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October 18, 2007


tongue in cheek

Oh no!! Sorry that you have been in pain and misery. SOrry I didn't know until just know that you have been feeling badly.

A big hug, oh no I mean a big smile, a hug might hurt huh?


Oh Donna, I'm so sorry. I'm glad you are on the mend now, but do be careful.


I tell you: some women will do ANYTHING to avoid their conjugal duties.......but for most it usually is "Not tonight, I have a headache!"
All kidding aside, I am sorry to hear of you painful condition. Nice to have your man around to help you get about the house.
I was going to send you a crown but I am afraid the weight would be too much for your fragile bones.....(you DO know I am joking?) Give me your address and I will send your surprise....
Hope you feel better very soon. We miss you.


I'm back to say hope you are feeling better! Hope all is well!


Oh my word Donna. That sucks. I throw mine out from time to time, and Robax Platinum is my best friend! Sheesh, I feel your pain. Backs are essential to moving, they are so central to everything. They go out, were done.
Sending healing vibes, remember to send messages of stability to your back, Donna is a rich, stable woman! Donna is wealthy in money and in love! Donna is a self supporting woman!!!
The back responds to love.
xoGillian aka Shmoo!

carole holt

I have been there too. it's no fun. back excercise helped me, it was essential to ensure that my back got strong and didn't happen again. I know how awful it is and i am sorry that you are going through this. get better soon.

The fairy Godmother

Back pain is horrible, hope your soon better.


My sympathies, Donna. I know what it's like to feel a little Quasimoto-ish - I've had a number of knuckle-walking experiences myself. I hope you're on the mend soon.


Keep on taking good care of yourself...you will be back with it in no time. There is no holding you down (for long anyway)


oh darling girl- be careful- im sorry i dont live down the dirt road -or id be at your door - trying to help you ...

Miss Maddie's

Love the costume! Perhaps you could add a few bits and bobs and wear it to the Halloween bash.I think it might be hard to breathe in it. Look at the size of her waist!! Hope your back is a little better today.xo Susan


Oh darn! It must have been from doing all that construction work. Stay off that scaffolding!! Seriously, I hope it gets better really soon!

Sandra Evertson

Geeez, so sorry to hear that, take care and hope you get back to feeling like yourself soon!
Sandra Evertson


So sorry! Know what having your back out is like- ouch!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!


So sorry! Know what having your back out is like- ouch!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!


Hope you feel better today!
You are the cutest person I have ever seen experiencing back pain!!
The puppeteer ain't bad either.


oh, sigh, Donna, I'm so sorry!! There is nothing worse, please ice and rest. So glad your scottish boy is home to help you, sweetie!
hugs, Lidy


"I am so very sorry my dear friend...you are most definitely in my thoughts and prayer!!

"I will surly miss you!!"
Hugs,(but not too hard..your back)

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Donna,
So sorry to hear that you are having back problems. I know that your husband is a true knight in shining armor. I'm glad that he was there to rescue you. Rest up and take good care of yourself, because AH would not be the same without our "Glitter Queen".
love, Sharon

Pinkie Denise

Oh, I know what you mean. I've done
that too. Hope you feel better soon.
Take care and rest. Pinkie Denise

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

OH NO you poor thing! Back pain is the worst! I hope it starts to feel better soon! I am picturing you with strings tied to your arms and legs..."Honey, I'm need to comb my hair"....up goes the strings and voila! "UH oh, I drank too much water", now that's going to be a tricky puppet move.
Sorry, I had to be a smart a$$! I know you appreciate that. :)
Seriously, feel better!


So sorry to hear that you're sore! So glad to hear that yor dear is home to take care of you. Feel better, friend...


oh donna...i am so sorry...i have a terrible back...so i can commiserate...i will say a prayer for you...feel better soon...blessings, rebecca

A Fanciful Twist

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! My mister Lovee has a naughty back that goes out if not careful.. Then he is crroked for weeks..... I hope you feel better, I know what it is like! Yucky! xoxox

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