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December 02, 2007



I've thought about it for a while now and I'm almost completely positive I'm in love with you. I know it's frightening, but just be glad I live half a country away!
I'm working on some glittered frames and I decided to make one in a Donna O'Brien-esque style. We shall see how it turns out! You are just draw-dropping talented.


absolutely gorgeous
A most beautiful journal!




Beautiful my dear, your pieces are gorgeous! Where would we all be without you and Johnny to bring us some holiday cheer???


You take my breathe away!! How do you do it?? Just beautiful!! I love the crown with the little angel on it ! With our Nobel festivities coming up, one of your crowns would be the perfect touch to a gala dress!


le petit cabinet de curiosites

Wonderful ..Love it all . Don't know which one to pick


i needed
a bit of golden shine
to spark me up
i knew right where to go!




Well thank you for sharing with us!

tongue in cheek

hey Honey when the V comes out look close and you will see a crown on my bookshelf.
These photos or your artwork are making me drool, I am gonna re write my Christmas list.

Everything Donna please.

tongue in cheek

hey Honey when the V comes out look close and you will see a crown.


Absolutely stunning! I'm in awe of your creative talent.

Kitty Forseth


Your new creations are stunning! I'll need to get into American Harvest to see some of them in person (if there are any left)!


Oh such beautiful work!! Love the piece that looks like a theater! (as well as the rest of it!)
I so wish I was able to purchase some of your work online!!

Oh! I must comment on the Johnny post below too, just looking at him made it ok that I did not win!
Isn't he just enchanting? I can't wait for his new movie!!
~Cerri xoxo

Sandra Evertson

Donna, I love the scepters, the knobs are so unusually shaped, just Stunning! And the box with the ballerinas! GORGEOUS!
It's so cool to see the antique pieces in your collection too! Love that!
Sandra Evertson

Miss Maddie's

Absolutely Yummy! So yummy in fact the fairies are coming to live at my house! I shall don my crown and await their arrival.I couldn't think of a better way to start the Holiday season.
Sure beats baking cookies!
xo Susan


Congrats to all your winners in the giveaway!

And look at all the pretty sparkly things here! LOVE your boxes! You are so talented!

A Fanciful Twist

You are soo much fun!! You have such an amazing personality and your "realness" exudes!!! How could we not want to love you and take part!!! It is natural!!! I think you are just wonderful!!xoxoxoxoxoox


Beautiful work Donna! Also, Miss Maddies crown is so amazing too!
Your a star* !!!! ;-) I adore your work. I bet Sharon is SO happy you came by!
Also, love your little theaters. Just superb!

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Donna,
You make me smile, laugh, and enjoy life. Thanks for coming up to see me at AH. The crowns are beautiful, the boxes are perfect, and the scepters are magical!!!

Mosaic Queen


Christine LeFever

Oh my word, Ms O, these things are breathtaking! Indeed you are lucky to own them and I am delighted that you have shared them. One can see your where they inspired you in your own crown making. I adore mine!



Beautiful....Love it all...


Oh gorgeous!!! The use of the old engravings and the glitter just makes my eyes quiver in excitement! I LOVE your work!!


Elegant and lovely, Donna...so holiday festive! Your previous post gave me the vapors - lawsy, Miz Scarlett!


Wowza!!! Those old ones and new ones...both so amazing so rare and I love them. The box that looks like a stage with wee curtains!!! Precious :)

Sweet Remembrance

Oh Donna...
I am breathless just looking at all the magic you have!
Absolutely stunning...


Hey Donna, who gets Johnny????? LOL, what a fabulous guy to have help you! Your crowns and such are dreamy as usual. You are the true queen of glitter glamour, and Johnny the king of give-aways! Hugs to you both!


Donna, your crowns are amazing and how fun to see the crowns that inspire you. By the way there is thank you on my blog. xoxoxox Clarice


Donna, your work is just so beautiful! I know that they must be so very glad to have it at American Harvest....it really is magical, xxoo, Dawn


Donna, your new creations are truly breathtaking!!!

Pinkie Denise

Your Tiaras, and boxes are so very
lovely, darn I didn't win one. Will
your beautiful items be in the online shop at American Harvest?
Thank you for sharing you magic.....
Pinkie Denise

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