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November 20, 2007



Oh Yes!! Long live Queen Tryptophan!

Sandra Evertson

Cute! I was thinking it was real for a minute there!
Hope you and yours had a lovely Thanksgiving!
Sandra Evertson

Sharon at American Harvest

Happy Thanksgiving Donna and family,
We are not visiting the land of Tryptophan this year, hooray! I am treating my family to a French dinner! Only problem will be no leftover turkey sandwiches tomorrow.


I believe, I believe!


Well I'm up at 2 am, so I guess the Tryptophan hasn't set in yet - LOL But I can relate completely and have a fainting couch to recline on when it hits! Happy Thanksgiving Donna - I hope it's a lovely one!


Gobble Gobble!
she mumbled in her sleep and the Sandman had a vision of her hidden love for Tom. Happy day to you!
xoxo n

tongue in cheek

Hey the digs at Mr Sandman's house look better than Mr. Turkey's.

I think I might have to hook up with him too!

Happy Thanksgiving to you Donna.


You are the clever one! I for am looking forward to 4-day vacation in Tryptophania! Designing Christmas campaigns for clients has me pretty drained tonight. I look forward to the time off. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you, Donna!


Happy Thanksgiving Donna! I know it will be a sweet family affair, decked out to the gils in the Scottish manner. or should I say Manor?

xo Lidy

Christy Meyers

BWAHAHAHAHA! I think I'm a lady in waiting in this mythical land of Tryptophan. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, dear Donna! Big hugs, Christy

Leslie Marsh

Very clever Donna! Thanks for the smile. The crown you sent to e.b. is so beautiful in it's fall colors. I love it!


And I heard... that the queen is still sleeping and everyone is waiting for her to wake from her dreams so that there can once again be merriment all around and crowns for everyone!!!!

Have an extra special day, with anniversary bliss and a feast of thanks for you and your lovely family!!!

queen of the carnivale

Here Here! Long live the Queen of Tryptophan!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Pinkie Denise

Hello, Donna
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you and your loved ones! You are just too funny, thanks for adding a little laughter to my day. My kids are all home and well I needed that.....Pinkie DeniseI

Christine LeFever

What a trip(tophan), Ms Doona, is it now?

Girl, you could market your story telling, you do know this, don't you?

I am overwhelmed by your remarkable mind!


it's gone:)


Happy Thanksgiving, Donna ~ you crazy girl! xxoo, Dawn


I have tears in my eyes from laughing...this is a classic...you have a wonderful way to tell a story.
My best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to all the Tryptophanians ;}


LOL Happy Turkey Day to you and yours!

Miss Maddie's

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours dear Queen of Crowns.
The Queen of Tryptophan might be giving a clue how to enjoy the day.Right after you dine head for the fainting couch and sleeeeep right through the dishes...
(that way you'll be all rested for the 5am shopping on Friday!)
xo Susan


Will you still be laughing about typtophan when you hear that our family of four in ohio is suffering from typtophan poisoning? We are staying home just us four and i am making a 22# bird!!! What on earth was I thinking?
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Donna...

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Lovely post ...Happy thanksgiving to you

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