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Captivating the Court Now......

A Pageantry of Artists!


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March 01, 2008



merci pour ce moment de poesie...
sorry my english is very BAD.
many thanks for lovely blog, lovely moment,and of course lovely items...

Deena Warner

I LOVE all your doll head..and the lovely glassed wreath!!

smiles, Deena


Lovely, as always! The French crowns are very inspiring- I don't know about the French waist though- Dawn French would be closer to the mark for me!


It's all so very beautiful.

Martha Kohley, Vintage Trifles

They are all absolutely fabulous! M.


bonjour Donna,
your blog is so romantique !
I love all I see
friendly of Provence...

le petit cabinet de curiosites

My dear friend ,I wear a french crown but it doesn't work with the waist...NON , NON , NON ...
In provence, spring is here , OUI oui OUI


Love that wreath! LOVE it! Wow, see, you are a creative genius!:)
xo Lidy


oh how delicious is your wedding crown- its like wow so romantic-

Christine LeFever

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!



Someone out there must have a wedding designed around your piece!!! Oh no...don't look at me. Although that waistline would be a bonus...
The article!!! So loved it and it was over too soon! I want more!


Sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!
where have I been...?

Sylvia Anderson

I am loving your new creations...fabulous!! I REALLY need that tiny French waist...so I guess I need to get one of your French wedding crowns someday soon eh? :) I love the wreath in the glass case too....amazing as always Donna!!

A Fanciful Twist

Okay, I know that you do have a french waist!! I just know it!

Your creations are so beautiful, each one is breathtaking. They take me to some place else. They are so incredibly dreammmmmy!! xxo


That wreath is just gorgeous! I just got my Victoria magazine in the mail today (we get everything delivered via the pony express here) and your garden and house are exquisite! I still don't believe you're in SJ and that you didn't get a picture of Johnny gardening in a kilt.


I'm just stunned by the beauty! I'm on my way back to take another long lingering look.


Love it Love it Love it all! Glad I found you!

Stop by my blog - am having a little giveaway.


Dorian Fletcher

My word, Donna! You have been a busy girl! I think you have cornered the market on dresden trims! Does the "Castle" have any left? Beautiful creations - a courtly "tour de force"! As for the French waist - I think I would need more than a few ribs removed to gain such curves. LOVE the wreath!

pinkie denise

Well, Donna
I saw these in person and these were
so marvelous! Love the French Wedding crown what a beautiful creation.....Missed you at A.H. I did make it after a unbelievable excursion
you'll have to read my blog to find out....Pinkie Denise


These a really Stunning!
Love the new wreaths!
Sandra Evertson

Linda Harre

Donna.....Your work is just FABULOUS! No one else does anything like you......so delicate and detailed. I can't imagine how long the wreath took! Your new pieces are spectacular:D Thanks for the constant inspiration:D


Ok Donna, you KNOW I need one of those wedding crowns for my collection!!! Waist or no waist, what a marvelous idea!!! Can't wait to see the domes! The spring boxes are wonderful too, but that crown - oh my...!


Wow! I am speechless. There was only one crown at AH. Will she be posting the rest or are they all sold?

Sharon at American Harvest

Bonjour Donna, tres jolie!!! Everyone loved your creations at AH today!!!! Your designs are inspiring and your workmanship beyond compare!!! Now stop reading this blog comment and get back to work.


I'm speechless at the beauty and wonderful pagentry of your creations!


Oh Donna!!! I can't even begin to think of words to say how lovely I think these are! The good Lord certainly blessed you with a marvelous talent. Thank you for sharing it with others.

karen cole


I feel like royalty just looking at these photos.


All so beautiful Donna. The wedding crown is amazing! Tres Belle!
You are on a roll. The setting you used to shoot your work is dreamy and sets off each piece so well!

Happy Weekend!


Hi Donna,
They are all so beautiful. Your work is so perfect. I understand how long that takes. I love the silvers and golds, with the light pinks. Gorgeous!


OMGoodness, Donna! Everything is just gorgeous!!! I love the encased wedding crown ~ I love it ALL!!! xxoo, Dawn


It must be soooooo much fun making these. That wreath, akkkk. I have got to win the lotto !!!! Just amazing. Clarice


Donna, you new pieces are amazing!!! i just LOVE the boxes with the crowns inside, they are so gorgeous:) and i finally read your article in Victoria, it was wonderful!!! your home and garden are stunning!!!


So much beauty there.


Beautiful...I love the French wedding crown...and the small waist *sigh*
I got the Victoria Magazine. Wonderful article about you, your sister and your home and garden.

jessi nagy

stunning , gorgeous!!
i need to go back and soak it all in!
beautiful work!
you are truly an amazing artist!!!!

Miss Maddie's

So this is what you were up to at the other house.
I adore those French wedding crowns!
Give you a French waist though? I would have thought you were after a French man, aka Johnny.
Victoria will be back for an encore!!
xo Susan

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