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October 12, 2007



These are great. I'm especially fond of the first one with the bats.

Miss Maddie's

Earth to Donna, Earth to Donna! Just a note to say hello. Susan


Dear Donna,
How did you get the invite up???
Can you please advise????


Dear Donna, I could sky-gaze all day long (and night, too!). Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos with us.


Beautiful sky and deer pictures Donna and yes that must be her!


Beautiful sky and clouds

Miss Maddie's

Every time I look at that first pic I see something different.Can you share any history on it? I'd love to know. Susan


Not only are you the most creative and talented girl I know, but you are so @#$& FUNNY!!!!!
I'm not a craft gal, but I read your site for your great humor and wit.



Donna, I think that you are right - that does look like Miss Adventurer Evertson over there!

Sandra Evertson

Sandra whispering to Donna; psssst, psssst, I SEE there are TWO people up there in that picture!
Donna whispering to Sandra; Psssssssst, Oh, YES! Just hanging around waiting for you!
Sandra Evertson

The Fairy Godmother

Did you hknow there is a Cloud Appreciation Society and they have a book out (in the UK, don't know about USA) called CloudSpotters full of great facts re clouds.


Just wanted to say hi to you up there in the sky or where ever you fly today, hope it will be a smooth flight!


Just amazing and stupendous your clouds, not to the art you featured too!!
Hey, Are you singing along with Paul right now?
Hope all is well!!


I agree, the sky does look like Scotland! eek, 6:30 AM..I guess that's because of the day job.

I am now totally jealous of those cards, but I promise not to steal them. LOVE THOSE!!


Absolutley beautiful! Wish I could see an occasional deer where we live! Oh, and thanks for the 6:00am picture! You forget what sunrise looks like when you're a sleepy head like me!

A Fanciful Twist

OH!!!! I think that is Sandra too! hee heee.. Oh that sky is like magic... and where you live.. how beautiful!!! xoxoxo


love the sky images...everything is really fun...blessings, rebecca


"What a beautiful sky story..so dreamy to look at!!" I felt like i was reading a fairytale, although it wasn't one yesterday here..45 min. outside Sac. and it was RAINING...ALL DAY!! Blue sky and sunny NOW...YIPPEE! (lovely day to go shopping) You TOO???


So many think that the Bay Area is just one big congested mess...they don't realize that there are so many hidden nooks and crannies that are stunningly beautiful! We have friends in the East Bay and Marin - their views are just splendid. I am glad you took time to "smell the roses" (i.e. appreciate the beautiful sky). We all have such busy lives, it does one good to focus on a patch of beauty when we think to.

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

OH my you do have a most magnificent view with which to capture our Bay Area weather. I love when the clouds gather against a brilliant blue, that is when I can see all sorts of images in them. We don't see the fog rolling misty over the hills here....I think that's why I love to take drives. Your visitors were probably saying the same thing - they know a good view when they see one! Lucky you!


Wow! we love to keep our heads in the clouds, so we thoroughly enjoyed your photos!
kari & kijsa

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Gorgeous pictures!!

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Pretty ,pretty pictures!I hope all is well in the real world,don't you just hate how that darn real world takes us out of our bloggy fantasy world!


OH yes, I see Sandra! LOL The sky pictures are beautiful. I love the Victorian card with the bats - that is fabulous. Thanks for the fun visuals!

Pinkie Denise

Wonderful pictures and old cards.
The clouds are so beautiful and dreamy. Thanks for sharing with me.
Pinkie Denise

Flea Market Queen

Oh Donna...
Those photos are lovely!
It is so beautiful there...
We used to live in Pleasanton & I really miss the beauty!
Have a wonderful weekend...

Miss Maddie's

As you can see I made an Oops, the word is fantastic which pretty much describes your post.Susan

Miss Maddie's

So that's where you've been, running around with your head in the clouds.I couldn't think of a dreamier(is there such a word)place to be!The pics are fantactic and that first litho is wow!If that's Sandra, she sure is brave but just think of her upcoming creations; they'll be upside down.
XO Susan

tongue in cheek

Are you sure you live in the USA? These photos look like Scotland.


I can never get my fill of those puffy clouds!


glad to see you peeking in...your sky pictures are wonderful, that is our typical fall sky here...i never thought it was special enough to photograph, i will try to appreciate it more...i do love the fall but i am not looking forward to the piles of snow that i know are just around the corner...pretty indeed to look at but gives me the shivers to drive in...


hello darling girl- im loving you skys -the misty 1 is like out of a fairytale,i hope all is well in your world- singing and skipping love jo anderson.


you know - I saw a deer too on the way to the xc meet - so love these gorgeous skies - and the foggy too -

xox - eb.


Donna O!!!
We have had similar skies. I thought that today while I was driving in the van to get some curtains. Irrelevant, yes. But the skies! Brilliant clouds with blue and they were strikingly contrasted with white and steel gray. Weird, almost surreal.
The moon is dark, maybe she being out of the way has something to do with it. A melancholic sky!
Hope you are well, take care of you!
Shmoo xo

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