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February 23, 2008


Deirdra Doan

CONGRATULATIONS! I look forward to reading the story. My husband John Doan and I had the pleasure of being in Victoria once. My decorating and His Music.
"In Tune With The Past" Victoria Magazine 1991 or so. Love your work and garden.

Theresa of Garden Antqs Vintage

I just read the article and absolutely love your garden. How cool to be in Victoria Magazine. Congratulations!!

Country French Antiques

I just read this.
I'm getting a copy today!
I think you are most deserving!!

Mosaic Queen

Congratulations Miss Donna!
I haven't seen the pics yet, but I plan on picking up the magazine today.

Trish G.

I got my hands on the new Victoria for the first time today. The article was great and your home is just beautiful.
Congratulations, Trish G.


Well SUPERSTAR!! The pictures turned out gorgeous and now you need to start tours so everyone can marvel at the beauty in person. I feel so lucky to have been able to see it with my own eyes. Truly truly beautiful. You and your sis make a great team...talented and wonderful. Congrats!


WOW! That was written about YOU???? I LOVED that article (I'm a wee bit Sco-ish on me Dad's side, and was very excited to see all the yummy pics)! I found my here through Phyllis at Shabby in the City (she gushed over you on her blog today)! =) So happy to have found your blog!


Wow! How wonderful! I can't wait to get my copy in the mail!!


Congrats on such a beautiful article Donna! I was reading the article, loving that garden, thinking "this looks so familiar," then I saw the crowns and I said to my mom, " this is one of my favorite blogs to read!" Everything looks so gorgeous in those huge photos in Victoria! xo Shanon


Such a beautiful article Donna! When I got mine in the mail and was browsing through it, I thought... that looks and sounds familiar... wait! That's Donna! Congratulations to you and your sister! However, I was a bit disappointed that the article left out mention of your "other gardner"... poor Johnny!


Jus read about the article over at Constances so popped over to congratulate you, it looks wonderful and I can't wait for this edition of Victoria to hit the newstands here in th UK so I can see it all.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Congratulations !Félicitations !!!!
Victoria magazine Whaouah how lucky you are !!!
Wonderful photos


I'm curtsying to you right now, dear Donna. What a beautiful thing to happen to such a beautiful girl. Congratulations! Christy


It was all so beautiful! And I kept telling my hubby..."I know her, I know her!". LOL. Congrats to you both.


lauren Mumford

SOOOOO glad this article wasn't out before you came over to my house! I would have been even MORE nervous. Sheesh women--GORGEOUS!! The article was beautiful wasn't it? You must be thrilled!! Daughter was so excited to see someone she knew in a mag. Especially you.

So happy for you, you deserve every bit of recognition you get!

Congrats to your sis too!



Shmoo here. I have been away so much I can't believe how I've missed you!!!!
I am so happy for you congratulations on yours and your sister's Victoria feature! You guys should be very proud. Take your moment on stage, and wear your crown! No hooks coming at you from my end, friend.
Clapping madly for you!!!!


tada....nice try, girl. I think since you were born with a crown on your head, you will always be center stage!

ps.. your home, your gardens and everything look divine! Now why didn't they put your beautiful SELF in there?
xo Lidy

Flea Market Queen

Donna...My hat is off to you, I am giving you a standing O and I am screaming BRAVO, BRAVO...can you hear me?

Raised In Cotton

What arrived in my cold, icey Missouri mailbox but the current issue of Victoria. OH MY DONNA:) I am just speechless, stunning pictures of your beautiful house and garden. Congratulations on being featured in one of my all time favorite magazines~


Congratulations...enjoy the stage you are shining on it and from what I have seen here it is well deserved.
Now I shall go out and buy Victoria Magazine and I will tell anyone within hearing distance that I know you...sorry got carried away...I shall step of the stage and hand it back to you...I felt the hook :)


Well. I'll be! My sister learned of your wonderful website from me not too long ago. She called me over the weekend all excited. Guess who was in the new Victoria? Beautiful!


Martha Kohley, Vintage Trifles

I discovered your blog first a couple of months ago. When I leafed through the pages of Victoria, I just knew without reading, it had to be you! Absolutely fabulous. It makes me sigh just thinking about it! Martha


Congratulations!! I haven´t got my issue yet...You know...It´s a BIG water and many moons... a lot of horse riding and steamboating from your country to mine! ;0) But now I can hardly wait!!
Goodness gracious me!



I just received my copy yesterday. As usual, I prepared my tea and sat on the couch to swoon over the pages. Imagine my surprise when I came upon the article about you...you my friend. I was giddy with delight! I said to myself...'girl, you blog with this person'. I had to take another look at the name, but yes, yes it's Donna herself. The article was specatular and the pictures devine. I can see where the crowns come from...you live in a castle my dear.


what a pity the magazine is not available here , would love to read that !!!congratulations Donna!I agree the photos are very beautiful!


oh my- your a magazine rock star-wwwwooooowwww- how beautiful is your home- i will be going in to sorrento -to ask them when we get victoria- it takes so long here in australia- but when it come's i will be singing and skipping love jo.

Michelle Sylvia

Oooohhhh, I can't wait to go get myself a copy!!! Your house is INCREDIBLE!! I LOVE that dress form. Congrats to you and your sister. What a wonderful honor!


Wow, the photos are so beautiful and you have such great taste! Congrats, I'm off to find a copy!
Sandra Evertson

A Fanciful Twist

OH!! How exciting!! I am going out to get my copy now!!!! xoxoxo Your home is unreal!


OVER the top girlfriend!!!You inspired me to move a few odds and ends around the VILLA on Sunday!!Never mind I have a whole collection of your crowns on display in my livingroom!!Now to find the right gold gilded book stand to place VICTORIA magazine with..........congratulations!!It was a beautiful article........E


Donna...what a gorgeous home and your garden is to die for!!! I too was so excited as your blog is one of my favorites!!! Congrats!!!!

pinkie denise

Congratulations Donna!
I can't wait to get my hands on a copy to see more of your lovely home
and looking for to seeing you this weekend Pinkie


Wow Donna, Congrates, wow Victoria magazine, I will have to keep an eye out for that one, which will be a while yet if at all, heres hoping.
Cheers Linda


Oh I can't wait to see the article! Congratulations!!


Donna, congratulations!!!!!!!!!! how exciting:) i haven't looked at my issue yet because it arrived just before i started my work weekend...you stay right on that stage where you belong!!!


No curtain calls for you Oh Queen of all things glitter and beautiful!!! Only encore after encore!

Can't wait to get my copy! Constance is right, will you autograph mine as well???

And... speaking of all the world being a stage...I'm looking for you on the red carpet????



I thought the article in Victoria was lovely and a pleasant surprise to read about someone that one 'knows' through the wonderful internet. I do believe they could have given the whole issue over to you though as your blog pictures are always wonderful and I, for one, would love to see more, more, more of your garden and home.


Congrats again Donna!
I was so impressed with the article and pictures. Please tell your sister as well.
You two are quite the pair.
I so appreciated seeing your lovely home and talents in the magazine.
Have a lovely day!

Sylvia Anderson

Oh, and I meant to add that I have started a walking stick collection myself...aren't they fun? The first was my late great-grandfather's, given to me by my grandmother. He cherished it, and it was broken, and he had it repaired. I love your collection...all so unique!

Sylvia Anderson

Oh Congrat's Donna!!! I will pick up a copy this week...I am so looking forward to seeing your beautiful home!! How wonderful and exciting for you!! :)

Dorian Fletcher

Now the Victoria readers will know what all of us in Bloglandia already knew - what a classy lady you are! The only thing missing in the article was your sense of humor - I hope people will visit your blog to enjoy that side of you. Couldn't the Victoria editors have allowed a discreet framed pic of Mr. Depp on one of your side tables?

Dorian Fletcher

Now the Victoria readers will know what all of us in Bloglandia already knew - what a classy lady you are! The only thing missing in the article was your sense of humor - I hope people will visit you blog to enjoy that side of you. Couldn't the Victoria editors have allowed a discreet framed pic of Mr. Depp on one of your side tables?


Congratulations to Kristine too!!
My husb said he'll pick up a copy
Will you autograph? ;-)


Yeah!! Congratulations Donna! These photo above are GREAT! I'm off to seek a Victoria magazine now. HOW EXCITING! Your house (and garden) are both BEAUTIFUL!!! Fun to finally see more of it!



Oh my gosh Donna,
I was going to write you Like everyone else), I just got my Victoria yesterday and Ta-Da there you were. Congratulations, !!!!!!!!!! How amazing and your home is sooooooo beautiful. I have a small English themed library and you have sooo inspired me. It is sooo beautiful . Congratulations again and you must be walking on the moon. oxoxoxox Clarice
PS. If I ever win the lotto, I want your sister to do my kitchen. I am sooo in-love with that kitchen. It would make everyday cooking a celebration !!!!

monica magness

That is fabulous, congratulations Donna! I'm going to try and find this issue. I've been visiting your blog however this is my first comment.. the way you write is so magical in itself. I enjoy coming here, Monica :)

jessi nagy

girl you deserve this and many more praises!
your things are amazing! beautiful!
i love it all!
i also "get" your sence of humor!
to fun!
enjoy your day in the spotlight!

Miss Maddie's

'Tis wonderful Donna Queen of Scots!It suits you perfectly; colorful, comfortable and surrounded in delights.I hope your taste starts a movement that the richness of color adds class to a home and the addition of beautiful woodwork enhances it!!
See you along the red carpet!
xo Susan

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur & Bill ~ Loving Her Beautiful

Oh my!!! I need to run not walk to the nearest Barnes and Noble and get the new Victoria! It's all just too scrumptious for words. You my dear are a decorating GURU!!

Hugs! Nancy


I know Donna!!! I was on my blog just bragging about getting my new Victoria and then later that evening start finally devouring it and then...I stop...Donna? Donna O'Brien?? I know this chick!! And your home is HEAVENLY sweet one....the garden should be in a movie and your Scottish room is so amazing. Nobody's yanking YOU off the stage!! You have to stay there and take a bow girl!! xxoo, Dawn


I saw the article in Victoria and made my way to your blog. Love your space here!

Sharon at American Harvest

Oh Donna,
I have yet to see the magazine, but I know that the "spread" has to be great. Let the spotlight shine!!!!


Oh I can't wait to see. I haven't got mine in the mail, but what a treat it will be. Your home is gorgeous! You deserve every bit of the limelight. Congratulations!! Hugs...Iva


Ohh my magazine just came, can't wait to sit down and savor it! I didn' t even peek yet!!


Congratulations Donna! That is terrific.

Lisa Oceandreamer

It's raining here (as you know) and on an errand today I picked up the new Victoria. (forgetting that I subscribed and it should be coming in the mail). AND well there it was.....the splendor that is your garden and your home. The splendor of the talents of you and your sister. Like a castle it radiates home and hearth yet grandeur and stateliness. I tell you Donna, I do believe Johnny would love your home. He may he even want to use it for a movie location. (you KNOW he HAD to come in to the conversation)
Anyway, congrats on this wonderful article!


CONGRATULATIONS Donna!! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the magazine.
Basque in the limelight! It is well deserved. Off to check the mail box!

Christine LeFever

Off the subject: I have been deathly ill for two days and nights, sleeping, coughing, barely budging,etc. Well in today's mail, there it was March/April 2008, Victoria! Your home and garden are so beautiful that it lifted my spirits to where I ate a little bit of fruit; first food in 48 hours. It is SO refreshing to see someone who decorates beautifully with COLOR! I LOVE your beautiful home!


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