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December 08, 2007


Lori Davis

My visit to Wendy's Theatre of Dreams was one of the highlights of my trip to Cali this past spring with my PFATT sisters. Colleen and Iva were so kind as to get us a special tour of Wendy's studio and shop. Her Theatre of Dreams is pure magic. Wendy is just the sweetest lady ever. When she showed us the magical fairy behind her desk..................all you heard was a small gasp of breath from everyone there and the tears began to flow...........no words can explain how magical it is.

Thank you Donna for posting this and sharing your wonderful purchase! =o)


Denise Fontaine

Love your crowns! Denise Mass.


Oooooooo!!!I love it...want it :)
Does she have a web site?


OMG! That is so cool! So romantic and .... Gorgeous!!

Thank you for sharing your magical, wondrous art purchase! Although ..now I want something I didn't even know I needed :)


Oh how cool is that?
You are such a lucky shmoo!


Thank you for sharing such a wonderful delight. It's just breathtaking.

Mosaic Queen

She didn't bring those when she came to Phoenix :-(
She did tell me about her open house studio shows. Wish I lived closer, but I'm gonna get there!

Dorian Fletcher

Are you just the luckiest girl! Did she demonstrate her larger versions? I especially love the theatre with the ghost puppeteers. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it this year - too soon after surgery...but there's always next year!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

That is beautiful Donna! A definite treasure!

Kitty Forseth

So Sweet and enchanting! Thanks for sharing Donna!


Sandra Evertson

This piece is just too too Dreamy! Absolutely Wonderful! Lucky you, living close!
Sandra Evertson

Lonnie Bullington

Thanks Donna for your gracious comment. I am glad you liked my work. Have a Happy Holiday! Lonnie


omg- ive never im telling you never seen anything so divine.singing and skipping love jo.p.s i dont think id put it down any where- if my garden fairys see it- they would bring it to our house through the fairys door.

A Fanciful Twist

Did she still have that gigantic one in her shop???? Behind the desk??? I am sooo jealous I could scream!!!! How awesome!! I am soo glad you got one!!!!!!! Magic! Why don't I live closer?? xoxoxo


Wow, I am drooling now. So pretty and fun and oh, just everything. she does it right!! I want to go with you too. But I live to far away.


Me again. Just wanted to let you know that I loved your blog so much, that I added to my great blogs to visit list.
I hope that is OK with you.


I just found your blog. I love Wendy Addison!! That is a beautiful piece that you bought.
If you would like to visit my blog, I am having a giveaway for my 100th post.
I love anything vintage as well.
Have a great day, and enjoy your new treasure.

Linda Harre

OMG....the creativity boggles the mind:D

Queen of Tarte

OMG...I can only hope to visit the Theatre of Dreams someday. I love, love, love everything she does.


Oh how wonderfu! Wendy Addison is SOOO amazing. And that theatre you bought is to die for! Wowwwww - thanks for sharing that!


ackkk...not only are you Johnny's girlfriend, you live close enough to enter the enthralling Theatre of Dreams. And you live in a Scottish manor. good thing you are so darn loveable.
:) Lidy

Christine LeFever

Wendy Addison's very name enchants me. I am so happy that you were able to go there and to procure that incredible treasure. I will be contacting Wendy! Thank you Donna for sharing her with those of us who cannot just hop in the car and head to her place.



Well first I am totally envious that you have been to the theater of dream and meet Wendy, but second akkkk. Oh my gosh how amazing. You lucky, lucky girl. I would say Christmas came early for you. Clarice-who has yummy mail at her P O box waiting for her but they do not open till Monday, waaa.


Wow ! That is just amazing and gorgeous ! I just found your blog and am so glad that I did ~


So great to see you there in Wendy's magical little corner of the world, if only for a quick hug! I hope you girls had a wonderful day! xo N


I adore mine too! I am sooo glad I splurged!!

Sweet Remembrance

Oh Donna...
I love everything by Wendy but this is spectacular for sure!
You are a very lucky girl...

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Donna,
What a fool I was to set this Theatre down yesterday, so that you could snatch it up! hahahaha. I took home several treasures from Wendy too, but now I am having buyers regret that I did not purchase the theatre in addition to the other treasures. Guess I'll be giving Wendy a call! Thanks for the encouragement to spend more money. That's what friends are for!


WOW! I'll have to get myself over there some year. LOVE the theater!


We went last year and it was amazing! Your theatre looks wonderful!

jessi nagy

lust is right!
how awesome is that!
wowza what a treasure!
lucky duck.
jessi nagy

Miss Maddie's

If anyone could fill a void from our childhood this woman is it! Her creations are truly a Theatre of Dreams!I have read the article about her in Somerset over and over just to look at the photos to see what I may have missed.
You are so lucky to live close enough to go.I can hardly wait for my little box it will help to ease the pain.


ooooh!!! i am swooning!!! i wanna go too!!!

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