!
Can you believe the Pain Killer bottle?? It is quite cool and turned out to be so appropriate. I bet you've wished whatever elixir it once held was still dwelling there. Chug-a-lug! That flute would just keep sounding better and better.....


I haven't read your last post so I'm little bit late to send my best wishes . But well I'm very happy to read that you feel better ...

tongue in cheek

After reading Ulla's comment I am wondering if you are faking it? Chocolate, music, men, camera manuals????

Sounds kinda sexy feeling unwell ;)

Sandra Evertson

Glad to hear you are feeling better!
Looks like that pain killer did the trick!
Hee hee hee...
Sandra Evertson

A Fanciful Twist

Sending a second dose of hugs and foot massages!!!!

Donna O.

Thanks Melissa-it's always funny to hear that I'm an inspiration to someone! As you know my "tag line" has always been, "Where Frivolity Reigns" and I see yours is "....and imagination reigns". We must be from nearby kingdoms!!


Hi Donna!
Thanks for stopping by. You were so inspiring to me (the overwhelmed newbie) at the show last year and you continue to be. Glad to hear you are doing well! Melissa

Kitty Forseth

I forgot to thank you for your nice comments!! Hope today was a good one :).


Thrilled to hear you are on the mend! Hope the flute playing was accompanied by the being fed grapes by hand : )

kari & kijsa


You qwack me up! Glad you are feeling on the mend!!


Oh my goodness - Donna - so sorry to hear about your back - but very glad to hear that you are on the mend - everyone always groans when I recommend Bikram yoga - but if you can stand it it's the best way to strengthen back and tummy muscles... and sweat out the funky stuff...

good for you re: manual - never read that kinda stuff either - I did see Ansel Adams speak in Monterey CA - in 1975 (!?!) - what a guy - looks good in a pink crown...

xox - eb.

Kitty Forseth

Don't make me get my can 'o Whoop-Ass out, girl!! Slow down and take it EASY!!!


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I'm so sorry about the back. However, I like your idea of a chaise lounge and chocolate. I can even get my daughter to play flute for me. I do have a "cough" though and would love to have a bottle of that miracle cure.


Oh D!
Glad you haven't completely fallen and can't get up!
Strengthen those core muscles. Do some pilates.
Yeah, who am I kiddin?
But seriously, I hear it helps.
I wouldn't know mind you. I have a pina colada belly myself, which lends it's talents to putting my own back out every now and then.
Oh well. On with the show! You look divine in that last one dahling....

Kitty Forseth


I am so sorry to hear of your back injury! Oh my gosh, I can imagine it would be so difficult for you to be down at all! You are definitely a GO girl!

Take care of yourself, I am sending prayers and healing thoughts :).


I'm glad you're on the mend---do you think that looking at that faux pain med bottle did it? Talk about power of the mind! Well...kick back, peel yourself a grape and get your mojo back!


i'm so sorry you were hurting...hope all is better now? love that bottle...AND that sweet little lassie on the box!!!


Oh my, back problems can be the worse. Glad you are feeling better.

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Oh,honey! glad your feeling better,I hurt my knee last year doing Hair,and still struggle with it. At least its a good excuse to occasionally skip the gym!!!!


Glad to hear you are feeling better. Nothing worse than a bad back...well, there may be but when it's your back there is nothing worse! Take care and by the way...love the bottle!

vintage flair

I hope you feel better...I know how it feels to get behind on your work. Not fun, take care of yourself and the work will get done when you are feeling better. Lori


LOL! I can think of a number of things, (and men... )I'd put in that sweet little bottle of yours...! Hmmmmmmm, floating on pillows while drinking sweet nector and reading manuls to lilting flute music, sounds like my kind of healing!!!


Oh that's good you are getting better! It is so hard to be incapacitated for any length of time when you have so much to do! I'm sure if you had a pug there hanging out with you, you would even get better faster - LOL Looks like you did well reading up on your camera book as you photo of the old bottle and the crown came out lovely! Thanks for sharing that image :-)


Dearest Donna,
so happy and thrilled to hear your getting better and better. You are so right about strengthening your back "thing". I too need to do the same, and my abs too. "God help us, "we all need strengthening"!!" (LOL!)

"Thank you for your sweet comment (about my son), you are too kind!!"

Pinkie Denise

Donna, So glad to hear you are getting back to being yourself, sort
of. Isn't amazing what chocolate can
do! Try to rest and don't over do.
Easier said than done huh. Pinkie


So glad it's getting better. It seems the back goes out at the worst possible times, and I know the satyrs and the chocolates are not really any help at all!
take good care of yourself.
hugs, Lidy


At least if you have to have a hurty ~back, you getting to frolic and float in the land of La~La with the Nymphs and Satyrs, eating chocolate bonbons whilst listing to your daughters flute music!!!

That clear stuff in the painkiller bottle? I hear it's guaranteed to cure all back and gardens related injury and ailments.

Miss Maddie's

Did you read the list of ailments that Pain Killer bottle could remedy?No wonder you had to be carried!Glad to hear you're almost back in the saddle.Truth be known we were never told how you hurt your back.It didn't have anything to do with that gardener(aka pool boy)did it?Hope you're A1 in time for the Halloween Bash. Susan

Flea Market Queen

I am so glad to hear from you & happy you are doing better!
I LOVE the bottle...

A Fanciful Twist

And did she play the flute around your chaise lounge in the sky, while you chugged ancient pain killers and did the thigh master back machine thingy. Oh wait you didn't admit to that. I can get carried away. You poor dear heart!!!!! Well, as long as you are getting a bit better. xoxoxoxoo

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