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February 09, 2008



Are you being a good little busy bee? See you soon.

nita  from red tin heart

Thank you for your kind words of comfort. You have a lovely site.. love nita

Dorian Fletcher

I hope you have had the opportunity to catch a bit of the glorious sun we have had for the past few days. We'll be waiting for your return to Bloglandia.


Me too Donna!

Pamela Overmier

Darn, Christine L F beat me to it, I was gonna say that is a Napoleanic bee. Darn, all these smartie pants out there, you'd think she was married to a frenchman or sumpthin'. Pam

Christine LeFever

I just learned that Napoleon promulgated the symbol of the golden bee for France's primary symbol. It took your post to set me upon this course of inquiry.

Charming little French cup!

Rimsky Korsavov (that would be Nikolai) probably did not have France in mind when he composed that delightful piece of music.

Thank you for reminding me of it!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!


HI~ve Honey..
Is this were we get to write bad puns and such? My two-year old has the Flight of the Bumblebee on one of his cds..he tells me it's the "Bee song" and that song makes me do just about everything faster when I hear it .His nickname (one of them) has always been baby bee. Ok..where was I going with this? No where apparently.
Bee-utiful cup by the way:)


It's good to Bee a Busy Bee, but Bee missin' you till you decide to buzz on back.
See you soon.



Is that a lonesome cup or do you have a set of those! How lovely:)

Miss Maddie's

Hope you buzzzzzzzz our way soon!And where's your crown Queen Bee? You best fly back to the hive and put one on or else no one will know it's you!But then again without the crown you can be a humble-bee.
xo Susan

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