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A Pageantry of Artists!


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November 27, 2007



Absolutely love everything!!! Your work is amazing!!!Happy Holidays!!

Audrey Luster

oh,i wish i may,oh i wish i might have this wish i wish tonight,that i will win that little box so shiny and bright!!!


oh dear me- im thinking that delicious crown would look divine on my head when im out and about moon dancing-oh come to my house im opening up a bottle of lemonade for my dollys-


Those are gorgeous goodies. You are so generous to part with them. Thanks for the extra chances to be a lucky recipient!!!
Michele :)



What fun, a give away! I don't think I've ever entered one, I've just had them.:)everything is divine.

So this is a first. (are you excited about the new Johnny movie coming out?!)

xo DLidy

Denise Nelson

Your intial crown is so beautiful,
I love it! Pinkie Denise

Joyce in the hinterlands

oH WOW..this old crone is feeling
like a gllitter queen again after
cruising your blog....so grateful
I stumbled across it. Don' stop
ever...you make me feel so much
younger! thanks so, joyce


Oh Yes please!! Sign me up! Through me in, do whatever you have to do!
I love your sparkley Stchufffs!

Hey that little man in the pointy red boots aint bad either! He's a handsome devil. Is he taken?


Wonderful and glorious shtuff!!


OOOHH!!! How lovely! Count me in please!! :)


Oh I would love to win your beautiful goodies. I absolutely love the crown!!!


Hi Donna:
What excitement you have created : )
The Queen of Crowns and her magical wand!!!
Please add me to the merry crowd


Yes, pleeeeeeze.
I would love to be in your drawing for beautiful things.
Happy Holidays.


OOOHHH!! The excitement of it all! And here it is 9:35 pm my time! I almost missed out! I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I would be thrilled to win any gorgeous goodie that you make. They are all gorgeous!

Karen Eropkin

This sounds like fun. Count me in!


Oh do please enter my name in your giveaway. I love the crown, love it all! Just a delight to look at.


Share your love of the theatrical. Your work is enchanting. Is there a "crown class" at the Castle in our future?

happy holidays.

vintage flair

Woo hoo! I am having a bad day at work and you just made my day better with the thought that I might be a winner. I am going to send you some good vintage flair mojo over your way. Ha ha.seriously...this was a fun post. Lori


Love the crown! I'd wear it to work and show my boss just who is the 'Queen Bee'! (Hope she doesn't read this comment....)


Oh I love your creations! I am going to steal the idea of adding Johnny to my blog, would rather it be the real thing in my living room!

Sweet Remembrance

Not sure if the first one went through, really!
I just had to try again, incase it didn't!

Sweet Remembrance

Well I will get in line with everyone else!
Love it all...

A Fanciful Twist

OH my gosh, oh my goodnessss!!!!!!!!!! What are my chances?? hee eeeeee!!! My head mightpop off my body in excitement!!!!


How lovely!! and so sweet of you too.

Sarah Bechler

Oh my stars!! I pray that I win!!
What a special Christmas blessing that would be!!!
Thank thee ever so much for thy kindness,

Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful blog. I'd love to win in your giveaway.


Ooh, I love your crowns. I don't have any as lovely as yours.

Liberty Post Editor

Hey Mr. Postman look and see, is there a 'Crown', a 'Crown' for me? Your new blogging friend from Canada! xo


What fun! Such pretty things!


Me...me....me....! Put me in!

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick

LET ME WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!I never will have ENOUGH of your creations..perhaps I need a RIBBONED CROWN ROOM for CHRISTMAS!!HONEY>>>>>>>>start adding on to the VILLA!!MY crown room needs me and I need it.The CONTESSA has spoken...............

Jamie V

This would be a truly magical gift~ ... crossing my fingers!!! Jamie V

Cheryl Comfort

*Big smile* That wand would go lovely with my "Christmas outfit" please add my name to the drawing. Thanks!


Oh pretty please pick my name!! Such lovely treasures!! That crown is glorious!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Gorgeous! Gold and ivory and magical things....divine! I want! I never win anything but toss me in the hat, too, pretty please.

Thanks for adding me to your pagentry. I'm very honored!


Crowns and glitter - who can ask for anything better? Beautiful site!

Dorian  Fletcher

Good lord, Donna...it's a veritable stampede! It's a sale in Filene's basement! Even so, throw my chapeau in the ring...love the china doll heads!


Love your crowns!!
Put my name in the hat!!

Christy Meyers

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am sure that wand sprinkled all over me and says it wants to come live with me! I will take good care of her! hee..hee... Christy/CC's Whimsies

Beatriz Fox

Wow! What a wonderful present for the holidays. You are definitely a generous soul. Hope I win!


"Not to put pressure on you or anything Donna. But..my sweet little girl Mila's Birthday is December 5th. Well, since she was going to be a little princess anyway. "OH, how long to have that delicious CROWN for her to put on her little sweet head. (only for a split second thought) And then, on my little head...lol!!

***Remember..."I never, ever get to win anything!(boohoo, sniff..sniff)
"OK, is that enough pressure??!!"
Love Ya!!

Christine LeFever

Too fabulous!



Donna, I bet everyone wants to be your friend ;-) that wonderful give aways. I have all my fingers crossed, thank you. Clarice


Ooooh! I kept hoping you would offer that gorgeous thing for sale or maybe the directions, but winning would be ever so much better!

Terri B in Oregon

Oh my you have got to be kidding!!! I would love to have ANY of it. How generous of you! If I win, I will play it forward! Happiest Holidays to you!!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

(fingers crossed tightly while whispering..." 'oh come on, come on, may the gods smile upon the shmoo, and bless her with fairy gifts galore!'
"puhlease Donna O. Wave your wand at the Shmoo!"
Gillian, Blue, Shmoo. Not Shmo. Shmooooooooooo!


Oooh, look, something shiny! Now, what was I going to say? Oh yes, what a bevy of beautiful treasures! Good luck everyone!


Pleeeeeze (that's please)count my in. It all looks fabulous. Oh I hope I win. Your blog is so sweet.



I was just thinking to myself "...if only I had a box, a wand, a crown and little doll heads..."

In all seriousness, that is one cool crown and some kind of scary but kind of cool doll heads! Send it all my way!!!


Wow, wish I had a wand that would do all that!!
Beautiful offerings, both the ones you made and the other!
Please enter my name in your drawing for such beauties!


loveeeeeee the crown!!!!

jessi nagy

toss the wand in my direction! gorgeous!!!


all of your stuff is so cute! I LOVE the crown!!!!!!!!


I've been very good this year!
Your items are all so gorgeous and
someone will be very fortunate to
win your give away!!! Thanks for
your generosity.
Nancy N

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I'm waving my magic wand over here!

Raised In Cotton

I love everything~sigh~beautiful.


Oh please sign me up at least once!! Maybe three times just to be safe!! I love it all - I'll be crossing my fingers when I'm not typing and hoping to win!

Brenda Bliss

That crown and wand have my name on them---I am positive! Just look on the back--there it is--see it? Well---I sure wish they did--cause they are beautiful!!!!
Happy Days,
Brenda Bliss


OHHHHHH!!!! Me, me, me, pick meeeee!

Sorry about that - I couldn't control myself - please put my name in your most generous drawing. Thank you.

(me, me, me. pick me....)

Julie Loeschke

You just can't have too much glitter! Right? :)


How stunning your work is and your generosity inspiring...


What can I say!?! ....Mmmmmh... beautiful!!! You are the best!!
It would make my day for the rest of the year if I happened to win!



YIKES, my hair is sticking straight up - did you wave your wand over here??? Did you say 2 winners??? My chances just doubled! No one, and I mean NO ONE does crowns better than you my dear, but those little heads sure are wonderful too... Can I be winner number 3??? You know what they say, "Big Wand - Bigger..."


WOW, what a beautiful crown and box!


So glittery and pretty - I love your photographs and the goodies that you have created.

Lonnie Bullington

A lovely show of work, passion and heart. Thanks for the fun of wondering. So Christmas!
Lonnie Bullington
LJ Studios


i love the little dolly heads!


You talked me into it! I'll play!!!
Thank you for being so generous, offering such pretties in this giveaway.


Oh a drawing for things that look so lovely. Please enter my name!

Sandra Evertson

Everything is Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!
I just LOVE your Style!
Sandra Evertson


Sigh...so much beauty in a little box. So many gorgeous gifts, you are so generous. Your work is inspiring and magical.


BEAUTIFUL!! I couldn't believe all the incredible goodies!! Please enter me into your lovely drawing!

Hugs! Nancy


Oh, I'm dying here! I love everything. Sign me up as well.


I just found your beautiful blog and I see you're doing a give away! I'd love to be entered into the drawing - the items you made are gorgeous!


Nobody waves a wand like you do!!! And glitter from you... is the best!!!! Oh lucky person(s) who win!!! Are you going to pull the winners out of a hat or a crown??? XO


I just now discovered your oh so charming Blog! Fabulous! Ooooh, I think your art work is amazing!

Mosaic Queen

Can you hear me screaming?????
I want, I want, I want!!!!!!!!





maybe - just maybe - ?????????

ok Donna - visualizing, dreaming,

a-hoping and a-wishing...

now - I'll cross both fingers on both hands... toes too...

you know I like pairs - well triplets too...

wishing, hoping, dreaming that you will pick MY name...

xox - eb.


Sign me up! That crown in beautiful. Auberne' Ancalimon


Ohhh I hope you pick me!


Donna...Sweet Donna, I am just going to pray..pray and pray the good Lord helps me to win your treasure!! You know, and I know everyone says this.."I never win!" It is so true, I never win anything. Bu will be praying for this so much!! I love your lovely treasure!!!

Hopefully the/"Your Wand" will have mercy on me..lol!!
xoxo Jeannene


woooo hooo! fun!!! I love shtuff. I hope I win cuz one can never have too many Donna O. creations!


OOOOOOHHHH!!! Wouldn't that be a dream!! I hope the Christmas Faeries pick my name!!!


I bought one of your crowns from American Harvest and it is beautiful! To win anything that you have made would be wonderful.
XO, Sonja


OOooOOoo LOVE your fancy smancy glittery treasures. I'm sending melissa's magical mojo through blogland. Resistance is futile. And if that doesn't work I'm crossing my fingers and toes.

Your blog is like reading a vintage comic strip. Thanks for the smiles.

Pinkie Denise

Oh, Donna I hope I win. I would love to win one of your beautiful creations and even the box is gorgeous! I love those sweet little dollies too, You are too much fun!Pinkie Denise

Pinkie Denise

Oh, Donna I hope I win. I would love to win one of your beautiful creations and even the box is gorgeous! I love those sweet little dollies too, You are too much fun!Pinkie Denise


I love your creations and would love the crown & wand! Also interested in more of your items to appear at American Harvest.
My email is melansulli@yahoo.com in case I win.


A chance at my very own crown? Count me in!


I guess I'm already lucky. After all I found your blog and enjoy my visits everyday. Thanks.


Oh such beautiful goodies! I hope you pick me! Thanks for sharing your blog.


Once again my visit to your blog has been like a trip to wonderland. Gorgeous Goodies, Donna. Thanks for the wonderful eye candy!


Yummmm! I love everything Donna!!! May your hand draw MY name ~ xxoo, Dawn :)

Miss Maddie's

The ooohs and aaahs are endless! You are such a tease.The treasures hidden in the box and overflowing the sides are like your heart, full and overflowing!What a delightful way to start the Holiday season.
I shall don my crown for the drawing, perhaps it will bring me luck! xo Susan


that's fabulous shtuff Donna!!! my pin~pricked flesh would be all worth it to win some of your lovely goodies:)


Wonderful game , before christmas. I hope santa claus will bring me this wonderful present


I don't know if I can play,(living in Europe)but what beautifuls treasures you create!, it inspires me , and I think I will do such a game in a couple of weeks on my blog ;)

sheri leseberg

oh wow... what wonderfull things to give away! i really need a magic wand right now.... :)

Queen of Tarte

Pick me, Pick me!!! Love the wand and crown...we are definately on the same wave length!!! xoxo

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