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February 18, 2008



I JUST changed MY name to Deannie.

Christmas IS coming.

I love the dishes.

Nina Mason


I REALLY, REALLY think you need to send me those buttons with the N and the crown!!

I added you to my blogroll today!

Nina Mason


Exquisite collections and what a brilliant idea.


I too LOVE monogramed items, especially if it has an 'S'. After seeing your collection I might not stop at S's. Thanks for the inspiration.


What great stuff!
So...Victoria!!! I've gotta go buy one :)
But I'm not surprised you are in there :)

Sylvia Anderson

I love monograms too....although have to say that I am particular to my own initials! :) Yours are just lovely...and what a neat variety you have acquired over the years!


Just saw the American Harvest display of your glorious crowns! And then read that you'll be featured next month in Victoria Magazine!!??!! I'm bowing to you oh gifted and glorious Donna.

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Donna, the wonderful collections are so you!!!!Your initial crowns fit perfectly with these great finds.

Cathy Scalise

Shawna, I have three white and gold Monogrammed, vintage french salt shakers on my website. You should take a peak at them. They are so cool, they remind me of your dishes.

Love your blog!!!

Take care,


Marvelous monogram melange you have there Donna! Thanks for the birthday wishes and the blog compliment! Have a lovely weekend!


So many beautiful things. I love the ivory napkin rings. What a table you could set with all these delights.


You DO have the best collection of vintage pieces. Can I come shop in your studio? Love all the beautiful plates and what a special gift to receive. See you soon, love and hugs...Iva

Ruth Welter

Donna, what a beautiful blog you have. I will be back many times to visit.


You are too funny! I love monogrammed treasures, too! But finding your own initial is extra fun,isn't it?


i don't call it
~~an identity crisis~~
at all.

i call it wonderful!



Hi Donna,
No wonder you are so confused about your name with all those different monograms, what a great collection. Love your sense of humour you always make me smile whenever I pop in to visit.
Cheers Linda


ooh yes...now I get it...Shawna is the sassy one and Donna the smart one. Or do I have that backwards???? I can't keep up! I'm going to start shopping with both of them and try to stay one step ahead. You both get all the good stuff!

Deena A Warner

You're so cute..
I love all your collections!!
Tis great you can change your
name to match your dishes!!


Such a great collection Shawna er Donna - multiple personality huh?


Gee Shawna (I mean Donna) I love your collection. My grandmother gave me her silver collection years back with the letter "M" on it. She assumed I wouldn't want it since my initial was different. I snatched them up so fast she's probably still wondering what happened! You're always so funny!

A Fanciful Twist

I Looooooove your collections!! They are so perfectly regal and wonderful!! You crowned loveliness!!! However, I am quite beside myself, that you are unaware of who that monogrammed plate is for???

Well, in my wee opinion, I happen to think it belongs to your beau, Johnny.... ;) xoox


sigh, ofcourse I love all those...fabulous! Must you have all the best stuff and Johnny, too?
xo Lidy

kari & kijsa

Oh my...I was drooling..I almost forgot why I stopped by...just looking at all that wonderful fabulousness!!! Monograms are my weakness!!!!!!

Shhhh...today is the SURPRISE BLOGGY BIRTHDAY PARTY for Kari's 40th birthday...hop on over for a little cake, diet coke, and birthday cheer!!!


Miss Maddie's

I don't see a crisis! The first one DM- Dear Mother, the gorgeous napkin rings B- Babe, what Johnny whispers in your ear, the plate D- darling, suits you perfectly, N with the crown- they don't call you the Queen of crowns for nothing and lastly the beautiful tea set at the bottom D- the delightful Donna who keeps us coming back for more.
Have a great day, I hear it's going to rain.Ha!
XO Susan

Pinkie Denise

OH, these are so beautiful, I love monogrammed hankies and linens....
Thanks for sharing, so lovely Pinkie

Linda Harre

Silly girl......LOL! I love initials too....any! I have two vintage linen monogrammed sheet hanging in my guest room (not my monogram either:)


Well that is pretty smashing identity crises ;-) Oh what I would give to go poking around your home xoxoxox Clarice


Funny Donna,
I love initials too. I'm not sure what it is about them? I love your collection. I like old linens with monograms too.
Just change your name accordingly.
Have a wonderful day,


Wonderful collection of good initialed stuffs! I can't pick a fav. All fantasic! . Just think of how many names you can choose from if you decide to get a new one. ;-)


Shawna - now isn't that the name of an Indian Princess??? I better check with Johnny... I don't see any feathers? I should have guessed you would be collecting such elegant wares... those napkin rings are dreamy, and I love the plates with gold and blue - very Marie Antoinette or should it be Donette???


Oh!!!dear, if you change your name with each new initial you could have quite an identity crisis ;)
Your collections are so very elegant.
In my house there are many initials ...on towels, silver, glasses and china...T's, D's, B's, P's and the R's are all initials on family pieces that have come down to us...they love to be together on my dinner table.

Christine LeFever

Now I know I'll think of you every time I see something monogrammed. You have a way of getting into our minds, Donna. Stay there, for you are deeply appreciated for your fine sense of beauty and humor.



I love it...your not the only one! I haven't collected these...but I can see why you love them! Very unique...

**"Now come by you are invited by Hillary Swank to the Academy Awards...

Hillary Swank


You are sooooo funny, Donna!!! I love that you collect all initials, not just your own, they are all beautiful to you. I have a tiny little idea and would love for you to email me and let me tell you...sewmanyroses@yahoo.com

xxoo, Dawn


Gosh, so many gorgeous monograms there.

I think the mystery one is also a D, like the first picture, not the second.

Country French Antiques

Love those things!
I'm with you on changing that name.


great collection of initialage Donna... i think that is an "L" on the plate?

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Wonderful collection !! The N with the crown comes from Napoléon !!! May be you could be Josephine (his wife) ??

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