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January 27, 2008


Christine LeFever

Clearly you should have been in that book Crowns and Tiaras.

Yeah hooray for dear Betsy. I am SO HAPPY!

Now, for when I feel as though I'm getting a fathead,I think I ought to wear a crown with a corset!


Theresa-Garden Antqs

What beautiful works of art; you're so talented!!



Deena Warner

I think I deserve a crown..I'll be checking out
American Harvest..
fondly. the pink princess deena


Great news about Betsy.
Your crowns are wonderful and truly fit for a Queen.


Dear Queen of Sparkle,
Couldn't be happier to hear about Betsy! Guess all the love and prayers surrounding her has produced a miracle. What joy. Truly the best thing to hear this. makes me happy!

These crowns are fabu! Fantastique, Magnifique! Ok do you get the idea. I like em! Bravo! Wonderful things lurk and stir around in that creative mind of your!!

Happy Day,

Sylvia Anderson

What wonderful news Donna!!! What achange from just a week ago! Amazing!! I'm sure her family is just thrilled! :)

Your latest creations are incredible as always....I love them all!! I'm sure they will be snatched up in a hurry upon their arrival to American Harvest!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I'm so glad to hear of your friends progress. How wonderful!! Those crowns are to scrumptious for words!



the news about your firend is so wonderful- your crowns - well i think a french prince may wont 1 to give to his lady-


the news about your firend is so wonderful- your crowns - well i think a french prince may wont 1 to give to his lady-


Oh my gosh, that is wonderful news for Betsy (and you) indeed. I am very happy for you. And the crowns, lovely. You are so talented.


What wonderful news about Betsy!!
So happy to hear it....and what wonderful crowns!!!



What fabulous news about Betsy! I am still on the prayer~path. Your heart must be so encouraged, friend.

If you have time, please visit me and enter my blog GIVE AWAY!

xo Lidy

Dorian Fletcher

The news on Betsy is just wonderful! It sounds like she just needed some time for her brain to heal. Motivation for her is her family and good friends like you, Donna! Love your new crowns...wish I could catch the creative bug. My muse is on vacation, I guess.




Donna, i am SO very happy to hear this wonderful news about Betsy...i have so been hoping and praying for her to "wake up" and it sounds like she is doing wonderfully:)

your new crowns are GORGEOUS!!! i love the new look!!!

Christine LeFever

Bravo for Betsy! No wonder you have crowns on the mind; they say it all in regard to taking command.

And this batch is luminous!



Yea for Betsy! Slow, but steady progress...that's great. I love your new designs....breathtaking as usual.

Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer

I am SOOOO happy about Betsy....what fantastic news. I just KNOW it's all the love and hope and wellness prayers and vibes and thoughts she has received swirling around her.
LOVE those beautiful crowns!!! You are definitely the crown QUEEN!
I see sunshine here right now...ahhhh, sunshine...but the rain is not over!
Good to see you!!


More good news. I have missed seeing your creations here. They are so lovely. You really have a way with crowns.

Miss Maddie's

Wonderful, encouraging news for dear Betsy!
Now for the crowns, they are over the top. Delightful, delicate and divine!!With one of those perched upon one's head the possibilities are endless...
Now all we need is a court jester, anyone in mind??
XO Susan

Sandra Evertson

Oh, these are just Gorgeous!
And so glad your friend Betsy is doing so well!
Sandra Evertson

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Hey you, it's me, Shmoo!
Come on, you remember Shmoo? Sorry to be gone so long pud!
I love the crowns, they are so beautiful. Like you! (Not just lip service, I've seen your photo! ;D)
Off to read back about Betsy, so glad she is doing better, even though I don't know what is going on yet. But I will know, so know I am happy happy!


Hi Donna,
What wonderful news!! Everyone must be so excited!!
I hope she improves more and more each day.
Your crowns are spectacular!!
I really would like to know more about them. I am about to start making more paper crowns, kind of like the one I showed on my blog, only my friend wants pink.
Can't wait to see more.

Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
Oh, what wonderful news, so good to
hear good news for a change.........
Love the look of your new creations,oh so fabulous they are, frilly and lacey looking, Have a wonderful week, take time for the good things.......Pinkie Denise
P.S. I would love to get together for lunch and shopping if you up this way, let me know!


Happy to hear your friend is doing better! That's such good news. Love the crowns.. that fabricy looking trim is delish!

jessi nagy

o my how fabulous!!!

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