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February 13, 2008



Visiting from sandra evertson's blog. log. I saw you said bay area and I though you must be visiting the filoli house - but this is your back yard? lucky you!

Kathleen Grace

My grandmother had snowball bushes in her garden and I have always loved them! I planted one in my garden two years ago and it always reminds me of my grandmother. I remember cutting bouquets of them and how they always "snowed" a little as I gathered them:>) Just found your blog, love it!


Donna, You post the most beautiful photo's of that man!

I was so excited to see you post on "Snowball." I just discovered this plant in Wal-Mart of all places two days ago. Thrilled, it is already planted and ready to go.

Actually I don't recall ever seeing this plant here in my neck of the woods. When I was a flight attendant and based out of Memphis, I'd pass by this one house that had this planted smack dab in the middle of their lawn. I stared at it every time I cruised by. Researched a little, discovered it's name and hoped to have one some day.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I can't wait to see how it does!

Christine Crocker

dear Shawna, Donna, bo bawna,

if Mr Darcy suddenly stepped out the snowball hedges with his clothes dripping wet from swimming in your ponds, I would not be a bit surprised...it is indeed a beautiful paradise.
now about your gardener...Johnny.
I'm glad to see that you've let him take a little break there at the end of the story.
what a lucky girl you are.

Country French Antiques

I REALLY REALLY want to sit in your garden and sip Champagne!
Johnny can come to if he wants.


miss d. O...
the garden of yours is stunning,and i was proud to spot you already on Victoria home page, a teaser to remind us to
look forward.
can't wait to see it :)


Sandra Evertson

Your garden is simply enchanting! So very lovely! You certainly have a green thumb!
Sandra Evertson

Flea Market Queen

Oh Donna...I LOVE your garden!
The snowballs are quite a lovely site!
JD's not too bad either...
Have a fabulous day...

Michelle Sylvia

I want to come play in the plush garden!! It is beautiful! I haven't seen green in months....Just blankets of white around here.
THanks for sharing.


I love it when Johnny frolics in your garden! Your garden is beautiful and Snowballs have always been a favorite of mine.


Raised In Cotton

OMG Donna! What a beautiful garden, you are so lucky! How nice that Johnny was able to be your model too:)


Your garden is a wonder... but Johnny, sigh... he is a miracle!


that's it!! it's OFFICIAL!! I'm gettin' me one of them there plants...and some gardening gloves so you can plant it for me!!


Lisa Oceandreamer

Darn it, now I can't even remember what your post was about? something to do with snowflakes? or was it snow cones? or uh, tennis balls....I lost all sense at the last photo.
You ARE Donna right, almost forgot where I was...oh yea, swooning and drooling.
p.s. LOVE your garden.

A Fanciful Twist

Okay lovely, it is official!!! I am moving into your garden with my sleeping bag.... Survivor, Donna's garden!! hahaaaa, I can handle it, let me in!! ;) xoxoxox

Sharon at American Harvest

Happy Valentine's Day, Donna. Rodger and I need you to visit our yard and make some changes!!! I have a snowball plant, but it doesn't look like yours, what gives? Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your "peacock".


You have a beautiful garden! With or without scissorhands! Viburnum (we call it Olvon) is one of my favorites too. I also like Hortensia Annabelle wich looks almost the same.
Happy Valentines Day to You and Your loved ones!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I love, just love your beautiful garden! The snowballs are some of my favorite flowers. Thank you so much for the encourgement on the shoes.

Happy Valentine's Day!!



Happy Valentines Day Donna!!!

I love your garden in all its seasons... and I'll take one of those snow cones from the man himself, thank you very much!

Saw a clip of him the other night from Cry Baby... swoon...

Thanks for the thanks, it was an honor to be a part of eb's bloglandia dancing, and I'll watch out for that crown of ice, which has indeed melted in this glorious weather!!!

Spring Flowers to you sweet friend!!! XO


Happy Hearts Day Donna! Your garden is breathtaking even without Johnny caressing your snowballs!

Christine LeFever

In watching my DVD's of Will & Grace I learned that Jack McFarland loves Johnny Depp too.

Where will you plant the corn?

Oh my goodness but your garden is a paradise!


Queen of Tarte

Your gardens are truly divine!!! I too love the snowball. I got two new ones last year and I can see the new buds on it...can't wait for something to bloom. Love that photo of Johnny Depp is he your valentine?


Oh Sweetie! HAPPY HEARTs DAY! I should have guessed that yummy Johnny would be in your garden today! Hope you are well, still looking forward to meeting him in person/theatre with you!


I love your Garden! It is so romantic! I am going to have to try some Virburnam! I have been having major rabbit and gopher problems! They have just ruined my garden!! Happy Valentines Day! Smiles~ Joy


Oh my gosh, you are so lucky...70 degrees. We have been averaging about 12. I love viburnums. Have you tried a variety known as the Korean Spice Bush? It smells heavenly when it blooms.


Snow ball or not, I stand by my words. Your's is the prettiest garden in the world! ADORE your garden!
Happy Valentine's Day Friend!

Dorian Fletcher

Good medicine, Donna! Happy Valentine's Day! Love the snowball bush - I had one at a prior residence and picked large bundles when they bloomed (even if they did shed all over).

Pinkie Denise

Happy Valentines Day Donna!
My grandma had a snowball bush, they
are so pretty, and so is your beautiful garden, like a park.....
The weather was beautiful the last couple of day, wish it would last
Pinkie Denise


If you weren't such a darling I would be so jealous. No, not of Johnny. I love Snowballs, LOVE THEM! But they don't really do well here in Southern Ca.

Happy Valentines, friend.
xo Lidy


How dare you tease us with those wonderful pictures of your yard. We just had another snow storm today and my snowball bush is full of snow! Now I know why your garden is so beautiful...look who your gardner is! Priceless!

Miss Maddie's

Are you doing this to torment those of us living in the Northeast where it is still snowing?All that lush green and beautiful lawn.And to add insult to injury you have to throw in that delight that's in our Valentine's fantasy!
You are cruel but we love ya anyways.Have a Happy Valentine's Day and I don't want to know what you and Johnny are up to.
XO Susan


I cant believe that's your garden. Are you in the Oakland hills? If that were my garden I'd never leave. Is Johnny moonlighting as your gardener?


oh Donna!!! you crack me up:) and your garden *sigh* well, it is just gorgeous!!! lucky you to live with such beauty:)


Hi Donna,
You have such a beautiful garden.
We have had nice weather here for a few days as well.
I love Johnny Depp!!!
Thanks for the lovely Springtime.
Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Donna!! You always crack me up with the Johnny Dep thing! I love your snowball bush, is it a bush? Looks like a snowball tree...and it is quite stately! You can tell you have quite the green thumb by your photos. Everything's so lush ~ just beautiful! xxoo, Dawn

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