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Captivating the Court Now......

A Pageantry of Artists!


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February 01, 2008



HI Love your blog! Could you email me... I would like to use just three of your corset images shows above for a blog entry of my own. Let me know if thats alright with you! <3


very beautiful crown....


A corset for your royal noggin madame Donna!!! I loved this idea.
I love corsets...not the old fashioned choke you til you faint ones, but sexy modern ones that allow you to breathe still. There is nothing quite like wearing something pretty. It makes you feel better.
I loved this crown!
love Shmoo! xo


This is lovely! What wonderful colors! I sometimes think I would need a corset, I gained too much weight with my last child (he will be 4 this summer!) and never lost it! I wonder how many years You can blaim that You were pregnant?!


Flea Market Queen

Donna...it takes my breath away!
So very beautiful...

Deena Warner

Donna Dear

How might I purchase a lovely crown without going through too many hoops...

lovingly, Pretty in Pink Deena


Hi Friend,
Stopping by to tip my crown at you!


Sylvia Anderson

Simply Fabulous Donna!! What an imaginative idea...using the concept of a corset as part of your lovely crown! Too fun!!! :)

Michelle Sylvia

Your crown is spectacular and so is the post about corsets in general! I am drawn to corsets for inspiration and the fact that they were part of everyday living at one point in time amazes me. I just LOVE the way that they look and can make a woman be "uplifted". They are beautiful, romantic and "breathtaking" all in the same way. Thanks for inspiring me.


Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
I love it! Wow, what a creative imagination......I would much rather
wear this crown then one of those around my waist, I can't imagine what those poor women went through to be beautiful!Thanks for sharing


FANTASTIC the corset crown!!!


Wonderful crown you have done it again :)
Those photos are so very interesting what your Great Grandmothers did for beauty and gravity :)

Linda Harre

How DARLING....and so clever! Your brain just never stops! Thanks for the comments on my blog! I really appreciate each and every one of them and thank you for taking the time:D

Karen Cole


Why haven't I been here before?

I LOVE this crown and your site is beautiful. What a wonderful way to express your creativity, Donna.

Gravity, indeed!

Donna O.

Ulla-I can think of one more thing.
: )


Oh sweets, you never cease to amaze me... this is just delightful! And I think you'd look great in a corset miss!!! Johnny, corsets, and crowns, what else could a gal desire????


I love the corset crown! What a wonderful idea! Very French and whimsical :-) Keep working that art in at any spare moment!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

This is soooo beautiful! I absolutely adore it!! What a perfect place for a corset.



A Fanciful Twist

Okay, may I just say, your crowns are unreal. This post and last post fulfilled me completely. More than any chocolate or J-man. Your crowns are all we need in life. Who needs a corset, or a gown? When you can just simply weara crown????? Yeeeeeeeeee xoxoxo


oh you hotty momma...you don't need a corset!!


Oh I think I'd much rather wear your corseted crown Donna!

Dorian Fletcher

The crown is all Victorian corset magnificence! Can you imagine having lower ribs removed to allow the corset to make your waist even smaller? Yuck! My sister and I were talking the other day about wearing a girdle to hold up stockings before the advent of pantyhose...I can't believe I went to high school each day so encased!


I can't believe that you looked at those corset photo's and got this inspiration...it's devine! I love the new crown! Tre'magnifiqeu!


c'est magnifique!

xo Lidy


Wouldn't it be wonderful to have ones figure laced into the perfect shape IF ONLY it wouldn't be soo uncomfortabe.

Country French Antiques

Absolutely magnifique as always!
I only wish I had your photography skills!

Sandra Evertson

One word GORGEOUS!
Ok, maybe two REALLY GORGEOUS!!
Sandra Evertson


What a sexy "Ribboned Crown" If you like corsets, you should check out The Morning Glory in Burlingame. Paulette makes the most amazing corsets!

hope all is well!


Ahh.. to have a waist that small..how nice would that be..No more eating, a rib or two removed passing out occasionally..
I'll take the one from the neck on up too!


P.S. I am so pleased to hear that your dear Betsy is doing well, so pleased dear Donna... XO


Nooooo corsets for this girl... but that crown, now that would be a treat to wear!!! And no shortness of breath or fainting spells with this beauty!!!


Hi Donna,
You have done it again, one upped the last one. It's gorgeous!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Maddie's

How absolutely regal!That blush pink crepe and the ribbon just delightful.A perfect sample of The Ribboned Crown!!
As for the corset, could you imagine everything that has fallen due to gravity would be pushed up so high your bosom would be right under the chin!!!!Ha!
XO Susan


eeeeek!!! ohmygosh!!! you are too fabulous, i love your corseted crown...it is stunning!!!

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