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November 05, 2007


Christy Meyers

Man.... that is some BEAUTIFUL lettering!!! I love the Spencerian script, and believe it must be preserved.... A lost art bestowed in you!

Miss Maddie's

OK it's friday can you come out to play? Hope your back is feeling better and you've been doing your fancy writing exercises.Missing your wit and charm. Susan


HI Donna,
I love your Spencerian scrip...oh
the places you can go with such
a fancy "hand"..

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Wow!! you wrote that? Cool!Love the cornstalk flourish too.

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Donna,
According to Rodger, you can submit your books to your CPA in any legible manner you want. Hope your back is getting better each day.

Flea Market Queen

Donna...Hope you are feeling better! I'm sure you and Ulla had a blast in class, I would love to learn to calligraphy!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Looks like a wonderful class


Hey Queen of Sparkle,
How's it going today? Hope you are ALL BETTER.
Just dropping by to make sure that there is enough frivolity in the air over in the Land of the Ribboned Crown!
Have you been practicing your calligraphy? Or wearing your hardhat?

cathy nash

Glad your back is healing! I so enjoyed my visit to your blog~

Kitty Forseth

Hey you!

It was great to see you at Connie's Trunk Show.. I hope that your back is continuing to heal.

Lovely calligraphy, it's fun isn't it?



I have always dreamed of learning to write in Spencerian script. You have inspired me! :<)


I took one of those classes many years ago. Lots of fun and met so many nice girls too. by the way, so many that posted seem to know you personally. Are you all friends that live close by?
Happy day!

Linda Harre

Looks like you and Ulla really had fun! I will have to research this online.....maybe there are instructions:D Absolutely beautiful:D

Pinkie Denise

What fun! I saw you and Ulla at the
class. You'll be able to do so many
great things with this new tool. My
sister does calligraphy it is so inspiring to learn new thing. Thanks
for sharing. Pinkie Denise


That's so funny that you should mention calligraphy. Just last week we had a customer looking for someone to do calligraphy for her. We did'nt know of anyone in our area. It looks beautiful by the way!


That is a superior name tag, Donna. I think it exudes the most splendid and luxurious taste! You are a name tag diva!
I will go visit Ulla to see her post...


My hands are so tight from using a computer keyboard, I think I'd need a good dose of WD40 before I could even begin a flourish! Yes, I'm afraid I would be a "Spencerian Spaz". (I can't believe I said "spaz" - that certainly dates me!) Loved Ulla's picture of you, Donna.

Lisa S. Oceandreamer

What a wonderful class! I only wish I'd known about it or I would have been your class mate. I adore flourishes and the birds, OH MY! I loathe name tags but I'd seriously be proud to wear one that looked like that! It actually reminds me long ago calling cards. So happy you and Ulla were in the class together. How delightful!
I hope the back is feeling better!


"LOVE IT...but really wish you would call me and let me know of these things so i can participate..(clearing my throat!) No, really looks like a blast you two had!! "Are you planning on writing a novel in Spencerian Script?" (lol)

Miss Maddie's

Just think you'll be able to script the initials on the crowns now.
How's the back? You look bent over your writing in Ulla's pic so I'm gathering it's improved.
Have fun at your real job but remember to take it slow.
Love the name tag it's beautiful on the red background. Susan


i saw your darling picture over at Ulla's, you are SO cute!!! what a great class, i tried to learn that stuff from a book...ugggh...not so good results!!!


I'm a nametag phobe, but this is a name tag I would wear!!! Now, I'm going to go see if Ulla has pix!
So glad you're feeling better and that you could be will Ulla.

sandra evertson

That class looks like so much fun!
And thats a pretty cute picture of you Ulla took!
Sandra Evertson

Christine LeFever

So YOU took the class too? You do run in the very best circles. That is so sweet of Ulla to have gotten a picture of you while you're at it; I look forward to seeing that too, so I will be off to Ulla's to finish my tea in hopes that she has already posted said picture.



Haha!! Maybe you'd get a discount?


I was dreamin curlicues and scrolls last night! Practice girl, I am expecting a lush letter from you soon!!! (got a CUTE photo of you, will post soon...)

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