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November 24, 2007



Pretty, pretty. I found a pair of vintage opera glasses at an estate sale a while back and love them.

No Holly in my area that I know of. We're not very Christmasy around here - no snow, bits of cold on and off, etc.

Wishing you the best during the Hollydays!


How could I love Victoriana and not love Holly?? Holly conjures up all that is Christmas, doesn't it? The little village church, decorated with Holly, the old little cottage in the glen, the mantle wreathed in Holly.
oh, sigh, I live near Hollywood, in reality, but the old Holly, that's where my heart is!


Look at how big and tall and beautiful your holly is!! Now why did I think holly was a short little shrub?? The birds must be very happy your holly has such an abundance of berries this year!

Christine LeFever

I awoke this morning thinking of holly and then I visited you and this was your yesterday! Love your holly and love your engraving. Yes, holly is very big here in Oregon, big business as well. I do so love it!


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

That engraving is beautiful! I love holly. It justs says Christmas to me!

kari & kijsa

Ooooh, just beautiful! Gets us in the mood for fabulous Christmas greenery! We have the holly, now if we could just track down some magnolia leaves....

kari & kijsa


It's a great year for holly here in Ohio. Next to nothing last year, but what a huge crop for 2007. Now, if I only had mistletoe.......


It's beautiful, I love it. I have a berry tree, but not a HOLLY berry tree. Wah. LOL.
Are you going to bring some inside to decor with? Love the engravings as well, love that old art.

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

Ding dong....oh pardon me for dropping in unannounced with clippers in hand...you won't mind if I just pop out back and take a snip or two of your holly? I've always wanted to be discovered in HOLLYwood. I'm BERRY good.in fact I was going to use the name Holly Berry but you know, it was too like someone else. It does make for the perfect addition to the HOLLY-days though.
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


I've been told that holly will not produce berries unless it is cross-pollinated by another holly bush. You must have a "lusty" neighbor to have ended up with such a bumper crop! Aren't you the lucky one! The best I can do is pyracantha - and the berries are very messy. Now you can truly "deck" your halls!


Beautiful! You live in a wonderland of a place, from the inside to the outside. Love the old engraving and the glittery star. Wonderful!!


i just love your world-your holly-wood is sweet divine-la la la love jo- i think ive been a sleep , ive been busy making things for my stall so sorry-i havnt been over to share a pot of tea.

tongue in cheek

You crack me up!Clever girl!

Pinkie Denise

Oh, I know how you feel, my son just
left this evening to Merced. Before we know it Christmas will be here.
My daughter is going to Chico State,
is your son going to school there?
We are just 40 minutes away, I do all my shopping there. Pinkie Denise

Pinkie Denise

Oh, they are so beautiful!
I love the engravings too.
I really like your first photo with the opera glasses, oh yeah!
Pinkie Denise


Wow, you are one lucky dog to have that!! I love Holly and usually get it from the florist...if they have it. Yup, lucky you!What a delight! :)


any wonder why red and green are the colors of the season??? What a beautiful bush... those are the prettiest HOLLYwood starlettes I think I've ever seen...

Miss Maddie's

Good thing you don't live up here, the cardinals and chickadees eat all mine! Now I was told you need a male plant nearby to get berries. Do you have one or is it on a nearby property?
I love the engravings too but then I'm a fool for anything old.(an old fool get it) xo Susan


uh oh that Colleen sounds like she means business!!! your holly is wonderful and YOU are SO clever and funny...i love it!!!


I'm a big fan of your kinda Holly~Wood! NOT to be confused with the other type. Congratulations on your beautiful crop of baby berries!! Your sister will be excited too! Will you decorate with them during the holidays?

Hope your Thanksgiving was happy and delicious!
I'm so happy I just got back my computer!!!!


me me!! I LOVE holly. Planted a bush in my backyard but it didn't survive the first winter...hhhmmm...better watch your holly honey. I've got my snippers and I'm comin' your way!!

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