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March 30, 2008



Your Blog is stunning !!!
Cant find words to say how beautiful is it here :-))))
The post about shoes is so great and inspiring !
I will post you blog to my favorite links...yes...i have to do it right now !!!
Warmes regards from germany

Cookie Sunshine

I discovered you this morning with great pleasure. You have a wonderful eye and a beautiful way of making your presentation. What a fun visit! I've added you to my list of fortune cookies so that I will be able to find you again, and so that my readers will be able to find you as well.
How lovely!

jungle dream pagoda

Donna, what a beautiful and fun post!
I actually played Cinderella!
One of my fave stories is when John Lydon(ne Johnny Rotten) was in town autographing a book,and I called the radio station and got to speak with one of my punk crushes.He ask me why I would not be attending the signing ,and I told him I had a matinée of Cinderella. He asked if I was playing a stepsister ,I said nope Cinderella. To which he replied" I get all types"!


Love your wonderful collection ! I Love your inkwell ..

monica magness

O. Donna, someone wants to meet you. :)

Stop by for a visit?

love & blessings, Monica

Natasha Burns

Oh I'm with you there! I don't care if it's politically incorrect either, your collections are fabulous and I agree with the shoe obsession!! Loving Nancy's shoe you got, she makes the loveliest dainty shoes I've ever seen! Thanks for visiting me today, so glad to have found your lovely blog!

Shannon (Paint Mine Pink)

Hiya, this is my first visit to your blog and im so glad i found it :)
i love all your Cinderella pieces, how gorgeous, i think we could do worse than love Cinderella...i mean whats not to love..like you said...the shoes, the prince...ahhhh *smiles*
Now if the prince looked like George Clooney or Richard Gere then we'd be fine!
Oh and of course he'd have a box of Manolos or Jimmy Choos under his arm for us ....
After all, a gal does need shoes!

coming back again for sure!

Shann :)


to think...some people collect COWS lol.


OH you're good! Collections and art...all so original and fun and old :) pink and gold.

Heather - Speckled Egg

Oh my goodness.... I just love all this Cinderella goodness! Thank you so much for sharing!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I didn't know who Manolo Blahnik is so I just did a Google search on him. The man is a genius!!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I had to come back and see all the beauty in this post! My heart is all a flutter over Miss Cinderella!!

Hugs! Nancy


Dearest Donna~ Where do you find such lovely engravings?! I think your Cinderalla obsession is wonderful. Happy endings, even though imaginery, are always uplifting. Thanks for sharing your beautiful finds! Okay...now I gotta know...is that shoebox yours??


SO funny, but oh so true Donna!

Now I wonder if Johnny D was Prince Charming in disguise ~ the prince, or the shoe? Decisions, decisions, lol!


oh my- i do love this fairy story- i want to come and play at your house as well-

Du Buh Du Designs (Dolls)

A shoe salesman !?! Well there goes my belief in man, true love, shoes,etc. My whole belief system wiped out with one blog post..:P


Lucky Cinderella! In a castle that large I bet she never had to share closet space with Mr. Charming. Oh to be Queen...sigh


Love Cinderalla too. She was so plucky and willing to work hard. Now there is nothing wrong with that. Such beautiful coaches you have too.

Pamela Overmier

I'm craCKING up here. Thanks! Pam

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Too funny! Your Cinderella is a beautiful print. As for the shoes...I wanted to see the Manolo Blaniks!

Donna O.

Mo'a- Sadly no, the Manolo's aren't mine. Remember, this is a fairytale- lol!


A very funny observation...most of us certainly don't love cleaning the hearth ;)
Love you Cinderella Theater.
Now tell the truth are the shoes that come out of the Manolo Blanik shoe box yours?

Boxwood Cottage

Oh my Donna I'm in love with all your beautiful Cinderella treasures!
Warmest wishes sends
Carol xox

Denise Mares

I love this post! Thanks so much for sharing your pretties!


Oh Donna...your little treasures are so wonderful...don't you just love shoes?! They can make completely sane women go just a little nuts!

Thanks for posting...I replied over there.

Hugs, Nancy


Wow, that was so profound and very deep!! I loved reading this...you need to go to "blurb", yeah..you heard me right. It is as Book publishing website. You can actually take this story, and turn it into a hard copy/or soft book!!

I would totally buy a book from you, you tell stories like no other;-))


Donna O.

Hey Lori- yep, I can see how that is confusing. I ordered the ivory colored shoe a few weeks ago so the Tartan shoe was a complete surprise of a gift. Lucky me!


what a stunning little collection of Cinderella goodness...i like the little candy container...LOVE the theatre you made with the little miss herself...and i am a wee bit confused about the shoe, because a little while ago i saw a lovely little tartan number at Nancy's that i thought was on it's way to you...oh, maybe you are getting both, lucky you:) and too funny because as soon as i saw the tartan i thought of you and then i clicked on her link and saw that it was:)

Prairie Home -Sherry

How gorgeous!Love your blog!
Come visit soon.....

Country French Antiques

Another you made my day post!
Love your sense of humor!
And your beautiful selections.


Donna, really Gorgeous post! And I LOVE your beautiful barefoot Cinderella!
Sandra Evertson


In this day and age everything is politically incorrect! Go for it! I never thought about Cinderlla bringing on the shoe obsession - hmm...

Pinkie Denise

Hello Donna,
what a treat to see your amazing collections...So beautiful the little coaches are and the shoes, oh
how I love shoes....thanks for sharing Pinkie Denise

Heather  at Audrey Eclectic

What a breath-taking collection you have here! Just beautiful, I love the engraved images...and do love Cinderella. What girl doesnt? And perhaps she's also got our notion that the right outfit can change your life ;)

karen cole

Right on , Cinderella!!!!

You wear what you want, sister. How about some Pradas?

A Fanciful Twist

Hahahaaaaaaaaa!!! Oh your are so amazing!!! And those treasures! Can I come over and play at your house?? xoxoxo

Martha Kohley

Such a beautiful theatre and collection. Cinderella lives - prince or no prince! Martha, Vintage Trifles


sigh...what a perfect post! Forlorn? I don't think so. I think she is full of hope, that her Prince will come get her out the clutches of gossipping mean women, and surround her with love, family and little ones. Great shoes are merely a side benefit. She knows what's really important in life.:)
As usual, sweetie, the best writing, and your sense of humor is simply delicious.
xo Lidy

Lisa B / IvoryBlushRoses

I just discovered your blog through Ottila's Veranda. What a treasure your blog is! I look forward to adding it to my list of blogs to visit daily! Thank you!

Oh, and I'm still waiting for Prince Charming! But I'd feel like the Queen if I had such a lovely garden as yours ~ haircut and all! It is beautiful like a dream.

Amy Falconer

I feel Cinderellas' forlorn look is due to the fact Amy Falconer in Oregon is deperately waiting for her or any other of the Fairytale dream items you make to come live with her. At least I have my Prince Charming so I will wait in patience, enduring each new blog you put up with some new thing I want and I will just smile knowing: Someday My Wand Will Come,.... Someday My Crown will Come......... ( I can't wait!!!) I can but not really. smiley face,smiley face,smiley face!!!!!!

Amy Falconer

I feel Cinderellas' forlorn look is due to the fact Amy Falconer in Oregon is deperately waiting for her or any other of the Fairytale dream items you make to come live with her. At least I have my Prince Charming so I will wait in patience, enduring each new blog you put up with some new thing I want and I will just smile knowing: Someday My Wand Will Come,.... Someday My Crown will Come......... ( I can't wait!!!) I can but not really. smiley face,smiley face,smiley face!!!!!!


love this PC or not!

**fairy tales**
help us shape our dreams
and reading this
before i crawl into bed
means i'll have good dreams
about shoe shopping..


is that your foot
at the end
showing toe-cleavage!
for shame!

i have closets full of shoes
but these days,
here in florida
it is boots and converse sneakers in the winter
and flip-flops and sandals in the summer...

no glass slipper for me!
i spend too much time walking
barefoot in beach sand...

{{you sure put together a wonderful photo*story here, missy.}}


Oh Donna,
I thought I was the only one with the shoe obsession. Glad we are in the club together. I love Cindy too. It's very girly and fun. Love all of your beautiful things.
Thanks for sharing,


mmmmm...somebody has been working! Love the theatre...and the little gold shoe pincushion...hee hee. Great minds I tell you!


Those first 2 coaches are amazing little objects.


Actually now that you mention it, I think my shoe obsession is Cinderella’s fault. How did I miss that ;-) Stunning work of art, as usual. You utterly amaze me. xoxoxo Clarice

Christine LeFever

So that was why Charles Perrault created her (in the mid 1600's); he had a foot fetish! And what about the Fairy Godmother? When will you add her to your beautiful stash of Cinderella memorabilia? The wicked step mother and sisters are certainly not worthy though.

That shoe by Fete et Fleur is exquisite!



Priceless dearest~!~ Of course she knew all along that the coach would bring her to the greatest shoe store of all ~ (Imelda Move Over!) Love your new Theatre, and of course ~ those coaches are any 'real' gals DREAM!!!


ps Like your new pink color!


Love Cinderella!! You have a great collection! Her theater is wonderful and all of her slippers too. I like your new one from Fete a flure! Stunning!
Hope all is well!!

Miss Maddie's

Oh you temptress you! Luring us in with the promise of Prince Charming only to be seduced by your most beautiful creation yet.
I actually have an ancestor whose name was Cindrella (no e after the d) She was probably whisked away by her prince in a buckboard to a one room cabin made of logs.To her it was her castle that she quickly filled with children and I hope lived happily ever after!
Someday your prince will come!!
xo Susan


Manolo Blanik - you do make me smile!

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