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December 02, 2007



could some body pass me a cold glass of water- my hearts beating so fast -that johnny is somthing- now i thought he was locked up in your garden shed- love to you and your family -jo.

Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

Ok I will take Johnny as a concellation prize!
Ohhh La Laaaaaa......
I'd take Johnny anyday!

Thanks that was fun!
Hugz, Dolly

Jeri Aaron

OH MY!!!

Sweet Remembrance

Donna & Johnny...
I received my package of vintage Christmas goods today & I so adore everything!
Thank you Donna, I appreciate it...

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

This floored me.
Wow, are you creative or what? So this is what I miss when I take my PMS blog vacation....

tongue in cheek

lol!! You crack me up!
I was kindda hoping he was inside the box!

tongue in cheek

lol!! You crack me up!
I was kidda hoping he was inside the box!


sigh, you DO know how to host a give away, girl!

Even losing is more pleasant with Johnny around...lol...very clever, Donna. Hope you are all better now.
hugs, Lidy

A Fanciful Twist

YAY for the three girls!!! They must be over the top delighted!! xooxx

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Can you hear me hyperventilating over here. Someone get me a paper bag. Johnny Depp is deppelicious. Eyieyiyi


Oops! I didn't win...again. But I know it's just a matter of time. And the pictures of Mr. Depp almost bedazzeled me away from your wonderful, gorgeous prizes. Sigh. Congrats to the lucky winners and thanks to you for your inspiring-in oh, so many ways, blog.


i just had to come back
and look
at MY man *johnny*


Debra Schoch

always NICE to see a cute johnny when surfing thru the blogs.. thanks..


Oh Johnny~you toy with my heart and sling it around...drop it and step on it...DO IT AGAIN!!!

Sweet Remembrance

Yahoo for me...
Thank you Donna, I am so very excited to be one of your lucky winners!
And I do mean LUCKY...
Thank you,


Oh my gosh, I can not believe I won. When my daughter Aubern'e told me I won I actually screamed and jumped up and down (now my girls will never let me live that one down ;) . I am thrilled beyond words. Also dear Johnny, well, you are just the icing on the cake. Thank you, thank you Donna, so much. I already have a crowning spot in my house for your crown. Aubern’e has informed that since I won instead of her when I die she wants to inherit the crown. Her sister graciously stepped aside. You have made a perfect day all that much more perfect. Love Clarice

Sandra Evertson

Geez Donna!
I don't even remember what we were doing!
Oh yeah, a give away!
Who won Johnny?!
Congrats girls!
Sandra Evertson


Lucky You who won!...But it doesn´t matter that I didn´t win when I have such a gorgeous, beautiful man in front of eyes!!



Well, THAT was exciting! And the contest wasn't too bad either! Hee hee! Look at the twinkle in those EYES! Is it just his natural good looks or German glass glitter?!?!?! ? Congratulations winners!


Congrats to all you lucky ladies to have won such lovlies!!! Thanks for letting me join in the drawing...
Michele :)


Congratulations on winning Donna's fabulous crowns! You will love how versatile they are. They seem to match every outfit perfectly!
Now Donna,
hand over Johnny Please!




"Lovely Post!!" Very cleaver dear, and so genius to pull names out of the hat. "Gave me goose bumps actually"..(in a very good way!)

Congrats to all the winners. Their is always another chance.."I suppose..lol!!"

Come on over and see All my other Houses around the world. Would you like to come to Europe to visit me??

xoxo Jeannene


Oh Johnny - even though you didn't pick me, I enjoyed your presentation! Now next time, get it right and pick me!!!

Julie Loeschke

Oh, my gosh!! I never win anything! Yes, I think the crown should keep the D for Depp. (I love him, too!) Do you need my mailing address or do you have that? I'm so excited, I forget! Thank you, thank you! Please let me know. Warmly, Julie

Miss Maddie's
Miss Maddie's

Well can you beat that! I'm asking you about his new flick and HE'S already at your house!! He said you'd be back later, is that after you pull yourself up off the floor?
I didn't win no goodies but the eye candy was certainly worth the visit.
Thanks for providing the entertainment. I loved it!!
xo Susan


well, even though i didn't WIN anything...*sigh*...the lovely pictures of Mr Depp have ALMOST made up for it...i said ALMOST Donna:) this post was very fun!!!

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