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March 24, 2008


Boxwood Cottage

Oh my Donna how sad, fingers crossed that new plants will grow fast!!
I didn't know that your garden was pictured in the Victoria magazine, but it truly deserved it!
Carol xox

Donna Lynn

Your blog is so beautiful, mine looks sad compared to yours! I loved your layout in Victoris, Congrats!!!!It was so BEAUTIFUL!! I was just looking at the magazine again today in my new rose covered pink shabby chic craft room feeling quite inspired by it!!! Check out my blog at www.blushingroseantiques.blogspot.come I will add you onto my side bar tonight. My girlfiend is going to help me with my blog, I feel sadly lacking with it all!
Check out my house in the April/May issue of Country Sampler Magazine too, mine is called Decorating Destiny. Let me know what you think! Thanks so much,
Donna Lynn


Hi Donna,
I have a little award for You on my blog! These awards are a little time consuming I know, but You can take it as a compliment, a good and friendly thought through cyberspace!



You will have that place whipped back into shape in no time!! Just growing pains in the meantime...enjoy the process.


Oh how sucky and crappy is that.
Your garden will shine in no time I have no doubts Miz. O'Brien!!!!
I still just LOVE your grass tho, dahlin.


I'm so sorry...bad haircuts are always so stressful. But with time and a little (well, maybe a lot) of touch up it will look full again.


So sorry Donna!! The long hair looked so pretty on your fence! Well all I can say is at least green hair grows back too!!


Flea Market Queen

Your yard is beautiful...
Love the new fence!
Can't wait to see it all grown in again.
Bad haircuts, ugh...
actually I have gotten to be less picky about the cut as long as my darn roots are covered I'm a happy girl!

Dorian Fletcher

My heart bleeds for you! I'm glad it wasn't the rabbits! We once had a gardener I call Attila because he used a weed whacker on the baby's tears...he didn't last long.


Well that just flat out sucks. No other way to put it! I'm sure you will have it looking gorgeous and lush again in no time.


Ouch. I feel your pain!

Shannon at Pipsqueak Couture

I know completely how you feel. Last year my father replaced my picket fence and took out tons of roses bushes...hacked to death! And I am just waiting this spring to do the fence in the back...I am preparing for the damage. At least you have those fab photos in Victoria! And it is still really pretty no matter what!
xo Shannon


I know just how you feel...because my Mother is going through the same thing. A big Blue Spruce came down in a bad storm we had three weeks ago...she had it cut up and roots removed...now there is a big blank space where the tree was. She cried about it and then started planting...she uses Miracle Grow, it works, boy does it work.
I feel your pain.


I'm sorry to laugh when reading about your haircut. It's only cause I have felt your pain! We've all been there at least once in our lives.

Such beautiful grounds. Oh how I miss that part of California!


Just getting caught up on all of my blog reading! Enjoy you blog so much as usual! SOOOO happy to hear that your friend has gone home! What wonderful news!


oh that is SO sad:( i see a few other girls said what popped into my head: this is the perfect opportunity to try some new plants and maybe head in a different direction...even naked it looks better than my yard right now, if that helps you feel any better...yeah...that's what i thought...


New haircuts are always that way...after a little while it grows out and we get used to it and over it. Glad to see you got over it by the end of your post...see it wasnt THAT bad...sniff...sniff...


le petit cabinet de curiosites

I hate all type of haircuts !
By the way , I lobe your birdhouse !
I hope you had a wonderful easter

Du Buh Du Designs (Dolls)

The haircut isn't that bad , but your style before was pretty long and exotic and having to wait for it to grow back is always the worst. Maybe take this opportunity to look into different plants to put in there. You may be happier down the road that you did.
Or you'll be like us when we planted wildflowers one year in the front (all over) and when they died our yard looked junky and we spent a long time getting rid of them. You never know unless you try I guess.
If it makes you feel any better my "haircut" looks like a two year old cut it and missed all of the split ends (It's bad right now and wont be better until mid-summer)!




oh how divine is your garden-mmm a little hair cut- it wasnt done by johny depp was it-ihope you had a great easter-


OH NO!!!!! Well, I guess a fresh start is good, right? It will all grow back with time, and maybe even more magical than the oober magical last one??? I know how you feel. I am so crazy about my plants too!!! xoxo


ack..it's going to grow back! I hate my home's haircut too...had the patio cover ripped off today..ouch, it's so very naked out there now.:(
xo Lidy

Miss Maddie's

Now lets put this in perspective; you have a fabulous garden that made it to print in a major magazine, you have one of the sexiest gardeners on earth, the lawn is still lush and the trees hardy and a new fence to boot!Not to worry, just like gray hair and wrinkles those beautiful vines will be back again soon!
XO Susan


Oh no!!! My GOD!! Here, lean on my shoulder!!
A tip:
Fallopia baldschuanica will do the trick in no time, at least where Youre living! It is not called "the comfort of the architect" for nothing!

Happy Easter to You
Love the tartan eggs!



Ah, but at least you have the most lovely photos to remember it by!
Sandra Evertson


That headliner made me nervous. Beautiful pics of the garden. xo Your hair stylist

Pinkie Denise

Oh, I did that when we had to remove
a dead tree, sorry to say mine is still bare ....Yours still is so lovely and green...That magic green thumb is going to appear and spring!
Hope you had a wonderful Easter, I am sure you did...Pinkie Denise

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh, poor Donna! It will grow back but you could think of it as a blank slate errrr board. I just ran out of Miracle Grow yesterday. Too funny!


Just like a bad haircut, it will grow back. It will give you a chance to grow something new.
I understand completely. The same thing happened in my backyard, last year when we had the bad frost. I'm glad you are over it.
Have a great day Donna!
Thanks for your nice words on my blog.


Oh Donna...what beautiful grounds you have...I know...I hate "haircuts" too, but it does grow back! Love the new fence...and the birdhouse. I collect birdhouses...don't have many, but I like seeing all of the different styles.

Have a great day Donna!


I am so sorry, there is nothing worse then a bad hair cut xoxoxox Clarice

Christine LeFever

I am confused. A new fence is not a new haircut. If it's the fence; your sister will have a cure.If you do hate a new haircut, it will grow, but you are so adorable that it will be wonderful in spite of your idea of the haircut.

Good luck, Darlin'!


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