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November 16, 2007


Joanne - Disgustedcats

Donna, this is the Scottish doll I made for a Scottish doll, LOL!

I love your beautiful collection. I saw a fabulous Scottish boy doll at the Alameda flea market, when we went with Iva and Colleen,but, alas, he was too expensive for my pocketbook. I should have snapped his picture.


A Fanciful Twist

Love your dolls! And wait, is that your hubby> I knew it!! hee heee.. Or your children are gorgeous!!! xxo


Gorgeous collection of dolls! Those last two dolls are the cutest! :)


Aye, lassie...the dolls are brae, but the bairns are the true beauties of the bunch!


Does Johnny know?

I love the dolls, if they are wearing a kilt, they are MEN. Women don't wear the kilt, they wear a longish plaid skirt.:)



Donna, shmoo here. How ya doin? Your doll collection is amazing. I love them! Sean Connery is a total shmoo! Totally! Love him too.
And...your children could be models. They are sweet and cute.

tongue in cheek

The doll forever winking, too cute! I want to see more behind the dolls, those rooms of rich red and autumn tones! Your living dolls look just like you.

tongue in cheek

The doll forever winking, too cute! I want to see more behind the dolls, those rooms of rich red and autumn tones! Your living dolls look just like you.


oh dear - I so love a man in a kilt - you know - and Sean...

now those kiddies of yours are almost as yummy as your dolls - or maybe I should write that the other way around - here...

put the kids in kilts and I'll compare and contrast...

you are a heart and I heart you...

xox - eb.

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

That one doll is amazing...OH and so are the ones in the collection too! HA! You always know how to throw in the eye candy don't you?
Your children are beautiful! You old softy you! (you don't fool me for a second!!)
My SIL is Scottish born and raised and when she and my brother married it was in Scotland near her folks house. I wish we could have spent more time there than we did.(we went on to England). I LOVE the sound of a Scottish accent - many of the male guests wore kilts(as did some of the wee boys) You know I wanted to ask...heeheehee!
Your home is breathtaking!

Diane Duda

Love your dolls...and your blog...and your random photo's of hunky men! :) Well, not so random, I guess. You do tie them in nicely. Either way, love it!



What great dolls! And Sean, well ... He is the ONLY James Bond for me : )

Christy Meyers

oh man....scrolling along...appreciating all the beauties...then KABOOM!...There was Sean!!! Oh, be still my heart! I hope he lives forever!

I loved seeing the pictures of your children too. They are beautiful...Happy Thanksgiving!


You have a Sean Connery Doll?
Ha! You have it all I say, except maybe for a Johnny Depp Doll!

Truly Donna, I've never seen Scottish dolls, and yours are amazing! I want one of those bonnie fur hats! It's cool the way you have them all in a O'Brien "Clan"vignett, just haning out, having a litta tip, ever now and then. Ya know Lass, the seem to be enjoyin' life together.

Your Livin' Dolls ARE dolls!

You are SO LUCKY to have one another!



Wow,lovely dolls,children and....SC! First Johnnie then SC, I wonder when Harrison Ford will show up? We sure seem to have the same tast for things! I´m also in the mecanical construction business. I´ve just recently started up my own blog. Do come and visit!
Liisa from Sweden

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my, be still my heart. Sean is so gorgeous! As our your children and your dolls.


Donna, you gave me quite a jolt when that gorgeous man, SC popped up out of nowhere! What a beautifu man he is at any age! You brought back a childhood memory today when i saw your dolls. I remembered having a doll very much like the one third in from the right. I can picture her as i write this, and i haven't thought of her for years. The desk your dolls are on looks beautiful, and so are your children.

Sandra Evertson

Oh, and by the way, Sean Connery is simply THE best looking man EVER! And did you see the comments lefts on my blog way back in the beginning with the name Sean Connery on them! I almost had a heart attack then I thought, somebody must have been fooling around with me! But a girl can Dream!
Sandra Evertson

Sandra Evertson

Ethel, Oh, I mean Donna, Your dolls are Gorgeous! I mean really, I Love antique dolls too and you know the funny thing is I don't really consider myself a "doll collector" either! Or for that matter a doll maker, I really understand what you mean about that
They just seem to fit into a collection of all things Beautiful! Thanks for showing us your lovely little people!
Sandra Evertson


You have quite a collection there, though how you mamnaged to capture Sean Connery I'll never know! Oddly enough there was a Scottish band playing in our town this morning (we're miles from Scotland, sort of halfway down England. There they all were in their kilts playing bagpipes and drums and freezing their little knees off. If onlt I had had my camera with me.


love your scottish dolls, but to be honest I love anything from scotland , and the kilt suits Sean Connery very well although there are younger scottish actors more handsome to my taste.. ;)suddenly I was wondering are you scottish ?and if so ,where exactly?

sorry I don't update my blog very often as I'm very busy with christmas but come back next week

Mosaic Queen

You DO Complete me!!!! ;-)


They are all lovely Donna, esp. Sean! lol!

Have you seen the Christmas issue of Country Living? I thought of you when I saw the PLAID article.

Have a beautifully blessed weekend.


You ARE a collector! These are great on top of great! And would ya look at the wee peeks of your home behind these pics! Sweet kids :)
(the hand creme is at L'Occitane...there is a web store)

Miss Maddie's

The dollies are delightful! I see a blonde china, an AM... and don't you just love their tartan outfits.The other gent well he's___________.(you fill it in!) But most of all it's the living dolls at the bottom.I am sure they are two of your most loyal subjects as you preside over the castle of 'Donna Queen of Crowns'.May your reign be long and plentiful and don't forget to keep the king happy I would't want to see you marched off to the Tower.


You are BEAUTIFUL and you children are GORGEOUS!

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Donna, if you have three of anything, it is a collection. Two kids? Guess you need one more to make that kid collection!


Donna, your children are gorgeous...well of course they are...and your dolls are lovely and i'm so sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but really you are a collector and this is a wonderful collection indeed...and i LOVE Sean Connery...that accent? oooof!!! DOES things to me...gotta go...

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Your children are beautiful! I love that you fell into collecting Scottish dolls,yes,very charming!
I'll be on the look out.


Hello Sweet Donna,

"I love your dolls including the big hunk doll in the skirt!" I love your personal dolls i.e. (your kids) You are a blessed women with all your dolls. Can I come over and play dolls with you? I have one to I am show for "Show & Tell" Friday. Come see.
xo Jeannene


Oh those last two are simply the cutest!


LOL! I am rolling on the floor! A house full of dolls - what more can a woman ask for???
p.s. your kid are adorable - just like you!!!

Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
I am a doll collector and love your dolls! They are great! The real dolls are your beautiful children, they are gorgeous, you are so blessed. Enjoy your weekend Pinkie Denise

Christine LeFever

As Lea said,laughing is the operative word here, and yes, handsome works too for a certain Scottish gentleman.
Your lad and lassie are beautiful.

The dolly near the flask is no doubt a very happy dolly.

Each is charming, and you have once again delivered joy and happiness with your wit and talent.



Here I am, just soaking up the dolls... and boom you hit me with Mr. Gorgeous!!! between SC and JD I'm removing layers of sweaters, etc... I mean you really, really made me jump!!! My husband wonders from the other room why I'm laughing so hard!!!

I love coming over here. Don't you ever grow up, or actually I think you have grown up,in the best way possible, and those kids of yours, are beautiful... but that is NO surprise! XO

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