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December 12, 2007


Alice Grace

I pray for Betsy's recovery. I know it is hard for the family and friends at this time. God bless you all.


Oh Donna, I'm so sorry about your friend. Prayers have been said for Betsy and her family.

God Bless,

A Fanciful Twist

Oh My gosh... That is heart breaking, but I will add my prayers to the list in hopes that she does recover... And prayers for her husband and kids. I am just on my way out the door to take care of my dear friend who lost her son and wil have eye surgery today all in the matter of two weeks... Things are crazy sometimes... And all we can do, is be thankful for what we have and hold on tight... See you in a few days!!! xoxoxo


I am sending good thoughts to Betsy and her family. Modern medicine can do wonders...I hope it will do that for her...there is also healing in love...she has a generous supply of love from her family and friends.


Dear Donna,
I will keep your friend Betsy and her family in my prayers for a speedy recovery....Sounds like she
has alot of support and ones who love her to help her....


Good wishes & prayers for Betsy & Birthday wishes for Laura. It's so hard to see your friends & loved ones suffer.

Miss Maddie's

Dear D, Though we have exchanged engaging and silly emails I feel that now is the time for serious well wishes for your friend Betsy.
Sometimes life hits us hard but with the support of her loving family and fantastic friends like you it has a way of healing the deepest wounds.We out here in Bloglandia are there for backup.
Tell that little darlin' of yours Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen!!
XO Susan


Oh Donna, how sad...i will keep your friend Betsy in my thoughts and prayers...

Kitty Forseth

Oh Donna...

I have tears in my eyes.. I am so sorry to hear of Betsy's stroke, they are so often unexpected and devastating. Things seem so much more difficult this time of year. I lost my Father this week, 35 years ago.. and I still feel that sting.

My prayers go out to Betsy for a speedy and complete recovery, and for all of the families affected.

God bless

xoxo Kitty

Dorian Fletcher

Dearest Donna...sharing your burdens will lessen the weight. All of us go through these "life's detours" - so hard to deal with when you're in the midst of them - but your dear friend has a wonderful support system that will be very instrumental in her recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Yes, Donna!!

Please count my good thoughts and many prayers for your dear family friends. Thank you for sharing your heart. I know it is tough to do...but you are a beautiful and great friend and have a wonderful soul for doing so!!

Love, Jeannene


so sorry to hear about your friend. Prepare yourself for a long recovery. My mother had an aneursym seven years ago and just this year is beginning to show signs of being her old self. Hers was behind the frontal lobe so it changed her entire personality. Your friend and her family are going to need someone as loving as you to stand beside them. We'll be praying for her here. Keep up updated.


Will continue to pray. So sorry Donna! I've been thinking of Betsy and you.




I have tears, my heart and my prayers are with your dearest Betsy, her family and friends.

You are right, time is precious, none of us know the day and time when life will change. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
Keep us updated, please.
xo Lidy


I am rather new to your blog.
I am so sad to hear about your good friend. She and her family will be included in my thoughts and prayers.

Christine LeFever

I hope with all my heart that Betsy herself has that kind of strength that will restore her completely. With her loving family and her dear friends, especially you, I think she will make it!

Happy Birthday, McCall!


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