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November 12, 2007



oh- is johny still at your house- thats not fare- send him to my house for afternoon tea.la la la.

tongue in cheek

Hunk hunk of burning love!


Johnny Depp!!! I told my husband that if he ever comes looking for me, I am sorry, but I will have to leave.

Jungle Dream Pagoda

What I can't wait for is to see him as the murderous Sweeney Todd!

Jungle Dream Pagoda

What I can't wait for is to see him as the murderous Sweeney Todd!

A Fanciful Twist

Oh, also, Love that you are Scottish and the Peter Pan books are unreal!!!

A Fanciful Twist

Oh Gosh. Oh My. He is a hottie isn't he? I only recently fell in love with him... But, since you love him more, I will only look. xoxoxoxo


Ahhhhh Peter Pan, one of my all time favorite stories....and favorite actor? Why Mr. Depp of course and he is not too bad on the eyes either! Actually he is gorgeous!


Ahhhhh....Mr. Depp...how I adore thee!!! :) I am counting down the days for his new movie to enter theaters!!! Can't wait!!!


Be still my beating heart....


ha! I suppose your idea of heaven is MR. DEPP in a kilt.:)

Lisa S. Oceandreamer

Excuse me...but what was it you were saying? I wasn't trying to be rude by not listening but Johnny...well Johnny just can't be ignored!
I hope all is well with your back now.
BTW I LOVED that movie, in fact I think it may be time to see it again!
"Yes Johnny, I'll right there"...gotta go Donna!

The Decorated House

Hi Donna!
One of my favorite movies. I bought it right after seeing it the first time. My goodness that last photo is fabulous. Yum.

How are you and your back doing?
Sweet Hubby is still out of work so I think of you, too. :)

Kitty Forseth

Missed you Saturday!! I just posted new pics on my blog :).

LOVE Johnny Depp... oops, I already said that! Oh well, some things are worth repeating! Hee hee..

Flea Market Queen

I love Peter Pan & Johnny Depp!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Donna...speaking of Johnny. I just came back from Disneyland where we didn't get to ride the Peter Pan ride but did see the new Johnny Depp character in the Pirates ride. I just drew your name and you won my drawing! Come see what you won and email me your address.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I love your immaturity !!! I loved this movie and I love Peter Pan ....So thank you for this lovely post


Hey friend,
Just checking in to see what's happening in Neverland today.

Have you seen tinkerbelle?


Well lets be honest who can resist a picture of the gorgeous Mr Depp?

Pinkie Denise

Who says we have to grow up? At least not too much. Have a good week at work a least its alittle shorter.Pinkie Denise

Pinkie Denise

Who says we have to grow? At least not too much. Have a good week at work a least its alittle shorter.Pinkie Denise

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Donna,
As you know my son, Jeremy, is an English teacher and a rock musician. While picking up his latest Fender guitar that he had ordered, in walks Johnny Depp. Seems that JD and JM buy their guitars at the same shop. Small world...


Works for me!

: )

Sandra Evertson

All I can say is "Phew"!
Sandra Evertson

Kitty Forseth

It's all been said for me, hee hee...

Thanks for the pics!!

Sylvia Anderson

Uhhhhh yeah! I never tire of looking at pictures of Johnny Depp!!! Thanks for the eye candy...now I'll be dreaming visions of Johnny while I sleep tonight....;)

Christine LeFever

What happened to the numbers? I never could respond intelligently to that one, because I am an idiot where numbers are concerned.

Well, onto Mr. Depp:Indeed, babacious. I believe that would be Kentucky where he grew up, Phyllis, is it? George Clooney did too.

I too have Scottish in me, Graham. But mostly, I'm Danish.

Miss Maddie's

I just emailed Johnny to come take a peek at our worship of him.(yeah right).I wonder just how many blogs out there are posting similiar lusty comments about him and if he ever takes the time to read them.Probably that sweet little French girl he's married to has parental restrictions on the home computer.That way she can protect her children and her husband from our innocent lunacy.Is this considered a minor form of stalking?
Thanks for the gorgeous pics. Susan


Well then, dearie, we're ALL adolescents when it comes to a "pretty face"! I loved this movie - J. Depp was so very sweet in it - Kate Winslett always a pleasure to watch. Love the Deppster, but also swoon over Clive Owen.


very smoooooth transition Miss!!!!



Yup Never, Never Land! What a great place to visit. Thank you for taking me there today! I needed that!!

I did get to see Finding Neverland. It was a good movie!

Hope all is well!


Donna! Can you hear me Laughing???? Oh gosh, you are just PERFECT!!! I ADORE YOUR IMMATURATY - thats why we get along so well!!! I love the movie Neverland, but that last photo - talk about EYE CANDY!!! hmmmm, those lips, those eyes, those hands... gosh I am in a faint.........


You are talking about my new favorite movie...on my nightstand honest that was so good I can't even tell you. Sweet on top of sweet. And did I tell you Johnny grew up an hour from here? Well yeah. But we never crossed paths you know...:(


HA! Great idea to post gorgeous guys when low on blog fodder :-) I must do the same! Hey Donna, I'm of Scottish descent too! My maiden name is Irvine and there are Irvine castles and everything over in Scotland :-) My sister Barb and I plan to one day go visit - it is our dream trip.


heeeeeere's Johnny! LOL! Donna, just how many photos DO you have of him?


Well if you have to post something, Johnny is a fine candidate!!!


Yum. Thank you for the eye candy! Better than Halloween! (And "Finding Neverland is such a wonderful movie.)


LOL I was out of blogging ideas too, but my go to guy is Jon Bon Jovi. :-)


I just love how some stories keep getting retold in different ways over the ages. I liked what they did with Finding Neverland.

Have a great week!

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