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Captivating the Court Now......

A Pageantry of Artists!


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January 07, 2008



Love all the pretty dolls. What great projects, such a nice collection to enjoy


I always find so much inspiration here!

love your collection of dolls & the writings to go along with :)

xo ~Bella
p.s. Dr. Zhivago, one of my favs of all time too~ I also loooove "It's A Beautiful Life" & "Il Portino" & "Enchanted April"


Making it back around to say hi!


I think that both of you are oh so talented! I had been eyeballing that book for many moons when my husband surprised me with it a few months ago. It's one that I never tire of indulging in.

Michelle Sylvia

Hi Donna!

It's been a while! Hope you had a beautiful Holiday Season!

You are one lucky lady with your collection and your signed book!!! Wowsa!



Oh the pictures are so beautiful. I love Debbie's dolls, they are so wonderful and whimsical. And how fun one is wearing your crown!! I have that book too and it is one of my all time favorites - especially the chapter about Wendy Addison's studio! She is amazing. And so are you! I loved this post :-)


What a sweet little crown. I love your blog. I'll definitely be back! Amy

Christine LeFever

I have that book and will now enjoy seeing your crown!



Hi Donna,
I'm enjoying your blog this morning....Debbee's dolls are delightful! I don't get over to American Harvest much anymore to see what's going on, thanks for showing...Glad you are enjoying the Pain Killer Bottle...I kinda miss that one..look forward to seeing you at the next Halloween and Vine show and hope you can make a journey up to my new shop after the show...


Well, you ARE the queen, I know that! How sweet your collection of Debbee's creations is. :) (not a one is wearing a kilt, though!)
xo lidy
ps. thanks for the update on your Betsy, still praying.
xo Lidy


hello dear 1- ive just orded the book of where women create- so i have to wait 16 days before it gets here to me in australia- now do tell which victoria -well which month is coreys house in- as we are so behid in that as well- ive only seen it once- singing and skipping love jo. p.s i give your friend 3 wishs-


Love the crowns, love the little people that Debbie creates and....I have the book! Isn't the world small indeed!


Wow! Thankyou for sharing Debbie's work-I hadn't heard of her.You're so fortunate to have some of her art.Can't wait to check out her site :)

Lori Avery

Oh my goodness !!! How cool is that!! I just adore the little crown !

Sandra Evertson

What a fun thing to see, you lovely crown on that bears head!
Love her work and yours too!
Sandra Evertson


I love your collection of Debbee's pieces, and I love my collection of your work! Everything you make is so fanciful, festive and fun. Can I be a stalker too?!
~ Iva


oh wow Donna! I have that book ~ now where did I put it? I'll have to go on a treasure hunt and see your crown up close! Debbie's creations are wonderfully whimsical. Thanks for sharing!

When you have time, pop over to my blog for a 100th post giveaway...

Flea Market Queen

I adore Debbie's work...
And yours too!
Love the little crown, good for you!


How cool is that!

Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
I love all your dolls, so wonderful they are! I have that book I will have to look for your crown, and I saw your crown sitting on books in Victoria magazine of Coreys home! Wow it made it all the way to France! I will keep praying for your
friend Betsy.....Pinkie Denise

Raised In Cotton

I have admired Debbie's work for years! Your little crown looks right at home!

A Fanciful Twist

I adore her dolls to pieces!! Those faces!!! How wonderful!!! xoxoo (yippe for crown's making appearances!!! wooo hooo)

I can't stop thinking about your friend... Maybe we could muster up tons of love more for her........

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Oh their faces are so sweet indeed! I got a kick out of that when you mentioned it, they almost have a look of surprise on their faces! So bloody cute.
I am glad your crown wound up on one of her bear's heads. That is cool!


Your bitsy crown looks rightly royal and fit Debbee's bear perfectly!!
It's nice to know that your beautiful work is appreciated by such lovely and talented women. You deserve it since you're the Queen of Sparkle!

Sorry to hear about Betsy.

Deena Warner

tis good to be princess too
I need a crown to wear..

I have this book & so enjoy



There it is I am looking at it now...sans the lovely message you have in your book...what fun, your crown looks ever so nice on the little bear.
Your posts are always such fun.


That is so neat!
Okay...in Victoria...what in Corey's house? Glittery? I'll go look...it will be a little game :)


Debbee is just as sweet as her work! I didn't notice your crown in there either but I did happen to spy a little bit of your glitteryness in Corey's house pictured in Victoria mag!! You ARE the Queen! xoxo N


Hi Donna,
I wasn't familiar with Debbie's work. It's beautiful! Thanks for introducing her to me.
Congrats on your sweet little crown. I think that is very exciting.
Still praying and hoping for your dear friend.

Country French Antiques

Absolutely amazing!
Your blog is so wonderful!
Thanks for sharing!


Love this post...isn't her work the best?? I love your pieces, they are some of my favorites.


I love Debbie's work, too, Donna!!! Sadly, I don't have any pieces of hers but I so love her artwork...the vintage feel of it. I also LOVE this book! I am so not surprised that there is a crown of yours in there at all! Heck, there's probably another one in one of the other studios! I'm going to go look right now...xxoo, Dawn

Miss Maddie's

You are hilarious!
We girlies in the Northeast have a chance to meet her and Nicol Sayre in February at the Earth Angels Celebration in NY.
My best to Betsy and her family.
XO Susan

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